Von Nocen

Dhampir Necromancer, maybe unstable...


Born half vampire, dhampir… As a forsaken offspring, he was given up near a Mage Guild satellite campus. The guild being one of the few groups not to shun the “blood tainted” offspring took him in with only the slightest disgust. With an affinity and interest in magic, he quickly rose the ranks on the guild to become a black robe.

As his studies continued his interests manifested mostly in the study of the morbid arts of necromancy and their waltz with what many reserved as God’s domain .

During off time Von spent much of it indulging and practicing arts of many natures. including the mask he sculpted and the robes he stitched as a teen. while of only sentimental value, he dreams of being infamous by the sight of his unique take on his otherwise assigned ceremonial outift.

An inherent hunger for knowledge, and in turn arcane power is corrupting to become a hunger for power of all kinds….

this led him to the assignment to find Grothnar, a great responsibility he expects will be rewarded with great power.

Now as he learns the broken nature of the guild after the "turning"of the grand white wizard, he sees an opportunity to not only restore the guild to it’s ancient levels of glory but lead the way personally.

Von Nocen

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