Farin Oinson


Character Sheet: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0zngov1fpc8vj89/Dwarf%20Fighter.pdf?dl=0

Gear: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jc0g8zil39hxgtz/Dwarf%20Fighter%20Gear.pdf?dl=0


Farin is the child of Oin and Dis blacksmiths in the town of Mattock located high in the mountains of Therinad whose population consisted mainly of other dwarves. Farin had followed in his parents footsteps and become one of the town’s weaponsmiths. As he aproached his 80th birthday however the Macabra, long a plague on Mattock began to launch greater sized raids. Abandoning his smithy Farin joined the town militia in hopes of driving back the catfolk.

It was not to be however. Returning from a routine patrol beyond the town his company returned to find the city razed and their people missing. Seeing that there was nothing left for them in Mattock Farin’s company gathered what supplies they could and set out from the mountains. Less than a weeks march from the town the company was ambushed by Macabran scouts. What dwarves were not killed outright were scattered in the wilderness.

Farin knows not what became of his parents, brother, or sister for the town had shown no bodies.

Farin Oinson

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