Nature's New Order

Verse 35, Gaia

Tournament at Westchapel

• Before the tournament, Nef discovers a secret reading room in the library that belongs to “The Master”. Everyone assumes it is Chin but does not appear to be the case. The room contains a book that transforms into a dragon golem. The pass-spell to charm the Dragolem is Comprehend Languages, and Nef casts it to get more information.

• Nef discloses that the Master has been injured and left at his house. Nef rides the Dragolem to the cottage and finds that the area where he and his friends did battle with Shen, Chin and the bodyguards has been swept clean. The machines and bodies are all gone.

• The Dragolem is confused and asks what has happened to his Master. Nef says his master was killed by Verri and agrees to take him to the party.
• Nef and the Dragolem get to the party and Verri steps up and admits to killing the Dragolem’s master. The others ready actions to attack and the Dragolem moves in. It turns out spells don’t hurt him (as he is really just a book) but mundane fire does. Verri manages to pin the dragon and rip off its wings. Verri then questions the dragon “why did you make me turn on my friends?” It doesn’t respond.

• The Dragolem bursts into several magic pages, which Nef collects.

• Afterwards, the party meets up with Jeggare who is in a good mood now that he has been in Haven for a while.

• Yi Ling offers to accompany the party to the tournament as an entertainer, being that she is a bard.

• Two days later the party enters the coliseum for the West Chapel Tournament. Verri pays the 500gp entrance fee. He enters the party’s team name: “The Cooper Lee Experience ft Oda (Left Eye or Right). Sera takes the score sheet that was given to her by the registrar.

• The score sheet has 10 events with 4 slots each. To enter an event, the PCs must make a 4 man team, filling each role of Warrior, Priest, Rogue and Wizard. Everyone prepares for the Trial of Guile and are told that they will be sent in when it is their turn. (They note that they will not be able to go in with any of their spells or weapons.)

• Oda is hanging with The Nobleman team (a team made up of the Brong family). Other teams are pointed out, Beer Guzzlers, Swordmasters, Team Pegasus, Hearts of Darkness, Amazons, Cone of Cold Play, and many others.

• The party learns that they are scored based on how long it takes to complete each puzzle and how many people complete the puzzle. Each event has a max of 40 points, 10 per party member.

Trial of Guile
• First event is the café seat. A wizard named Huthbar scans everyone to make sure nobody has weapons, items or spells going in. And a dwarf named Jaime escorts them in and explains that the trial of guile is “an equalizer.” A red robed wizard named Musfinch and he tells everyone that the goal is to cross the room and read the bottom of a café seat on the other side. He hands the PCs three small cards with strange writing and a hand mirror.

• The room is a 40×40 and has blue and red checkered tiles with a seat on the other side. The 3 cards have runes on them and are arranged to spell out “Red Death” “Blue Safe” “No Middle”. Nef jumps on the blue tile on the farthest to the left of the room.

• The rest of the party hops across the room on the blue tiles. Sera trips but catches herself. They get to the café seat. Pat used the mirror to look under the seat to find the rune, which appears to be the elven letter for A, and the team gets 40 points. Trial 1 complete.

• The next trial Is called Tow Pests or Dwarf. A dwarf named Parneval escorts the party to a room with a river dividing it. There’s a raft in the center with a rope connected to each bank. The party gets their starting equipment, 2 chests, one with a dwarf and one with pests (no way to know which is which). Parneval explains that the raft will hold one person OR one chest and the party must get across with the chest with the dwarf in it and unlock the chest.

• Verri gets on the raft and goes across the river and then sends the raft back. Then Sera goes over and sends the raft back. Nef and Varo load the chest with the similar rune from the last room on it onto the raft and send it over. Sera and Verri unload the chest on the other side and send the raft back. Nef and Varo each come across, one at a time. The chest is unlocked and a sleepy dwarf is inside. 40 points awarded.

• Next event is called Runt Girth. A test proctor named Julien bring the party to a room with 20 ft diameter pits and 2 boards of only 18. He also gives the party a cloth measuring tape and points to another item the PCs can get which is across the room. He notes that it is a ring of mammal control and can be used to control a pig on the opposite side of the room. The map is laid out, box with ring to the south, 20 ft pit north of it, section of land with 18 ft boards, pit to the north of that, then land with a pig on it. The goal is to measure the circumference of the pig.

• Nef suggests putting a board out over the pit and having party members stand on one end to weigh it down while another light party member crosses most of the way and jumps over the remaining 2 feet. Verri suggests that they add a second board on the end of the first one.

• Varo begins to cross the one beam but it flexes and he looks back, wondering if he should continue. The party says he should run for it and make a jump. Varo doesn’t think it is a good idea and returns.

• Nef lays 2 planks doubled up on a chord of the circular gap which spans the gap. Varo crosses and grabs the ring and returns. Varo realizes that the planks will fit horizontally across a chord of the circular pit and then they can place another board on top of it to close the 2 ft gap that is left over. The party crosses and use the ring to control the pig and Sera measures it. With only moments to spare, 40 points awarded.

• The next trial is called Net Dan There. A gruff warrior named Justin leads everyone to a 10×10 platform with a railing that overlooks a pasture. On the other side there is a similar platform with no railing. Below there is a content ram grazing on grass, named Dan. The goal is to net Dan. The starting equipment is a ring of spell storing with floating disk, 30 copper coins, a 10×10 net, a broom and a ring of mage hand. Nef as the chosen wizard, is shackled to the first platform.

• Nef uses floating disk and covers the net on top and uses the coins to weigh it down and the broom as a lever to lock the net down. He then calls to the other party members and asks them to guide the net over the ram. The net slips off and doesn’t work.

• Time runs out and the party gets only partial credit, 15 points. The correct solution was to use the broom to guide the goat under the disk and drop the net onto the goat.

• The next event is called Cape’s Shout. Varo is selected as the rogue of this event. Another rogue named Luther appears and gives the party starting equipment of 2, 12×2 boards, 18ft ladder. The corridor is 36×10 and windows are 3ft in this room. The goal is to make it through the corridor and out the door. There are 6 capes available which will scream like crazy if anyone touches the floor, thus ending the trial. The rogue will get a ring from one of the cloaks if this is completed correctly.

• Varo gets a ladder and lays it out the window and climbs up. He uses a board to connect parallel windows and walk across, pickpocketing cloaks as he goes and throws the empty cloaks out the window. Varo keeps going to each part of the room and finds the ring in a cloak and clears all cloaks from the room. Everyone is allowed to cross freely now and Varo gets a ring. 40 points.

Trial of Combat
TCLE:fO:LEOR vs The Noblemen
• The party readies themselves for the arena. Nobody is allowed their own spells or weapons and are only given a +1 falcata, amulet of mighty fists or scimitar. The crowd can buff the party if players gain crowd favor via combat performance checks. The crowd also favors melee and flashy magic. They don’t like ranged, bows, or healing. Only a party of 5 is allowed in.
• A party of Oda, Sera, Nef, Verri and Hyun is sent in to the arena to fight the Noblemen. They start on a platform on one side of the arena. The Noblemen sit on the opposite side on another platform. The arena is a city center. Many buildings exist and it appears to be daylight.
• Oda’s sword is blessed by Sera, Verri gets enlarged, Nef slings some fire spells and Hyun rakes people to death. Verri becomes deafened during the fight. The enemy wizard had to surrender. 100 points for the PCs
• After the fight, the party is approached by Guy Merriman and Baltroc Little of Cone of Coldplay (a bard band) and they tell the party about a bard competition they are in. But they are going last in the competition that day so they don’t have time to experience the trials and write a good song. They offered to pay the party for information about the trials. Everyone is suspicious of this so they turn them down.
• Sera offers to bring Verri to the medic tent to heal his hearing. She also wants to stop by an official tent to report that Cone of Coldplay is going around bribing people for info. The official tells Sera that they will handle it and her request will be handled discretely.
• Hyun bets 1000 gold on Cone of Coldplay and 1000 on Hearts of Darkness (the top 2 teams in the ranking). The PC’s team is 3rd.

• The announcer says its half time and the lunchtime feast begins
• Each clique sits at a table and the food abounds.
• The group eats save for Hyun.
• Varo looks at the teams for anyone familiar with room at the table.
• Cone of coldplay is off to themselves so is hearts of darkness.
• Very sits with the noblemen to make friends.
• Hyun apologizes to the cleric and thief for the violence
• Sera saunters over to the beer drinkers attractively.
• Beer drinkers at 7th place (of 20) and sera talks of it excitedly
• Veri shares a drink with Nefrigar
• At the end of the meal, the hearts of darkness oddly get up in sync and leave. Overly methodical
• 5 min before the next event, the group is sent to a giant glass cube.
• It is advised that larger groups may have more difficulty
• The proctor hands varo a blank paper.
• the others can see in but not, us, out.
• The cube changes based on who it is reacting to and the goal is to simply make it to the exit, while timed
• The whole team opts to go in
• We start by seeing the crowd cheering then the inside goes black
• A tiny box opens up, its grey
• Hyun can smell moisture
• The team has no weapons, armor nor spells
• Starting effectively blind, varo does a trap check but does see “8 to win”
• Varo opens the door
• The floor is covered in ice like in pokemon
• Wis says 8 to win might be for more than just that room
• The answer to the ice room is found when Varo+ Oda are able to stop Veri 1 space away from the wall letting him get to a button that melts the ice and opens the doors.
• The next room has large lit torch pedestal, a dead guy in the far bottom right and surrounding the main brazier is 2 squares of unlit braziers.
• The once blank paper now says here he lies dead, may he rest in piece
• Nef investigates the body, looks embalmed and ready for burial but no tomb or coffin.
• There is a spot of dust that seems like the once blank paper should be placed there
• Varo places gthe paper in place and it stands up like a tombstone with info, the odd bit being death is at “18:12”
• We determine the torches represent a clock and after a few tries the north is to the left and the center torch needs to be extinguished
• Going through the south has a plaque saying 25 over par
• The next room seems smaller but along what would be the middle is a giant mirror
• Nef fallows a hall at the other end of the room and the hall winds around but ends at a locked door.
• Rats spill into the mirror’d room
• Hyun hold the paper to the mirror and it still says hahaha.
• He tries laughing. He then tells veri to laugh still nothing
• Then varo goes and tries to tickle a rat and it poofs away. Veri does the same and the door unlocks, the room also had a door with 8 snakes eating mice and as we leave a thirst mouse is “let free”
• The next room has 2 guard statues , anlock and lenaz. They seem to answer questions asked by the group in a certain pattern of which answers what questions. To procede the group finaly decides its based on the 1st half and 2nd half of the alphabet
• Taking the door on the left, the next room is open with a red button.
• The paper says “have courage look up”
• Veri rushes to step on the button, the blade retract but then come down faster. Everyone decides to just accept it to be brave but some go prone, the unprone end up taking some dmage. The blades stop though and everyone shimmies out.
• The enxt room has 4 pipes that start flooding the room.
• The paper says the answer lies in the tin mouth
• As oda and veri try to get to pipes an invisible wall blocks us. The water is unimpeded
• Veri kneels and wait for the water table to rise, oda finds more of the invisible
• Varo finds its open floor to shin. Oda makes it to a pipe near the door and feels around in it. Pulls out a key.
• The group belly swims to the door and makes it out
• The next room has a pipeorgan
• The paper says “music travels, sometimes other planes, ps if you paly the wrong note we’ll all b-flat”
• On the back of the paper is “arcana” “perception”
• Glyphs show up aorudn the room
• With a “c” being the brightest
• Hyun takes the seat
• Oda reads out the letters but hyun has to do a perform check and succeeds… middle c
• The “c” fades and a “d” lights…. Varo and hyun work together to keep playing
• E…b…a….cde…g and a finger slips and a section of floor falls away…g still nope.
• Sera finally jumps in some more falls out and finally the home stretch is played
• The next room has colored tiles and the paper says art class, time to mix
• The pattern is a+b+=c
• Completed 1 over par and the snake door opens
• 189pts

• The proctors don’t find enough evidence to boot cone of coldplay but they will keep an eye

• The group eats breakfast as bountiful as the last meals and clean up

• Going into the next set of trial of guile, nef, varo, sera, oda.

EON PETS: met by a priestess to a small starting area, pool of water with 2 islands, chained to eht wall on the islands are dire wolves that can reach all of the island and even the channel. On the team side is a docked boat and oars, the far side has the exit door. 5 ft channel of water between wolves.

• The solution is walk through the water holding the boat over head as a shield. BAM DONE LIKE BOSSES 3min 40pt

THORN STEW: the warrior is identified, oda… the next task is met with a wizard who leads us to a giant pot 35 ft tall boiling over huge logs burning. He leads all but the warrior to a cage and binds them. The cage is hoisted 35 ft above the pot. A rod of lordlymight is given to oda, but it only has its mundane uses anda rope of contriction 50ft, time limit 15 min.

• Oda anchors the rod in the stone and uses it to get to the lip of the cauldron. Meanwhile varo tries to slip out of the ropes successfully. He then unties the others. Oda ties his end of the rope to the rod and them plants the rod on the lip and launches the rod to break open the door… or ladder?… the group climbs down… 9 min 40 pt

HORNETS AT EVENS: 30 ft dia pit gloppy mud 2ft deep, 3 side rooms in y shape, group is in one, and the other 2 has chests. One chest is evens and the other odds. The priest ring is in evens but also had deadly hornets. The odds then has ring of hold animal and giant insect. 2 10ft poles.

• Sera takes a pole and tries to poke a chest and hear for bees, same for other. Then sera uses a pole to one chest then the other pole to the toher, knocks on 1 chest and puts an ear to the chest for bees, but sees a math problem 1×2×3x4x5/6×7/2/4/5×3×7x8x0+16-4.. thus evens. Oda tris to get to the other chest but falls in, he recovers and check the eq…88-73, odd. Oda retrieves the ring. sera puts on the ring, and opens the evens chest. Sera casts giant insect on them and they grow and under her control. Sera has everyone else leave. T-30s

SPACE & POST: The proctor asks for a single volunteer. Sera volunteers, the othes stand by a wooden box with 2 10ft poles, 1 wood, 1 metal, metal has a knob the size of a fist. Sera on the far side gets slippers of spider climbing. The area is fenced off with a chasm in the middle 18ft. a post stands in the center with a metal ring that swivels. Goal is to get the group and the chest across. Post is 6ft higher than floor.

• The group puts the metal post through, sera crosses back to the others and gives the slippers to the oda. Oda goes to the center and spins the pole around. Ferrying sera and nef across and finally varo and the chest. T-3min 40pt

REUSE RAT BOWEL: the group sees buried treasure. The room is covered in metal tiles. To lift a plate each of the players must place their ring in the corner, twist and lift. The proctor also gives them a jar with rat bowels. There are 225 plates and only 1 dig can be made.

• The titles of the events were anagrams to where to go to find the right square.

• Final score: 375, 1st place.

• Gladiator time:

• the hearts of darkness vs Varo, Hyun, sera, Oda, Veri

• the antipaladin is enlarged and dealing heavy dmg, sera is healing, the HoD are some tough dudes. The antipaladin and veri are the first to fall. The fighting continues on the crowd cheering for our group. The oracle brings back a zombified antipaladin Sera is blinded. Despite the tough battle the heros come out in pretty good shape. Win 110pt

• next event is a stunbolt (speed-paintball) match. Hyun and veri are the only 2 who opt to take the auto-hitting cone spread blunderbuss everyone else uses a crossbow. The projectiles cause stun for a variable random amount of time. Black obstacles give full cover, blue =50% and red 25% but going prone is 4x and crouch is 2×. objective is to hit the button. We blitz and oda pushes the button after a couple turns frozen.

• The scores are calculated and it comes down to the final gladiator battle. Us v cone of coldplay. Both teams start off strong but veri is able to counter their veri-counterpart’s attempt to illusion giant. Everyone starts squaring off oda is able to take a few heavy hits but keep going. Hyun charges from the north wall into batroc. Veri fells kris finally but will save tries to mess with the cluster around him while varo sticks a chakram in his neck. Johnny buckler the rogue finally pops up at hyun. Oda, fed up, downs will save with prejudice. Sera’s healing is key… johnny guy and 2 batroc gang up on hyun. The group moves up steadily and gets it down to batroc and guy who seals himself behind a wall with varo throwing batroc to the wolves. Guy surrenders as batroc is downed by oda.

• Cesar steps out, with a total of 974, record high, congrats to cooper lee experience ft oda , left eye or right

• Cesar steps over to sera and asks for some words.

Prize options:
+1 manual or tome for each person
Scroll true ress
+2belt of phys perfection/headband of mental superiority
Transmute tourney ring to magic worth 16k or less
+1 magic weapon for everyone
+1 magic armor for everyone
Ring of sustenance for each

After the parade as we walk away we see a pillar of light shoot up, the team rushes back… to find thorn… with cone of coldplay… and anoyther figure, looks like tuxedo mask…. And from the pillar of light, a shadow figure is revealed with a flip of hair… COOP!!! he swirls some knives around his fingers, and grins at thorn n mr x.



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