Felior Frostbrow



Felior proudly sports his magic chain shirt armor and Elven Curve Blade as a sign that people shouldn’t mess with him. His light brown hair is short and often tied back tightly. His light clothing (or heavy, if he’s in a cold place!) and dark complexion give away his affinity for hot climates.


Felior Frostbrow is a Desert Elf of fairly well-known decent, at least in his hometown, where the Frostbrow family is pretty well off. Felior grew up in a hot desert town ran mostly by the unfair folk, and as such, he is no stranger to fighting. The stubborn pride of orcs and goblins meant that Felior often times came to blows even with people he considered to be close friends. Over time he became just as quick-tempered as the lot of them. His slow decent into chaotic behavior led his parents to practically disown him as an adult. They procured weapons and magical armor specifically for him in order to bribe him into good behavior. He had no qualms in taking the items and hitting the road!

Felior Frostbrow

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