Nature's New Order

Verse somthing +1, eria


• The group meets to decide if they should approach scrap wall via the underground tunnel or by land. Each with its own problems.
• Fortune informs us her contact, hammerlock, in scrap wall has gone dark after working with the steel eagles.
• Hammerlock had reported ETC bigwigs had been seen.
• Based off of hammerlocks relation with the steel hawks, normal land route is chosen.
• The team approaches the gate near the steel hawks
• There are 2 strangers that the team starts to ask for info but kyhm lightning manifests the shit out of them but when tate can he gets them to surrender.
• The guy scoops up the lady and says he needs to get her to a doc and he will walkj n talk.
• He offers no real answers as we approach the smilers territory
• Getting to the territory we are met by 3 more goons but in a maneuver we get the first guy to turn on the others
• The guy doesn’t really, we kill him and continue to Fight the other 3
• Tate, khym went down but are healed up after the fight.
• Seeing to how much fighting there was, the group elects to loot n scoot to the steel hawks
• The alchemist fled during battle deeper into smilers territory
• Getting to the bar just outside steel hawk turf it seems pretty lively, it’s the magical bar
• The group meet up with fortune and khonnir, the main issue is syrup or hammerlock first… nd if syrup is going to be an ally or not….
• Reaching steel hawk territory a few guards wearing glaucite armor
• The guards give us space as we enter
• As we wander in a man on a parapet yells down to us identifying us…”james ? beagan? Weve heard of you.. what do you want?:
• The plan is to sneak with a small team and try for syrup. With tate doing cover fire
• Getting past the redtooths, tate spiderclimbs and cats graces up the scrapwall and starts peering into smiler territory.
• Cirwahs pre-scouts as the rest of the strike team sneaks along
• The team approaches the smilers hq. cirwahs confirms syrup is there.
• From the info beagan identifies they drugs but the collar on syrup is unidentified
• The plan is to blow a drug den to draw the people out of the hq yurt, then tate will cuase sniping chaos. Cir and val will grab syrup and then everoyone runs away… maybe blowing up an extra drug den
• Beagan gets ready to set the still off but khym tries to scorching ray it but fails. They kill off the guard next ro it

“I forgot it was gonna explode”

• Ikhym forgets its gonna explode and beagan goes down
• Khym hasd died
• Tate starts his job of firing shot to confuse and stall.
• Cir and val go in, half way in when one of the cronies goes to the door.
• Cir goes and knocks out giggles, val shots the other guy.
• Cir and val kill the crony
• There is no key on giggles and no way to quickly remove the collar on sura
• Val tells cir to kill giggles since there wont be time to coerce him and they start dragging sura out
• On the way out, tate is spotted when trying to make his way south. A mob fire at him and he is killed
• The group makes it back and get to work on sura’s collar
• Khonnir warns it will be very risky to try to pick the collar so cirwahs is told to go check the entire yurt for the key
• He is able to retrieve it but nothing of tate.
• They free sura and fill her in, she seems cooperative.

1100+ 3300xp



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