James Tate

The musket wielding cowboy. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tdnkkkmynnx2m9k/James%20Tate.pdf?dl=0


Never new father. His mother is dead
Female Human [older than him] Alice
Female Human [younger than him] Sarah
Lower-Class Birth
Parents Profession

You present an image to the world that can’t be tarnished. When someone questions your motives, criticizes your actions, or insults your honor or pride, you question his friendship or count him among your enemies until he makes amends.
Skin: Tanned
Hair: Mid-length, wavy, black
Eyes: Brown, large
Height: Average height
Weight: Lean
Build: Somewhat broad

Short Tempered
Your character’s interests include metalworking, drawing, and guitar
Few know that your character is terrified of heights.

James Tate

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