Theydrin Durjss'Axle

Half-Drow Bard


Character Sheet


Theydrin Durjss’Axle (Friend of the cold stalkers)

Theydrin was the product of the rape of a human noble-woman at the hands of a Drow Assassin, and after his mother died in childbirth, the child was left in the wilderness to die. Rather than perish however, a passing charletan happened to stumble upon him, and adopted the babe. Perhaps due to his father, perhaps it was just all the time alone in the woods, but Theydrin used his natural charm and innate magical abilities to charm the human women of the towns he and his companion would frequent. As a result, he learned how to lie, to read others, and to intimidate jilted lovers into backing down. In combat, he uses his spells to manipulate enemies minds before closing in for the kill with his trusty rapier.

As an adventurer, Theydrin is motivated by good food, good drinks, busty maidens, and generally enjoying himself. He’s not dedicated to any cause beyond having a good time and adding another adventure to his repertoire of stories for the campfire. Despite his sometimes erratic and upredictable nature and a general lack of loyalty to anyone or thing, Theydrin isn’t really a dangerous travelling companion. He’ll avoid unnecessary danger and violence whenever possible.

Theydrin Durjss'Axle

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