Nature's New Order


coops revenge

• Some back fill
• The team decides to go for the catacombs and to reach them without wandering and wasting time they start at the white chapel
• Sera enters first and to her surprise coop greets her
• She double takes to also see a mechanoskeleton and ghouls.
• Coop says the team and the monsters duke it out and coop will “talk “ with the winner out back the church
• The ghouls have gone down regularly but he skeleton provides a difficult fight.
• Coop flees as the minions go down. Nef and very dim-door to the balcony
• Varo finds thorn waiting outside church who gives oda a mithril vial
• Oda cant convince thorn to lead them to coop and be the test dummy for any traps
• Thorn tries to fool them to look over their shoulders, varo doesnt fall for it.
• Sera and hyun round outside the church and start climbing up to a window coop would be near
• Hyun reaches the bell of the bell tower and sees a bit of purple mist, nef and very
• Coop gets away by spilling out some purple mist and shadow step
• A secret door is found around the corner and sera finds a map, the catacombs stretch to haven
• The group tracks coop into the sewers and are met by a wights some ghouls skeleton and the necromancer apprentice.
• The group squashes the scout party but finds a horde of zombies the coop flees to…
• Xp:12800



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