Nature's New Order

Verse 34, Gaia

Death on the Menu

• The entire party is sleeping in the makeshift Pelor temple. Varro is not present.
• Hyun, who was awake, saw Verri who had just returned from the night. He had a meeting with Yi Ling and had disclosed that Chin and Shen were members of the farm.
• Verri woke up Oda and Nef and they all left to go get Varo. They find Varo on top of a tree using a spyglass watching Chin’s cottage.
• Everyone returns to the makeshift Pelor temple as they feel finding Chin could be solved tomorrow morning.
• Verri, Oda and Varo return to the temple and Nef and Sera awaken. Verri tries to get everyone to help him figure out what’s going on with the diary, but he lets it slip that there could be death on the menu that evening.
• Sera and Hyun suspect that Verri will try to kill tonight and try to stop him, standing in his way. Oda gets frustrated and tells the group that Shen is actually a slaver. Sera’s eyes get pitch black with fury at the half orc looking Verri and Nef notices that they are shark eyes.
• Sera packs up and leaves the temple in a hurry. The rest of the party discusses the rest of the information that Verri discovered. Verri did learn that Shen was a slaver, yes, but also that both his daughter and her husband, the mayor, are also slavers.
• The party heads out together and heads north. They shortly realize that they are being watched. They keep moving regardless towards Chin’s (the mayor) home.
• Varo sneaks up on the house. Sera detects evil on the home and only finds a bit of evil coming from 1 target. It is later revealed that this one target is not the mayor or Shen, but a shorthaired unidentified man.
• The front door of the house swings open and out walks Shen and a short haired man. The party gets a surprise round. Verri attacks Shen and shouts that he won’t be taken back to the farm. Shen retorts that he thought they were friends, but Verri quickly downs the man and Shen.
• Verri rips out the trachea of Shen. A bodyguard stands in the doorway and watches the carnage. Oda and Nef assault him with a sword swing and force missiles respectively.
• Varo stabilizes the short haired man. Sera shoots Verri a judgmental look for his cold blooded kill, but continues on to help Oda by lighting his sword on fire.
• The bodyguard’s dragon scales flash and glow yellow as it seems he is moving much faster. A force field seems to also appear in front of him. Sera moves in and heals Oda. Verri uses shocking grasp and gets the bodyguard’s attention.
• The bodyguard, realizing that he is about to be had, slams the door and yells to someone inside the house. Sera instructs Verri to get the door open and for a few others to follow her to the back to get the window open. Varo appears and jimmys the window open.
• Sera can’t handle the familiar scene and shape changes to have shark-like qualities. Verri and Oda drop the body guard after taking much damage.
• The daughter, Yi Ling, keeps an eye on Verri from the door way and after seeing the bodyguard downed, runs to the other side of the house.
• Oda darts down the stairs where another bodyguard had fallen down the stairs. He finds a machine that seems to be scooping blood out of a vat. There’s also some computer consoles that are very similar to Mad Max’s lab as well as some human sized pods.
• Upon seeing the party, the mayor, who is in the basement, quaffs a potion and turns invisible.
• Nef follows in behind, down the stairs. Sera soon follows and smells the blood with her shark nostrils and grins a most satisfying grin. Varo follows as well and blocks off the top of the stairs.
• Hyun questions Yi Ling to make sure she is ok, but she seems more interested in Verri and asks why he didn’t wait until morning to rescue her. She tells both of them to go downstairs and see what they need to see.
• The second bodyguard is finally slain but not before taking Oda with him. Oda goes down but uses 2 hero points to save himself. He also seems to dream for a few rounds of vicious things and many places around Gaia.
• Nef lobs a fireball into the machines and blood spatters all about the room, sickening everyone. Sera, who is immune because she is part shark and they like blood, heals and removes sickness from everyone.
• Now the task comes to finding the mayor. Nef burning hands a rope pile, which becomes a rope golem. The golem grabs Nef and tries to choke him out. Sera casts Sanctuary and Shield Other on him to protect Nef. Nef, being held by the ropes, is unable to attack. Varo moves in to heal as well.
• Hyun casts see invisibility so he and verri can see the escaping mayor. They find him spider climbing on the ceiling. Oda awakens and casts glitterdust on the doctor, outlining him and also blinding him for a few turns.
• The doctor comes down from the ceiling, calls off the rope golem and asks the party to talk to him.
• The party discovers that he is trying to do something called Hematotheurgy, blood magic, for his people.
• Everyone is skeptical on the doctor’s actions.
• Varo goes back upstairs and it seems Yi Ling has vanished.
• The doctor mentions that his work involves splitting DNA and taking the best qualities of mutants and making everyone’s lives better.
• Oda realizes that the blood in the vat was given willingly and backs off. Sera, however, knowing of her own physical drawbacks, is torn. She solemnly tells the doctor, “we don’t get to play god. We don’t get to decide our own faults and benefits.” She tells the doctor that he is done here and he must leave.
• The doctor tells her that he only wants to help and that he can make people’s lives better. Sera retorts, “At what cost? We remove the things in life that make us sad…” thinking of her own faults “and we also remove the things in life that make us happy.” The doctor feels that he still wants to do the right thing by his people, to which Sara asks him to find another way.
• The doctor explains his relationship with Shen, which is that Shen works for the farm. Shen tried to recruit Chin to the farm but Chin didn’t want to go. So instead Shen gave Chin some equipment and asked for Chin’s data.
• Verri picks up the doctor and demands to know where Yi Ling is and also wanted to find out what other roles Chin had in the farm.
• Verri attacks the doctor, grapples him and tries to choke him out. Varo, Oda and Sera try and stop him but are unable to prevent the doctor’s death. Sera, Oda and Varo are not pleased with Verri and leave the lab.



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