Nature's New Order

Verse 19, Therinad

A Red Dragon's Nightmare

  • we find our heroes waking up from resting in Temple of the Ancients after waking they go back to deal with the red dragon.
  • Bram approaches and tries to communicate to heal the dragon
  • dragon replies by breathing fire.
  • everyone but Theydrin, Padfoot, nest Bel were not caught in flame.
  • Von drops on the spot. Bel pulls back into doorway, Theydrin inflicts.
  • Farin buffs and drops the dragon.
  • Behind dragon is a room with loot. loot has Teleportation Tuner.
  • Von dons the tuner
  • party harvests dragon parts.
  • go back to room with Teleportation Circle
  • to test the tuner Von and smith step into the portal holding hands. as their teleporting Von lets go of smiths hand. Von appears on the “correct” other side, smith isn’t.
  • Von teleports back and group daisy-chains back through to destination.
  • in the destination room, there are 3 sarcophagi with the Haradul royal crest. 7 statutes, ones the hisser, each statue is a diff element. analogous to 7 The Ancients.
  • see a stair set leading down with a magically locked door.
  • fucking hot (temp)
  • see a portal to a plane of fire and flame, an equivalent to teh ice one.
  • Nightmare Tomas appears and declares that after talking to his master that the group needs ot be put down.
  • transforms into his demon form, sprouts demonic wings, horns, teeth, red eyes and extra set of arm, gets ripped. screeeeeee
  • fight him while he flies around, holy-good aligned hurts him extra, fire heals him, he baths in others and his own fire. hard to see him and target due to erratic n fast movement.
  • raises wall of fire
  • nest turns into fire elemental
  • eventually kill him, von counter spell, farin super-crits.
  • when he dies his demons eat him and drag his carcass down…
  • party finds they cant close portal due to lack of key.
  • nest finds Golden Cat in the corner
  • return to farmer, Patches meets us there, trade cat for debt.
  • farmer follows through with windmill prop, we discover he is a of questionable use oracle too. able to get 3 bobble heads, von, hisser, zidane.
  • return to king, engineers need to go get the mill, ship will be ready in a week. mean time can go investigate cold war.
    *last note, if your looking for things to do: wererat in the sewers n streets at night. dun-dun-dunnnnnn felior



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