Patches MaGoo

A rich yet friendly merchant in Astor. Seems to own all the land.


Patches MaGoo has had several run-ins with the Snowmelt Expedition since the latter arrived in Astor.

Upon their arrival in Astor, the Expedition encountered Patches at a local tavern. Bram Boulderhammer struck up a conversation with Patches while his compatriots enjoyed the bar, and Felior Frostbrow picked his pocket when he wasn’t looking.

Later at the farm, the Expedition encountered Farmer Meyer being harrassed by Patches for failing to pay his debt. As he rode off, Theydrin Durjss’Axle put Patches and his horse to sleep mid-gallop, causing Patches to be thrown unceremoniously from his steed

After learning about the debt from Farmer Meyer, the Expedition strikes a bargain with Patches to enter the Temple of the Ancients and retrieve a statuette of a golden cat. The Expedition eventually returns the cat to Patches, settlingFarmer Meyer’s debt.


Patches MaGoo

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