Nature's New Order

Verse 10, Therinad (Osmund's Account)

The Cube and the Nightmare

I am lucky that I keep my journal in my armor rather than in my pack. It has been a long few days. After recovering from our time in the Library and after we had honored the passing of Artemis Haradul who had sacrificed so much for so long in keeping with his duty. For centuries he had been protecting the Library in solitude waiting for the time when the wrongs of his family could be righted. Before he passed I swore to him that by life or death I would see his mission fulfilled and his cousins stopped.

Upon returning to the Library Theydrin used the water clock to unlock the portal to the cube. When I entered I knew something was off. When we began walking forward we came under attack by coal-bolds who were underneath the floor. It was then that I sensed something, a presence I had not felt since I left SnowMelt. I knew that time was now of the essence and charged to the cube and retrieved it before returning through the spears and flames to Theydrin and the Dhampir. I handed the cube to Theydrin and ordered them both out of the cavern while I prepared to provide cover from any Iron Inquisitors that managed to reach us.

The company safely fell back to the Library and locked the portal behind us. Theydrin got the Cube working and had it absorb all the knowledge in the Library before we left and everything went wrong. Upon exiting the library and resealing it we were captured by Nightmare Tomas, now going by the title of “The Nightmare,” and stripped of everything but our armor. He stunned us and placed us in a cage made of some magic material that, as Bram discovered when he tried to escape, causes one to suffer terrible nightmare on touch. I decided that it would be best to bide our time, a decision supported by the appearance of several of Tomas’ minions prepared to inject us with some foul concoction to put us to sleep if we tried to escape again. Lomedae favored us though in that Felior managed to evade capture and come with us undetected by grabbing onto the bottom of the cart.

After a days travel Tomas left us on a slab of rock that lowered into the ground bringing us to an arena filled with goblin looking creatures. We were then sent to the barracks section where we found several other prisoners, including Scrob, the warden from Snowmelt, and a dwarf that seems to know Bram. According to Scrob this arena works by sending a single person to face a challenge. if a person fails 3 challenges then everyone here dies. He also brought word from Snowmelt. Frogar has taken his acts of evil to the next level. He has begun forcibly converting citizens into Iron Inquisitors for his own use. He must be stopped and brought to justice.

Theydrin was sent into the arena first and managed to win. Bram and I went next and both failed our challenges, avoiding lava and trivia respectively. It seems that Tomas is watching the events as the goblin thing in charge (Me-Leader) was using the cube to get his questions. I attempted to shame him into fighting me himself but he wasn’t going for it just then. Later Theydrin and the Dhampir had to fight and almost both failed when they both attempted to throw the match. Theydrin was forced to really defeat the Dhampir before that happened. He got the crowd on his side though. I then went again and got under MeLeader’s skin he had me carry a rock that got heavier every time i crossed a line. Thankfully they hadn’t stripped me of my muleback cords or heavyload belt so I managed to carry it so long that it turned into a huge bolder and it seemed to humiliate Meleader and his sidekick Metoo. With luck we can use this to our advantage later.

Not everything went our way though. Meleader got mad at one of the other prisoners who tried to escape and gassed everyone with two checkmarks, incuding scrob. I will make him pay before we leave. I must rest now before tomorrow comes. With the blessing of Lomedae we will be able to destroy this arena and put an end to its evil for good.



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