Khor, Son of Khan


Khor, Son of Khan is the first son Khan Dragonson of the Attius.

The Attius are a barbarian tribe who live in an impact crater in the western portion of Eria. The crater has fresh water, bountiful land, and plentiful game, making it the perfect sanctuary for the Attius who live in a semi-nomadic camp that wanders the crater. The Attius refer to this crater as The Fallen Heaven, and consider the whole site sacred.

Khan Dragonson is the leader of the Attius, and as first son, Khor was expected to bear the blood of the dragon and preserve his father’s legacy, but fate had a different plan. Khor’s birth was exceptionally difficult, and only through the powers of the shaman of his people was Khor able to survive, but his mother didn’t make it. The shaman cast runes and read the stars, and prayed to Desna, goddess of fate and stars and patron of the Attius, to save the child, and their wish was granted.

When he matured however, it became clear Khor didn’t possess the blood of the dragon as his father. He was lithe and nimble like an elf, not nearly the size of his beast of a father, and he drew his magic from nature and the crater, rather than harnessing his father’s bloodrage. As a result, Khor could not claim the name Dragonson and could not claim leadership of the Attius, leaving him shamed in the eyes of his father. Young Khor spent his childhood training with the druids and shaman of his people, deciding that if he couldn’t make his father proud, at least he could make his people proud, and though he may not lead them in battle, he wanted to help guide them spiritually.

Recently, the ETC has taken an interest in The Fallen Heaven, and has come in search of Atium. Atium is a rare skymetal with time distorting properties, and the mineral and it’s residue is in all the food and water within the crater. Although not entirely aware of it’s exact nature, Atium is considered sacred to the Attius, who believe it is the source of their gift of foresight. Attius warriors have the ability to see a few seconds into the future, which prevents them from being ambushed, and makes them ferocious terrors on the battlefield. The Attius have tenaciously defended their crater against the ETC for the last few years, but civilization’s march is unstoppable, and the Attius are in danger of losing their homeland.

Khor has set out with his trusted companion, the wolfmother Khala, to find a reason for ETC’s encroachment, and to negotiate a peace, either at the negotiation table or at swordpoint.


Khor, Son of Khan

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