Nature's New Order

Verse 5, Therinad

Silly Sea Drake (Felior's Account)

Theydrin and Bram went to settle the deal with the old gnome, but I don’t think this whole ordeal is done quite yet. I really wish he would have made better choices…

We did some poking around to see what exactly Theydrin’s bracer was for. After helping an elderly lady carry a heavy package (I didn’t get a single chance to peak inside), the gem on the bracer changed its hue. I think it’s safe to say that the bracer will track Theydrin’s deeds and he had better keep it a good color, or the council won’t be happy. Theydrin’s actions are really starting to bog down the party…

We did a little trading and got rid of some old gems and magic items. We now have a bag of holding and a magical elven curved blade. Theydrin also picked up a spyglass out of the deal.

Aednoth saw his little merchant pal again. His alias is Areo, and he has a particular interest in things made of bone.

We decided to head out to the Library of Kings, quickly and quietly. We left at night, without much rest or preparation. It was cold, but we’ve learned a few tricks. Bram’s little buddy dug us up a shelter and we prepared for another glorious helping of Aednoth’s waffles.

On the second day we traveled with no interference. Bram seemed to know the land like the back of his earth elemental. We decided to keep moving a little after night fall. That was when we came across the frozen Lake. As the buffoons tip-toed across the ice, I skirted around, keeping a good watch for enemy movement.

Just as the party made it to the holes on the far side of the ice, a very large creature emerged, breaking through the ice like a sheet of paper.

It was a sea Drake. I recognized it as he launched a ball of lighting at us. I moved away a bit, trying to bring him down. Try as I might, I couldn’t land an arrow in his tough hide. He went back under the ice, and we had a moment to decide what to do. We decided to retreat.
That was when the beast emerged again and decided to land right in the middle of the party. We quickly surrounded it. I charged in, relying on my allies as a distraction and my magic elven blade to deliver some damage. We hurt it enough to make it retreat, but this Drake had decided he wasn’t going to escape without a meal.

As he slipped away, he attempted to bring me with him. Try as I might, I could not escape the grasp of the great drakes maw. He pulled me under the water, and it was then that I truly feared for my life.
Through some miracle, the beast let go of me, for maybe a second or two, and it was in that moment that every single member of the party acted heroically. Tarin jumped in after me with the rope that we had attached to the dwarf. Aednoth threw a bomb directly into the beasts mouth. Theydrin and Bram rushed to pull us back out of the water.

The frigid air felt one thousand times colder as we emerged from the lake. The party scrambled to warm us up again. The bone-chilling cold was too much to take, and Tarin fell unconscious. We built another shelter and a fire, and through will and determination we managed to survive the cold.

Theydrin and Aednoth decided to check out a glimmering object that they saw beneath the surface of the ice. Needless to say, I decided to stay inside. They brought back a small chest. It was just a simple lock, but of course they needed my help to unlock it.

Inside were a few gems, potions, and a magical bell of some sort. I dispensed the items to their appropriate experts. After a bit of chit chat, we all decided to go to sleep.

What the others didn’t know is that Theydrin and Aednoth snuck out for a private moment. Whatever it was they were going on about, they did not seem to be very friendly toward each other. It was obviously an argument of some sort, but I couldn’t make out the details. They spoke in harsh, hushed tones for a while before I heard Theydrin’s elven footsteps coming back to the shelter.

Then came the unmistakable sound of splashing water and breaking ice as the sea Drake re-emerged from the lake. A moment later he slipped back into the icy waters and Theydrin came back into the shelter, but Aednoth did not return…


Ohh Myyy!

Verse 5, Therinad

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