Amnesiac Android turned investigator unfortunately


Only retaining disguise protocols, some alchemy, mechanical training, and few communication protocols, he knew nothing more than his compulsion/glitch to find out his past. In a setting where one such construct would be met with aversion, learning to assimilate would be paramount issue.

Within a couple short weeks the construct managed nothing by doing much. Working off no leads and no clear path the only beacon shone from the disliked Eria Technology Corporation and it’s diabolical leader Colonel Streiser. Unable to cope with malicious ways FeX’ seemed to dig himself a grave. ETC had a monopoly on the concepts that made the essence of the android. What seemed the best chance for FeX to find his past, a bargain with the evil colonel for 2 murderers, sealed his own demise. After one last interaction the incorrect suspicions that the automaton was an ETC product seemed confirm. After the colonel set khonnir’s ablaze, FeX escape was thwarted and was knocked unconscious as the building burnt down with him still inside.


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