Nature's New Order

Verse 40, Therinad

• Theydrin and the crew step onto the airship, theydrin calls the crew and appoints von captain.
• Homerd complains to tactician ina but deals with it
• Ina introduces the cleric we hired
• Theydrin von an Homerd meet the crew, including big jimbo, one eye steve.
• Nest becomes a parrot and sits on von’s shoulder heckling Homerd
• Homerd shows von around to the engine core
• They get the ship in the air and one eyed steve is told to set course for bloodbath gulch
• As they approach the mountain border a cloud of razorsnout appear as night falls. Is lead by a white roc that big jimbo is able to shoot down.
• The birds start to form a ship of their own as we hear “defilers” by some inquisitors.
• The airship fight begins and nest and von punch holes in the ship knocking out razorsnout.
• The enemy launches a cannon ball of razor snout that disperses at the last moment to deploy an iron inquisitor on our deck, Farin and nest concentrated on him.
• Von started to steer the ship away as the enemy sent over ropes that couldn’t be cut traditionally.
• The inquisitors were defeated by having them fall since there are specific ways to kill them



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