Creatures of the past that were the combination of the unholy union of goblins and halflings. Most have been wiped out from their ex-savior, Nightmare Tomas.


The product of an unholy union between halflings and goblins, the Goblings were lead by Meleader & Metoo, and were formerly protected by Nightmare Tomas. They appear similar to both parent races in height and weight, but seem to closer to goblins on the intelligence scale.

Meleader revealed that the Goblings are not native to this time, and that they were brought to the arena south of Sugar Bush by Nightmare Tomas. The Goblings appeared to take great joy in seeing the Snowmelt Expedition compete against the challenges conjured by Metoo, giving the impression that they are a stupid, cruel, and savage race, though they may not always have been.

After the party challenged Nightmare to combat in the arena, he went berserk and slaughtered the Goblings there, and the Snowmelt Expedition has not encountered them since.



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