Nature's New Order

Verse 41, Therinad

• Hisser tells everyone that Bloodbath gulch is gonna be scary and that they don’t like magic. she also says she has a friend at the sundered door tavern who can help them.
• Eitan the Climber climbs down the airship anchor and sees Sugar Bush has a giant metal robot in it and totally engulfed with birds and dopelgangers
• The crew tries out the turbo and they overshoot the gulch.
• The crew lands and they walk to the sundered door tavern. They meet areo who uses his magic chest to give the crew a pair of transmagic earrings. The barkeep tells the crew to be careful and if they want to use the tavern for a base they owe him one favor.
• The party walks up to bloodbath’s gates and the orcs just let them in. Everyone seems way too friendly.
• Party goes to main palace to meet the war king mordinth al’ caesar. The war king says everything around here is fine, contrary to popular belief.
• Grothnar bursts in demanding to know what is going on and why everyone is acting like pansies. Mordinth, claiming to not be a war king, but rather an advisor, tells Grothnar to chill out in a jail cell. The party then goes to see him in said cell.
• Grothnar recants bloodbath’s history and orc flu
• Half orc don’t die from orc-flu
• Theydrin tries to strikes a deal with Grothnar, but Grothnar says they must fight in the arena.
• Gimboze convinces mordinth to let grothnar out
• Going into the fight theydrin von and nest scheme to covertly buff and debuff.
• Nest as a humming bird sit son theydrins shoulder and buffs and heals theydrin.
• Von, via the earrings, lets theydrin give himself mage armor and gets ready to sickening-enervate…
• The 2 trade punches and before the final stage of the show a helicopter with striesser and the cowboy hat storm member
• Von launches lightning at them but they had a deflection device like fortune
• They mock the people and then drops a droppod and leave.
• The pod releases 3 gearsmen and a veggiepygmie (not the same)
• The theydrin and grothnar call a draw and the team starts to pond on the new enemies
• Gimboze finds mordinth has disappears
• As the team wins that fight mordinth reappears angry and reavealss he is evil as he drops his hood. And he fire blasts the team
• the group rallies the towns people back to their raging ways and they pounce on mordinth and his 2 guards.
• Von chokes out mordinth after the other 2 guards
• The team takes mordinth alive to interrogate him
• We find mordinth was the culprit behind grothnars parents murder
• He explains he can cast calm person on the village except the voll family line
• 8000xp



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