Nature's New Order

Verse 37, Eria

solid khym

• A day’s travel form torch the crew comes to an ETC stockpile, info form fortune.
• There may be an inside man and the deal is to keep killing to a minimum
• Fortune says to make the move a little past sunset
• The group huddles behind a rock and we see a door cocked open
• Cirwahs and beagan approach stealthily to eval the compound.
• Cirwahs and come back to report there is a guard and a door to enter via
• There is a curious androffan type machine
• Trying to keep the death to a minimum, we decide to kill the person, almost, then stabilize them.
• Cirwahs approaches to backstab him
• While someone (tj) sees some squid headed people come up from an elevator in the facility.
• Roll init
• Khym, sees these creatures in ETC lab coats and realizes his plan is going south but not lost.
• Khym flips over a table and gets his gun out and some yelling starts….khym realizes these squid heads are the folklore’s mind flayers and yell stand your ground!
• Tate tries to sneak into positon and khor/khala follow suite
• The lights cut and red emergency light activates as Cirwahs ducks behind the wall directly in front of the door
• Khym blasts a guy who aggressively approaches him and takes him out.
• Everyone keeps sneaking and advancing
• The guards inside unload at a yet to identified person
• With the team still advancing, the guards finish off the targets in the building and ask khym for orders
• Suspicious the squid face isn’t down for good, khym puts 2 slugs point blank into it, the face crab detaches and hovers like a flying spaghetti monster with a brain controlling toothed mouth
• With their cover blown, the other head crab flies off
• Group still lurking along
• A crab bites khym
• The other crab floats out the door smelling beagans mind and makes an attempt.
• Cirwahs stabs the crab that came out
• Khym is able to wrangle free
• Val heads towards the androffan machine
• The guards split up, couple blast at the head crab
• The other 2 go to help their disliked boss, khym
• They kill the crabs off but also discover the others
• Cirwahs is left to determine the path of the rest of the encounter. He states “it appears you require our assistance”
• Khym is called over and Val makes his theatrical debut and says they are the contracted help
• Val investigates the head crab, a possessor… like baby mind flays, ET, mouth swallows head whole and attach to brain, feed while mind control you and can use their abilities n skill
• Val investigates the machine
• Val then investigates the machine, similar to the assembly machine like on the destiny. Seems nonfunctional. Much more delicate looking, tools are meant for something small
• The others follow khym into the building, Val after looking at the machine comes into the room
• The group looks down the skylights and sees no movement
• One skylight looks into the bathroom and also there’s a change in building material which is odd
• Khym says 2 will go down at a time

The party finally comes out of their hiding place.
Khym says he will take everyone down stairs but only if they agree that the mission objectives are: Priority 1: save the civilians. Priority 2: Get the gear the team need. The party agrees and they all go down stairs.
They get to the basement and Khym says “you all have until I make sure this floor is clear to search through crates, then we’re continuing on.”
Beagan finds many jars in a crate. Val finds a jar of plants.
Khym finds a ventilation shaft. Cirwahs gets the vent open and Khym goes inside. He uses his cloak and lights a piece on fire and sees a drop off which he tumbles down. And he finds a room that is lit.
Meanwhile, Beagan finds a panic room. The room is locked and they can’t get the touch pad to let them in. The people inside contact them and say they won’t come out without Khyms say so.
Beagan, while searching boxes finds: Plants, Scrap metal, Needles, Boots and jars of liquid of every primary color.
Khym enters a room at the end of the air duct and finds a bunch of metal and wood crates. The metal crates have fresh hypo guns. Cirwahs follows Kyhm and he searches the wood crates. They contain some sort of strange armor they’ve never seen.
The rest of the party goes back upstairs and gets a keycard and takes the elevator down to Cirwahs and Khym.

• Some armor is found but it’s extremely heavy and robust
• Khala and khor determine the blood is elven and human
• Cirwahs open ns the door after khym says he may have to maintain cover
• Roll init
• 3 head crabbed scientists greet the group both ready for each other
• One host is killed off quickly but the crab jumps to khym
• The group makes attempts to get the crab off, Val finds a hypo gun that will fix the damage khym is taking
• Enlarged khor is able to rip the crab off
• Cirwahs jumps to hit it but it doesn’t die
• The crab is able to wiggle free from khor but dies as he does it
• And one remained.
• The group doesn’t sense any more on the far side of the door so they go back to the crates on hand.
• The bunk beds end up being just fancy tech beds
• Beagan find s door to the south that’s an armory, armor a is already picked over but beagan finds an arc grenade and a flashlight
• Cir searches the scientists bodies and finds notes on what’s going on, dr Hess, is the guy who seems to be leading the “improving” and cyber tech. the machine is a nanite maker and its working great short of not enough raw material. Dr Hess ha started working on mind related experiments.
• Getting ready to go into another room, khym decides to get some kind of head protection by going to the room with the civilians but runs into a shady hooded fellow.
• Khym yells out “hey” and the man runs off into the shadows, but khym tries to chase after but loses him.
• Khym continues up the ram to the room with civilians and knocks on the door
• He levels with the civilians and tells them they need to leave. They refuse
• He procures head gear for the team but needs 2 trips.
• The team decides to go through the research door but it’s locked.
• Cirwahs can’t pick the lock but it prompts some to ask what’s going on from the other side
• Khym says he is a friend of dr Fred, the guy replies that there’s and issue, dr Fred is trapped on floor 2 and the creatures are trying to get in to this room from the manufacturing door.
• They slide a b2 keycard under the door and say they will open up after we clear the head crabs



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