Nature's New Order

Verse 42, Therinad

Into Ironmine

Approach Ironmine, big stone head. 3 sets of footprints, older than a week
nest scouts the mountain, finds a trail of gold coins leading up the mountain with 6 sets of footprints

go around to the back side, find a trail of coins leading to a false wall, step through jello wall into big open space, see a duplicate theydrin and bel to the left, old theydrin to the right, running to different points of light

the paths are connected, the destinies are split

Nest follows, theydrin leans out to the rest and waves for them to follow before taking off, everyone comes through and sees alternative versions of themselves running through the portal towards a light.

After touching the light, the party arrives in a pit of body parts. moving forward, Athene sees a hole in the ground like an ant hill, hear clicking, mobbed by skull-bolds who are dispatched.

Follow scent of burning bodies east to face 3 Bodaks. slay them, 6 inflict potions 1500gp

Head south, Theydrin coordinates sneak attack on group of 3 driders and retriever. 3740 xp, scroll of reverse gravity, scroll of greater invisibility

Find portal to plane of shadow, horribly corrupted, leaking purple smoke, with a large chest of loot next to it.

20000 gp
mw breastplate
mw comp shortbow +2
mw lance
darkwood lute
3k gp
acrobat slippers
+1 champion chainmail
+3 dragonhide plate
glowing glove
mithril heavy shield +2
oil of mage armor
oil of remove curse
3x potion of cat’s grace
5 pto cure moderate
5 potion hide from uindead
1 levitate potion
protection from good potion
2 potions undetectable alignment
1 ring of jumping
1 ring of sustenance
scroll of invisibility sphere
scroll of owls wisdom
wand of alarm
wand of align weapon
wand of heroism
wand of enlarge person
wand of remove blindness/deafness
wand of resist energy
wand of scorching ray

Head north, find 2 iron inquisitors and 1 ally inquisitor near a ladder, they have high spell resistance and are constructs, alloy inquisitor steals Farin’s axe, Grothnar helps him retreive it, removing spikes finally slays inquisitors

circlet of persuasion
elixir of tumbling
necklace of fireballs x3
50000 gp

Go down ladder after inquisitors, end up in cage surrounded by chaos smoke, Zidane and Siddel come out and say the players are heretics, Athene tries to pick lock and fails, Zidane says players have been here 122 times previously, but they won’t be back the 123rd time. (confirming Josh’s time loop theory). Farin throws beer in Zidane’s face, Siddel creates a Genie and instructs it to torture Farin. I am Lord Zidane Haradul and Lady Siddel Haradul, we are the same person from different timelines, this is the most problematic timeline, the party is left to rot in a cage for 48 hours.

The wererats show up for revenge on Osmond, but they see Theydrin, and since he was merciful, they give the party a laser torch which Theydrin uses to cut the party free. Theydrin recruits the were-rats.



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