Nature's New Order

Verse 39, Eria

• The 2 cultist are defeated, then the cyborg house. The brain fluid drinker runs off to the south. Instead of chasing the group decides, let’s get everyone to real safety then come back. While figuring out what trips to take, khala notices the drinker is near again and so khym and the first team go up and then the second group immediately after.
• The logistics of getting everyone to safety leads to everyone staying in the panic room while the crew cleans the last floor.
• Khym searches the cyborg body and finds a keycard,
• Khala sniffs out the drinker and we proceed to slay it after a drawn out battle where she dodges everything
• The specimen collar says specimen Charlie
• The group proceeds down to the final floor.
• The group finds a room with some monitoring consoles with breeding pools and hybridizations.
• We activate the security uplink.
• Rounding the corner beagan finds a trail of bood leading to a room with breeding pool tanks and a huge pile of brainless carcasses that sickens everyone.
• A console is another monitor, val cuts holes in the tanks and pours in toxic chemicals.
• Beagan then notices a head looking around a corner and the group follows it to find a new door is open with hess egging beagan to come in.
• Beagan does and finds a giant flayer!
• Khym steps up and says hess is in trouble for corruption, as he says it, beagan tosses a arc grenade at the computer console.
• Hess is killed quickly but then the giant flayer starts to awaken
• Tate is able to hit it with the sonic pistol after they realize it’s a cybernetic flayer
• The crew keeps at it with the best they have….but the flayer gets tate in its grasps and is about to kill him by eating his brain
• But khym steps in to cast ray of enfeeblement but misses and then cir steps in and cuts off a tentacle and the flayer bleeds out.
• Beagan kicks the carcass and finds a mass of wriggling tentacles, suspected to e a control unit.
• Doors open up and a room with specimen tanks is found. The creatures inside look like incubating mindflayers, we destroy them
• The group then finds a room where hess was performing is cyborg implants.
• Tucked in the back of a cabinet is the lightning manifest. And cirwahs explains what a manifest is.
• Hess had implanted himself with tech and thus got in contact with hellion. And that hess needs to understand why the androffans.
• Burkle found that a spike has frequency but not the same as hellion



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