Nature's New Order

Verse 9, Therinad (Theydrin's Account)

Two steps forward, no steps back

Today was a good day to be me, all things considered. We defeated that Macabran rider, retrieved the waterclock, and it seems we’re one step closer to the Cube to boot!

We took some time to converse with the old man, but after it became clear he had nothing more to offer, we did some exploration around his prison. We climbed the stairs to the statue above the library, where we made an interesting discovery. It seems these statues represent a portion of the royal family, the Queen Haradul, and her two children. Interestingly, the kneeling statues have the same eye tattoos as Osmund, and I suspect the origin of the Iron Inquisitors is here as well. Bram took some time for a quick meditation, and we returned to the old man to see if we could get any last minute information from him, but he was still obsessed with the water clock. As we started to leave, the old man spotted some newcomers to the library.

Behind us was the Rider, along with his Macabran cohorts, and they were out for blood. Fortunately they didn’t spot us, so we took cover behind some low walls while Bram drew their attention. As time goes on, I find myself liking Bram a bit more. Sure, he’s still stubborn and a general stick in the mud, but I have to respect a man who’s willing to stare down unbeatable odds on his own.

After some banter between Bram and the Rider, our situation turned from bad to worse as he summoned a pack of Lobera from the trees themselves. Having faced the beasts already, we knew we were in for a tough fight ahead, and I’m not proud to admit the thought of running away crossed my mind at least 7 times…

Soon though, it became apparent bloodshed would be the only way to end this conflict, and the Macabra started to charge. Fortunately, we had Felior, Osmund, and Tarin ready to pounce, and Von Nocen found a great position from which to cast, meaning we could envelop and surround the majority of them.

The Rider charged right into our trap, and was set upon by the three, while Von Nocen obliterated two Lobera, and left a Macabra charred. After a few good blows however, the Rider turned the table on our four with his whirlwind maneuver, leaving the majority of our fighters on their backs, and to make matters worse, a Lobera arrived with his sunburst, leaving Von and myself rather seared, and Bram and Osmund blinded.

I knew I had to think fast, so I ran to Bram and retrieved his trusty healing wand while he held the line. Felior really knows how to pick a weak spot, and his blade strikes left the Rider in pain, while Osmund went to work with his holy gauntlet. Despite their best efforts however, it seemed the Rider was just too powerful, too bloodthirsty to go down without a good fight.

When he enraged, I thought for certain that would be the last I’d see of Felior and Osmund, but a well timed ray from Von turned the tables to our favor. With a burst of necromantic power, he sapped the rider’s strength, leaving him feeble and ready for a finishing blow. He fought on until the end, but a last minute charge from Bram ended his life.

With the battle all but wrapped up, the gents set about mopping up the remaining foes, and soon we had retrieved an artifact unjustly lost, the water clock from Halmond Vale. With the water clock in hand, we could finally enter the Library and gather the information we needed. After some discussion and “experimentation” with the water clock, we succeeded in opening the portal, and I decided to bring Felior, Bram, and Osmund in to check it out, while Tarin and Von kept watch outside.

Once inside, we discovered two rather wondrous items, a window that seems to lead out to another place and time, perhaps Halmond Vale, perhaps a similar place, but out the window was the Cube we’ve been searching for. I’m certain retrieving it can’t be as easy as climbing through a window, but at the same time, I feel we’re closing in on it, and it will be within our grasp soon.

The Governor showed Osmund a book within the library, capable of presenting the reader with virtually any knowledge requested. The book is fixed in place, and seems at times a bit… tempermental, but I’m sure a lot of the answers we seek can be found in here. Osmund found quite a bit of information on “Foundational Artifacts”, including the cube, the water clock, the book, a hammer, and something a bit mysterious known as the “Scythe of Infinite Chaos”.

With a name like that, this Scythe is definitely bad news



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