Farmer Meyer

A slow, dim-witted farmer with a strange knack to see powerful entities in his dreams.


Farmer Meyer is a farmer and oracle who lives near Astor. His windmill blade was vital in the construction of the Airship.

Farmer Meyer was deeply indebted to Patches MaGoo when the Snowmelt Expedition arrived looking for a windmill blade. Meyer agreed to sell the windmill in exchange for the Expedition resolving his debt.

Meyer has dreams about powerful people, and he creates “doo-dads”, small bobble-head type dolls, in their likeness. Notable “doo-dads” included members of Snowmelt Expedition, The Storm, Zidane Haradul, Nightmare Tomas, and other major players in the recent conflict in Therinad.

Farmer Meyer’s oracle power manifests when he’s touched. His eyes light up, and he gives cryptic prophecy nonstop until the touch stops.


Farmer Meyer

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