Vorrix Alazar




Vorrix stands at just under six feet tall, and coupled with his strong features his appearance is more human-like than elf. With dark eyes, mutilated by years of alchemical study, his face is grim and set with purpose.


Vorrix spent his early years apprenticing for a human alchemist, Mott, deep in his mountain laboratory. During his time with Mott he learned all types of alchemical means, though his training ended prematurely when Mott’s laboratory was raided by coal-bolds attracted to the immense heat the lab produced. Amongst explosions and alchemical fire, Vorrix was able to escape capture, though Mott is thought to be dead, or worse.

After fleeing the raid, Vorrix spent years practicing his craft in the wilderness, honing his skills to defend himself before settling in Kybel, where he continued teaching himself the trade while peddling potions and poisons to the dredges of society. Oftentimes he leaves the city on rangings to acquire ingredients for his extracts and poisons.

He felt the rain on his face during his last ranging, before he was taken.

Vorrix Alazar

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