Nature's New Order

uhhh... what verse?

-Move forward into first room
-Keys get propelled back from portal when attempting to close
-Ideas about damaging energy lines not good. Decide to keep going ahead
-Gimboz throws rock at ice portal, it passes through, The pebble flies out covered in ice
-Go through middle southern door. Looks to follow lines as well, We turn around and go to leftmost southern door.
-We find stairs off of the leftmost room, We decide to go through.
-At bottom of the stairs is a giant portal with 8 inactive chaos umbra at the far side of the room.
-portal lines come into portal on one side and a thick pink line comes out the other side.
-We come up the stairs and go south into a room with a black and a green portal. We stay only for a moment and go to the eastern wall/door
-Something stops nest from earthgliding through the wall.
-Room on the other side of the door is stuffed full of chaos mist. (Determined that the walls are just chaos infused to protect from scrying)
-We open the door to the main portal room and engage the inquisitors within
-3200 xp from finishing the inquisitors.
-Room with “Chaos/pink” Portal has garva on a rack and the great white wizard within.
-Farin immediately charges, grothnar pushes farin
-Grothnar is mind controlled by wizard
-White wizard is defeated. 7300 xp
-Garva is charmed and untied from the rack.
-Turns out garva volunteered to become a inquisitor.
-Theydrin fails to convince garva that he is being manipulated, We are forced to kill him.
-When Garva wakes he gets true sight cast on him and it messes with the inquisitor quid pro quo
-The storm show up with a spike, we try diplomacy but von insults them and we are forced to beat them up
-None of the storm die, but we get them to walk away. 11000 xp
-In the room below the previous room, there are the cat bear people things.
-They agree to leave with us after telling anwsering theydrin’s questions.
-Time seems to pass slower inside ironmine than on the outside
-The twins stop us on our way out of the white wizard room.

19000xp, 3300xp, 6000xp.



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