Eleneval Thora'adin

Elder Elven Wizard and Council Representative


The eldest member of the council, Eleneval brings over 2 centuries of Elven wisdom to the council. Due to the ice age, Eleneval never had the benefit of academy training, but the encroaching glaciers formed a most unusual crucible, and as a young man Eleneval studied under a variety of tutors, learning spellcraft out of necessity. A bit of a child prodigy, Eleneval was the first choice for new elder when his tribe’s elder died, despite his relatively young age of 147 at the time.

Eleneval has been with Snowmelt since it’s inception, and his place on the council was all but certain when it first convened to discuss the Macabra threat. Since then, he’s served as the voice of caution, seeking to reign in some of his more hot-headed peers. Eleneval is loyal to the Elven people and Snowmelt, in that order, but as Snowmelt is vital to the survival of the Elves, his goals frequently align with the rest of the council.

During Theydrin Durjss’Axle’s trial for theft against Adice Manka, Eleneval was the only council member to find Theydrin not guilty on all charges.


Eleneval Thora'adin

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