Nature's New Order

Verse 35, Gaia
Tournament at Westchapel

• Before the tournament, Nef discovers a secret reading room in the library that belongs to “The Master”. Everyone assumes it is Chin but does not appear to be the case. The room contains a book that transforms into a dragon golem. The pass-spell to charm the Dragolem is Comprehend Languages, and Nef casts it to get more information.

• Nef discloses that the Master has been injured and left at his house. Nef rides the Dragolem to the cottage and finds that the area where he and his friends did battle with Shen, Chin and the bodyguards has been swept clean. The machines and bodies are all gone.

• The Dragolem is confused and asks what has happened to his Master. Nef says his master was killed by Verri and agrees to take him to the party.
• Nef and the Dragolem get to the party and Verri steps up and admits to killing the Dragolem’s master. The others ready actions to attack and the Dragolem moves in. It turns out spells don’t hurt him (as he is really just a book) but mundane fire does. Verri manages to pin the dragon and rip off its wings. Verri then questions the dragon “why did you make me turn on my friends?” It doesn’t respond.

• The Dragolem bursts into several magic pages, which Nef collects.

• Afterwards, the party meets up with Jeggare who is in a good mood now that he has been in Haven for a while.

• Yi Ling offers to accompany the party to the tournament as an entertainer, being that she is a bard.

• Two days later the party enters the coliseum for the West Chapel Tournament. Verri pays the 500gp entrance fee. He enters the party’s team name: “The Cooper Lee Experience ft Oda (Left Eye or Right). Sera takes the score sheet that was given to her by the registrar.

• The score sheet has 10 events with 4 slots each. To enter an event, the PCs must make a 4 man team, filling each role of Warrior, Priest, Rogue and Wizard. Everyone prepares for the Trial of Guile and are told that they will be sent in when it is their turn. (They note that they will not be able to go in with any of their spells or weapons.)

• Oda is hanging with The Nobleman team (a team made up of the Brong family). Other teams are pointed out, Beer Guzzlers, Swordmasters, Team Pegasus, Hearts of Darkness, Amazons, Cone of Cold Play, and many others.

• The party learns that they are scored based on how long it takes to complete each puzzle and how many people complete the puzzle. Each event has a max of 40 points, 10 per party member.

Trial of Guile
• First event is the café seat. A wizard named Huthbar scans everyone to make sure nobody has weapons, items or spells going in. And a dwarf named Jaime escorts them in and explains that the trial of guile is “an equalizer.” A red robed wizard named Musfinch and he tells everyone that the goal is to cross the room and read the bottom of a café seat on the other side. He hands the PCs three small cards with strange writing and a hand mirror.

• The room is a 40×40 and has blue and red checkered tiles with a seat on the other side. The 3 cards have runes on them and are arranged to spell out “Red Death” “Blue Safe” “No Middle”. Nef jumps on the blue tile on the farthest to the left of the room.

• The rest of the party hops across the room on the blue tiles. Sera trips but catches herself. They get to the café seat. Pat used the mirror to look under the seat to find the rune, which appears to be the elven letter for A, and the team gets 40 points. Trial 1 complete.

• The next trial Is called Tow Pests or Dwarf. A dwarf named Parneval escorts the party to a room with a river dividing it. There’s a raft in the center with a rope connected to each bank. The party gets their starting equipment, 2 chests, one with a dwarf and one with pests (no way to know which is which). Parneval explains that the raft will hold one person OR one chest and the party must get across with the chest with the dwarf in it and unlock the chest.

• Verri gets on the raft and goes across the river and then sends the raft back. Then Sera goes over and sends the raft back. Nef and Varo load the chest with the similar rune from the last room on it onto the raft and send it over. Sera and Verri unload the chest on the other side and send the raft back. Nef and Varo each come across, one at a time. The chest is unlocked and a sleepy dwarf is inside. 40 points awarded.

• Next event is called Runt Girth. A test proctor named Julien bring the party to a room with 20 ft diameter pits and 2 boards of only 18. He also gives the party a cloth measuring tape and points to another item the PCs can get which is across the room. He notes that it is a ring of mammal control and can be used to control a pig on the opposite side of the room. The map is laid out, box with ring to the south, 20 ft pit north of it, section of land with 18 ft boards, pit to the north of that, then land with a pig on it. The goal is to measure the circumference of the pig.

• Nef suggests putting a board out over the pit and having party members stand on one end to weigh it down while another light party member crosses most of the way and jumps over the remaining 2 feet. Verri suggests that they add a second board on the end of the first one.

• Varo begins to cross the one beam but it flexes and he looks back, wondering if he should continue. The party says he should run for it and make a jump. Varo doesn’t think it is a good idea and returns.

• Nef lays 2 planks doubled up on a chord of the circular gap which spans the gap. Varo crosses and grabs the ring and returns. Varo realizes that the planks will fit horizontally across a chord of the circular pit and then they can place another board on top of it to close the 2 ft gap that is left over. The party crosses and use the ring to control the pig and Sera measures it. With only moments to spare, 40 points awarded.

• The next trial is called Net Dan There. A gruff warrior named Justin leads everyone to a 10×10 platform with a railing that overlooks a pasture. On the other side there is a similar platform with no railing. Below there is a content ram grazing on grass, named Dan. The goal is to net Dan. The starting equipment is a ring of spell storing with floating disk, 30 copper coins, a 10×10 net, a broom and a ring of mage hand. Nef as the chosen wizard, is shackled to the first platform.

• Nef uses floating disk and covers the net on top and uses the coins to weigh it down and the broom as a lever to lock the net down. He then calls to the other party members and asks them to guide the net over the ram. The net slips off and doesn’t work.

• Time runs out and the party gets only partial credit, 15 points. The correct solution was to use the broom to guide the goat under the disk and drop the net onto the goat.

• The next event is called Cape’s Shout. Varo is selected as the rogue of this event. Another rogue named Luther appears and gives the party starting equipment of 2, 12×2 boards, 18ft ladder. The corridor is 36×10 and windows are 3ft in this room. The goal is to make it through the corridor and out the door. There are 6 capes available which will scream like crazy if anyone touches the floor, thus ending the trial. The rogue will get a ring from one of the cloaks if this is completed correctly.

• Varo gets a ladder and lays it out the window and climbs up. He uses a board to connect parallel windows and walk across, pickpocketing cloaks as he goes and throws the empty cloaks out the window. Varo keeps going to each part of the room and finds the ring in a cloak and clears all cloaks from the room. Everyone is allowed to cross freely now and Varo gets a ring. 40 points.

Trial of Combat
TCLE:fO:LEOR vs The Noblemen
• The party readies themselves for the arena. Nobody is allowed their own spells or weapons and are only given a +1 falcata, amulet of mighty fists or scimitar. The crowd can buff the party if players gain crowd favor via combat performance checks. The crowd also favors melee and flashy magic. They don’t like ranged, bows, or healing. Only a party of 5 is allowed in.
• A party of Oda, Sera, Nef, Verri and Hyun is sent in to the arena to fight the Noblemen. They start on a platform on one side of the arena. The Noblemen sit on the opposite side on another platform. The arena is a city center. Many buildings exist and it appears to be daylight.
• Oda’s sword is blessed by Sera, Verri gets enlarged, Nef slings some fire spells and Hyun rakes people to death. Verri becomes deafened during the fight. The enemy wizard had to surrender. 100 points for the PCs
• After the fight, the party is approached by Guy Merriman and Baltroc Little of Cone of Coldplay (a bard band) and they tell the party about a bard competition they are in. But they are going last in the competition that day so they don’t have time to experience the trials and write a good song. They offered to pay the party for information about the trials. Everyone is suspicious of this so they turn them down.
• Sera offers to bring Verri to the medic tent to heal his hearing. She also wants to stop by an official tent to report that Cone of Coldplay is going around bribing people for info. The official tells Sera that they will handle it and her request will be handled discretely.
• Hyun bets 1000 gold on Cone of Coldplay and 1000 on Hearts of Darkness (the top 2 teams in the ranking). The PC’s team is 3rd.

• The announcer says its half time and the lunchtime feast begins
• Each clique sits at a table and the food abounds.
• The group eats save for Hyun.
• Varo looks at the teams for anyone familiar with room at the table.
• Cone of coldplay is off to themselves so is hearts of darkness.
• Very sits with the noblemen to make friends.
• Hyun apologizes to the cleric and thief for the violence
• Sera saunters over to the beer drinkers attractively.
• Beer drinkers at 7th place (of 20) and sera talks of it excitedly
• Veri shares a drink with Nefrigar
• At the end of the meal, the hearts of darkness oddly get up in sync and leave. Overly methodical
• 5 min before the next event, the group is sent to a giant glass cube.
• It is advised that larger groups may have more difficulty
• The proctor hands varo a blank paper.
• the others can see in but not, us, out.
• The cube changes based on who it is reacting to and the goal is to simply make it to the exit, while timed
• The whole team opts to go in
• We start by seeing the crowd cheering then the inside goes black
• A tiny box opens up, its grey
• Hyun can smell moisture
• The team has no weapons, armor nor spells
• Starting effectively blind, varo does a trap check but does see “8 to win”
• Varo opens the door
• The floor is covered in ice like in pokemon
• Wis says 8 to win might be for more than just that room
• The answer to the ice room is found when Varo+ Oda are able to stop Veri 1 space away from the wall letting him get to a button that melts the ice and opens the doors.
• The next room has large lit torch pedestal, a dead guy in the far bottom right and surrounding the main brazier is 2 squares of unlit braziers.
• The once blank paper now says here he lies dead, may he rest in piece
• Nef investigates the body, looks embalmed and ready for burial but no tomb or coffin.
• There is a spot of dust that seems like the once blank paper should be placed there
• Varo places gthe paper in place and it stands up like a tombstone with info, the odd bit being death is at “18:12”
• We determine the torches represent a clock and after a few tries the north is to the left and the center torch needs to be extinguished
• Going through the south has a plaque saying 25 over par
• The next room seems smaller but along what would be the middle is a giant mirror
• Nef fallows a hall at the other end of the room and the hall winds around but ends at a locked door.
• Rats spill into the mirror’d room
• Hyun hold the paper to the mirror and it still says hahaha.
• He tries laughing. He then tells veri to laugh still nothing
• Then varo goes and tries to tickle a rat and it poofs away. Veri does the same and the door unlocks, the room also had a door with 8 snakes eating mice and as we leave a thirst mouse is “let free”
• The next room has 2 guard statues , anlock and lenaz. They seem to answer questions asked by the group in a certain pattern of which answers what questions. To procede the group finaly decides its based on the 1st half and 2nd half of the alphabet
• Taking the door on the left, the next room is open with a red button.
• The paper says “have courage look up”
• Veri rushes to step on the button, the blade retract but then come down faster. Everyone decides to just accept it to be brave but some go prone, the unprone end up taking some dmage. The blades stop though and everyone shimmies out.
• The enxt room has 4 pipes that start flooding the room.
• The paper says the answer lies in the tin mouth
• As oda and veri try to get to pipes an invisible wall blocks us. The water is unimpeded
• Veri kneels and wait for the water table to rise, oda finds more of the invisible
• Varo finds its open floor to shin. Oda makes it to a pipe near the door and feels around in it. Pulls out a key.
• The group belly swims to the door and makes it out
• The next room has a pipeorgan
• The paper says “music travels, sometimes other planes, ps if you paly the wrong note we’ll all b-flat”
• On the back of the paper is “arcana” “perception”
• Glyphs show up aorudn the room
• With a “c” being the brightest
• Hyun takes the seat
• Oda reads out the letters but hyun has to do a perform check and succeeds… middle c
• The “c” fades and a “d” lights…. Varo and hyun work together to keep playing
• E…b…a….cde…g and a finger slips and a section of floor falls away…g still nope.
• Sera finally jumps in some more falls out and finally the home stretch is played
• The next room has colored tiles and the paper says art class, time to mix
• The pattern is a+b+=c
• Completed 1 over par and the snake door opens
• 189pts

• The proctors don’t find enough evidence to boot cone of coldplay but they will keep an eye

• The group eats breakfast as bountiful as the last meals and clean up

• Going into the next set of trial of guile, nef, varo, sera, oda.

EON PETS: met by a priestess to a small starting area, pool of water with 2 islands, chained to eht wall on the islands are dire wolves that can reach all of the island and even the channel. On the team side is a docked boat and oars, the far side has the exit door. 5 ft channel of water between wolves.

• The solution is walk through the water holding the boat over head as a shield. BAM DONE LIKE BOSSES 3min 40pt

THORN STEW: the warrior is identified, oda… the next task is met with a wizard who leads us to a giant pot 35 ft tall boiling over huge logs burning. He leads all but the warrior to a cage and binds them. The cage is hoisted 35 ft above the pot. A rod of lordlymight is given to oda, but it only has its mundane uses anda rope of contriction 50ft, time limit 15 min.

• Oda anchors the rod in the stone and uses it to get to the lip of the cauldron. Meanwhile varo tries to slip out of the ropes successfully. He then unties the others. Oda ties his end of the rope to the rod and them plants the rod on the lip and launches the rod to break open the door… or ladder?… the group climbs down… 9 min 40 pt

HORNETS AT EVENS: 30 ft dia pit gloppy mud 2ft deep, 3 side rooms in y shape, group is in one, and the other 2 has chests. One chest is evens and the other odds. The priest ring is in evens but also had deadly hornets. The odds then has ring of hold animal and giant insect. 2 10ft poles.

• Sera takes a pole and tries to poke a chest and hear for bees, same for other. Then sera uses a pole to one chest then the other pole to the toher, knocks on 1 chest and puts an ear to the chest for bees, but sees a math problem 1×2×3x4x5/6×7/2/4/5×3×7x8x0+16-4.. thus evens. Oda tris to get to the other chest but falls in, he recovers and check the eq…88-73, odd. Oda retrieves the ring. sera puts on the ring, and opens the evens chest. Sera casts giant insect on them and they grow and under her control. Sera has everyone else leave. T-30s

SPACE & POST: The proctor asks for a single volunteer. Sera volunteers, the othes stand by a wooden box with 2 10ft poles, 1 wood, 1 metal, metal has a knob the size of a fist. Sera on the far side gets slippers of spider climbing. The area is fenced off with a chasm in the middle 18ft. a post stands in the center with a metal ring that swivels. Goal is to get the group and the chest across. Post is 6ft higher than floor.

• The group puts the metal post through, sera crosses back to the others and gives the slippers to the oda. Oda goes to the center and spins the pole around. Ferrying sera and nef across and finally varo and the chest. T-3min 40pt

REUSE RAT BOWEL: the group sees buried treasure. The room is covered in metal tiles. To lift a plate each of the players must place their ring in the corner, twist and lift. The proctor also gives them a jar with rat bowels. There are 225 plates and only 1 dig can be made.

• The titles of the events were anagrams to where to go to find the right square.

• Final score: 375, 1st place.

• Gladiator time:

• the hearts of darkness vs Varo, Hyun, sera, Oda, Veri

• the antipaladin is enlarged and dealing heavy dmg, sera is healing, the HoD are some tough dudes. The antipaladin and veri are the first to fall. The fighting continues on the crowd cheering for our group. The oracle brings back a zombified antipaladin Sera is blinded. Despite the tough battle the heros come out in pretty good shape. Win 110pt

• next event is a stunbolt (speed-paintball) match. Hyun and veri are the only 2 who opt to take the auto-hitting cone spread blunderbuss everyone else uses a crossbow. The projectiles cause stun for a variable random amount of time. Black obstacles give full cover, blue =50% and red 25% but going prone is 4x and crouch is 2×. objective is to hit the button. We blitz and oda pushes the button after a couple turns frozen.

• The scores are calculated and it comes down to the final gladiator battle. Us v cone of coldplay. Both teams start off strong but veri is able to counter their veri-counterpart’s attempt to illusion giant. Everyone starts squaring off oda is able to take a few heavy hits but keep going. Hyun charges from the north wall into batroc. Veri fells kris finally but will save tries to mess with the cluster around him while varo sticks a chakram in his neck. Johnny buckler the rogue finally pops up at hyun. Oda, fed up, downs will save with prejudice. Sera’s healing is key… johnny guy and 2 batroc gang up on hyun. The group moves up steadily and gets it down to batroc and guy who seals himself behind a wall with varo throwing batroc to the wolves. Guy surrenders as batroc is downed by oda.

• Cesar steps out, with a total of 974, record high, congrats to cooper lee experience ft oda , left eye or right

• Cesar steps over to sera and asks for some words.

Prize options:
+1 manual or tome for each person
Scroll true ress
+2belt of phys perfection/headband of mental superiority
Transmute tourney ring to magic worth 16k or less
+1 magic weapon for everyone
+1 magic armor for everyone
Ring of sustenance for each

After the parade as we walk away we see a pillar of light shoot up, the team rushes back… to find thorn… with cone of coldplay… and anoyther figure, looks like tuxedo mask…. And from the pillar of light, a shadow figure is revealed with a flip of hair… COOP!!! he swirls some knives around his fingers, and grins at thorn n mr x.

Verse 34, Gaia
Death on the Menu

• The entire party is sleeping in the makeshift Pelor temple. Varro is not present.
• Hyun, who was awake, saw Verri who had just returned from the night. He had a meeting with Yi Ling and had disclosed that Chin and Shen were members of the farm.
• Verri woke up Oda and Nef and they all left to go get Varo. They find Varo on top of a tree using a spyglass watching Chin’s cottage.
• Everyone returns to the makeshift Pelor temple as they feel finding Chin could be solved tomorrow morning.
• Verri, Oda and Varo return to the temple and Nef and Sera awaken. Verri tries to get everyone to help him figure out what’s going on with the diary, but he lets it slip that there could be death on the menu that evening.
• Sera and Hyun suspect that Verri will try to kill tonight and try to stop him, standing in his way. Oda gets frustrated and tells the group that Shen is actually a slaver. Sera’s eyes get pitch black with fury at the half orc looking Verri and Nef notices that they are shark eyes.
• Sera packs up and leaves the temple in a hurry. The rest of the party discusses the rest of the information that Verri discovered. Verri did learn that Shen was a slaver, yes, but also that both his daughter and her husband, the mayor, are also slavers.
• The party heads out together and heads north. They shortly realize that they are being watched. They keep moving regardless towards Chin’s (the mayor) home.
• Varo sneaks up on the house. Sera detects evil on the home and only finds a bit of evil coming from 1 target. It is later revealed that this one target is not the mayor or Shen, but a shorthaired unidentified man.
• The front door of the house swings open and out walks Shen and a short haired man. The party gets a surprise round. Verri attacks Shen and shouts that he won’t be taken back to the farm. Shen retorts that he thought they were friends, but Verri quickly downs the man and Shen.
• Verri rips out the trachea of Shen. A bodyguard stands in the doorway and watches the carnage. Oda and Nef assault him with a sword swing and force missiles respectively.
• Varo stabilizes the short haired man. Sera shoots Verri a judgmental look for his cold blooded kill, but continues on to help Oda by lighting his sword on fire.
• The bodyguard’s dragon scales flash and glow yellow as it seems he is moving much faster. A force field seems to also appear in front of him. Sera moves in and heals Oda. Verri uses shocking grasp and gets the bodyguard’s attention.
• The bodyguard, realizing that he is about to be had, slams the door and yells to someone inside the house. Sera instructs Verri to get the door open and for a few others to follow her to the back to get the window open. Varo appears and jimmys the window open.
• Sera can’t handle the familiar scene and shape changes to have shark-like qualities. Verri and Oda drop the body guard after taking much damage.
• The daughter, Yi Ling, keeps an eye on Verri from the door way and after seeing the bodyguard downed, runs to the other side of the house.
• Oda darts down the stairs where another bodyguard had fallen down the stairs. He finds a machine that seems to be scooping blood out of a vat. There’s also some computer consoles that are very similar to Mad Max’s lab as well as some human sized pods.
• Upon seeing the party, the mayor, who is in the basement, quaffs a potion and turns invisible.
• Nef follows in behind, down the stairs. Sera soon follows and smells the blood with her shark nostrils and grins a most satisfying grin. Varo follows as well and blocks off the top of the stairs.
• Hyun questions Yi Ling to make sure she is ok, but she seems more interested in Verri and asks why he didn’t wait until morning to rescue her. She tells both of them to go downstairs and see what they need to see.
• The second bodyguard is finally slain but not before taking Oda with him. Oda goes down but uses 2 hero points to save himself. He also seems to dream for a few rounds of vicious things and many places around Gaia.
• Nef lobs a fireball into the machines and blood spatters all about the room, sickening everyone. Sera, who is immune because she is part shark and they like blood, heals and removes sickness from everyone.
• Now the task comes to finding the mayor. Nef burning hands a rope pile, which becomes a rope golem. The golem grabs Nef and tries to choke him out. Sera casts Sanctuary and Shield Other on him to protect Nef. Nef, being held by the ropes, is unable to attack. Varo moves in to heal as well.
• Hyun casts see invisibility so he and verri can see the escaping mayor. They find him spider climbing on the ceiling. Oda awakens and casts glitterdust on the doctor, outlining him and also blinding him for a few turns.
• The doctor comes down from the ceiling, calls off the rope golem and asks the party to talk to him.
• The party discovers that he is trying to do something called Hematotheurgy, blood magic, for his people.
• Everyone is skeptical on the doctor’s actions.
• Varo goes back upstairs and it seems Yi Ling has vanished.
• The doctor mentions that his work involves splitting DNA and taking the best qualities of mutants and making everyone’s lives better.
• Oda realizes that the blood in the vat was given willingly and backs off. Sera, however, knowing of her own physical drawbacks, is torn. She solemnly tells the doctor, “we don’t get to play god. We don’t get to decide our own faults and benefits.” She tells the doctor that he is done here and he must leave.
• The doctor tells her that he only wants to help and that he can make people’s lives better. Sera retorts, “At what cost? We remove the things in life that make us sad…” thinking of her own faults “and we also remove the things in life that make us happy.” The doctor feels that he still wants to do the right thing by his people, to which Sara asks him to find another way.
• The doctor explains his relationship with Shen, which is that Shen works for the farm. Shen tried to recruit Chin to the farm but Chin didn’t want to go. So instead Shen gave Chin some equipment and asked for Chin’s data.
• Verri picks up the doctor and demands to know where Yi Ling is and also wanted to find out what other roles Chin had in the farm.
• Verri attacks the doctor, grapples him and tries to choke him out. Varo, Oda and Sera try and stop him but are unable to prevent the doctor’s death. Sera, Oda and Varo are not pleased with Verri and leave the lab.

Verse 33, Gaia

• Exiting the machine, the group heads for coop and the basement.
• They opt of the secret door behind the bookcase
• Approaching the biolock/scanner, Oda volunteers.
• It’s a lot to take in, and it starts to overcome him. His speech is now a fog horn.
• Not making progress on the password, there is also a difficulty communicating with the others.
• Varo has the idea to play the tape recorders in order and the door opens
• Oda and then Varo try to pass through, the lock turns red at Varo and the door shuts behind them.
• Meriel tells them to smash a controller thing and Oda does so… overly.
• Doors open, guys catch up and Varo scouts on.
• Oda fumbles down some stairs… and more, attempting to demo the dry wall at the same time
• On the last set, he falls and breaks the suit off.
• At the bottom of the stairs is a narrow hall, a door on the left has a console, there is also a door to the right.
• The console isn’t the same and says “containment cell” asking for a pw
• Varo finds it foreboding, though coop might be in there, but what if the pw is wrong, does it injure coop?
• Meriel thinks she can help, back upstairs. She volunteers to go alone to get it.
• Upon her departing, Varo investigates the right door.
• It leads to a room with humming machines, looks like huge pods. A character looking exactly! Like the highway ranger typing at the computers.
• Varo sneaks draws his bow n arrow, and studies his target. Steps in a bit and yells at the woman, hands up and step away!
• She turns, raising her hands, and slowly stands. She snaps her fingers and transforms into a man with a blood stained coat…mad max
• Varo demands coop and safe passage. But mad max starts to barter.
• Oda threatens him and with an insufficient reply magic missiles him.
• Thus the fight begins
• After Leo Oda and very take swings he throws a bag of crap that knocks out everyone but nef.
• They appear in a dream space that max conjures a wooded area with a river raging though.
• Max retreats a bit to the north. A chest/barrel appears reminiscent of the memory chests. Varo gets on a log to catch it, oda preps too but falls in the river. Very tries to catch oda but slips in too.
IRL Neff starts to deal damage to max
• Leo and veri attempt to attack max in the mind. Veri struggles with will saves, varo has the chest and Oda has gotten to the bank. Max is on the floor and is split between realms.
• The group comes back to IRL and sees there is now a Gearsman in the room which seems to be max’s other body. Oda delivers a blow that should have killed max.
• Max’s normal body only starts mouthing words and the Gearsman in turn reacts.
• Nef finds the pod with a light has some random old man but is filled with the knock out gas.
• Meriel joins into the fight having drilled through the wall with a tower shield , drill and just a partial HUD eye patch.
• Varo grapples and climbs his back. To get at the weak spot.
• Oda takes a called shot to the face-plate, the sword goes in and the Gearsman drops. But then gets back up, Varo riding it back and forth.
• Mad max seems down for good.
• The Gearsman fog horn syncs up with the swords talking.
• Coop’s been inquisitor’d!
• The sword stops doing anything but still keeps reporting on the spike’ing
• The ai starts to fight it and overtaking coops mind. In the struggle he’s able to undo a lock on the helmet
• The nanites and ai are slightly winning against the inquisitor but its holding its own
• Coop passes out
• Meriel drills the face out of the center pod guy and stops the gas with her tower shield
• Varo tries to expose more of coop without disturbing the sword. But tis difficult.
• Meriel smashes the console and the suit turns off
• Varo stabilizes coop
• They check the chest for anything to help coop
• 280 gold
• Coop’s croaking?
• ?
• ?
• In the chest is a crumpled paper with a phone number and note to thorn. But nothing to save coop
• Oda, the sword, the monocle and coops mind have a conversation…
• As the conversation finishes, the sword burrows in a bit farther.
• They consider sending coop to the euthanize facility
• Oda pulls the sword out and Varo does a compassionate death.
• Loot house quickly on the way out.
• Leaving the house the have a drink in name of coop
• They notice Jeggare is missing and see tracks leading to a basement window
• Varo puts a rope down and finds the room coop was in and Jeggare is passed out in
• Get Jeggare from basement
• Burn house with coops pyre starting the fire
• Meril joins n has a trunk with partial Gearsman suit
• 1900xp
• A few days travel brings us close to west chapel. There is a tourney there and a chance to get a new expedition participant. The tourney is big, like Olympic levels.
• There is a fork, one to west chapel and the other more directly to Cyrax
• Another caravan meets with ours
• A reptilian skinned man Shen leads that caravan, with a magnificent spell book and a gladius.
• We meet a synthesis summoner and a cleric
• The groups introduce themselves
• The caravans circle up and socialize.
• Leomaris learns of “Haven”
• The reptile man tells he is also going to look for his daughter, who was kidnapped by a “scientist” (mayor of haven)
• The team and new people are on board to get the daughter back.
• Shen displays some serious magical prowess in setting the night watch with his book-turn-watch-dragon
• Int eh night the book-dragon signals but by the time everyone readies the thing has scared off.
• The group continues under Shen’s guidance. Just outside of haven the group slips in through a gap in some decrepit fence and though a bit of of rest
• Shen changes shape before the town
• Entering haven, a huge clearing in the forest, tents and shacks and all sorts of village stuffs…
• Nice for a shanty town essentially
• Huge bonfire in the SE corner with a mage “playing” with the smoke but really making sure it doesn’t get above tree line
• The group comes upon a bar called the thirsty throat
Content Not Found: Jeggare and Shen go off to shop
• They step into the bar, Oda and Varo have a sense of déjà vu, veri takes it as all new.
• The bar tender starts to serve the same type of “magic-y” wine that coop had gotten
• Sera gets the same effects coop had gotten
• Eventually veri makes eye contact with a lady resembling the daughter. He goes over and does the derpakhiin introduction. A scrawny creature interjects saying that’s his wife and he’s the mayor.
• Oda and Sera diffuse the situation and the mayor eventually leaves
• Hyun goes and follows the mayor not really stealthy like.
• Varo follows but stealthy like
• As veri leaves the lady palms him a ring and a peck on the cheek
• Hyun, Sera, Varo, Oda and Verinen end up at the mayor’s house.
• Hyun starts knocking on the door for a long time
• Sera and Oda debate on laws and stuff
• Verinen is confused by a ring he got but the guys don’t understand
• Varo notices a suspicious amount of magic.
• A bird headed monkey man answers the door and is shooing the group away
• The group emerges back to the market area
• Sera learns about (drugs) whispers
• An authority figure is striding down the walkway and is greeted by Sera
• The authority figure has a black cloak, bald, grey skin mutant but unknown. Has tattoos around his eyes and is really jovial, has a white baton.
• Sera asks for where the place of worship would be and its resolved that they will be staying there for the night.
• The basement of the temple is shady, the temple is to Varo’s goddess as opposed to Sera’s
• Sera does some weird stuff to consecrate the alter. Meanwhile Verinen gets uninterested and leaves to find the mayor.
• On the way he looks for Shen at the bar and is directed to the mayor’s house none the less and heads there.
• As very heads to the mayor’s he is kidnapped …cliffhanger!

Verse 32, Gaia
Embrace the Madness

Varo heals Meriel who is tired and not totally coherent.
Check door to the south, varo uses a mirror to see a foot underneath the door, bloody foot
Door handle is broken, can’t open it easily, enemies inside, Oda sees head cages that match enemies from before
Meriel offers to talk to the enemies, Varo and Leo aren’t sure of her intentions.
She jiggles the door open and goes in, talks to 2 inmates inside the room. She tries to reason with them, they say they will smash her head. Varo rushes to open the door, Meriel successfully intimidates the enemies and conflict is averted. Varo steps away from the door as Meriel leaves, they go to leave for the basement. Higgindorf miraculously appears, Meriel mentions Coop is with the others in the basement, reveals that her Echo designation is for experimental.

Meriel leads everyone downstairs to a computer console, it’s locked so only gearsman can use it. They head over to the foyer, and find a shadowy figure who runs to a grate and disappears. They investigate, and find it’s a wind walking grate. Verinen volunteers to go, Varo goes instead and teleports down into a grate and arrives in the bathroom Coop disappeared from. He goes into the next room, finds one of the mental patient enemies. The rest of the party hears the fight and gives chase, finding an enemy on the other side of their door as well. Varo runs to the grate, but the thing chases him. Varo dives between his legs and locks him in the other room.

Nef zaps a mental patient (Tango for T-Rex) with a scorching ray, combat ensues. Team takes out T-Rex, Varo opens secret bookcase door and arrives just as T-Rex arrives. Voice says “time to take your medicine”, Nef and Higgendorf lose sanity. Demon bursts through book case, higgendorf casts sickening entangle, brambles fil the room, everyone complains. Half the party is stuck, Varo and Nef run to the next room with Oda and bump into the doctors assistant. Party takes him out, the giant demon shrinks and collapses.

Varo tricks Crispin into thinking he will be released if he cooperates. He will actually be killed once he is done. He can’t open the door, only a gearsman can. After discussion, they decide they must use the memory device to enter his mind and retrieve the information about how to unlock the doors. Meriel suggests knocking him out, Varo drags him upstairs instead. Everyone except Nef enter the machine.

Inside is a church with a vampire. Across the graveyard is a blonde man with a whip identified as Simon Belmont. He is surrounded by militia, and the caravan crew are all zombies. They are told to attack Belmont, and find out that they can be upgraded by the vampire, who is Dracula but looks like Crispin. Higgindorf becomes a mummy, Oda and Leo become powerful zombies, Varo and Verinen turn into a Frankenstein behemoth. They plot to pincer the enemies and convert villagers to zombies, but it quickly becomes apparent the heroes are outmatched.

Varo suggests leaving the game and finding a way to make it easier in the real world, Oda goes to get upgraded and imagines being Dracula. He succeeds, and becomes a duplicate of Dracula, gaining the ability to bestow upgrades. Seeing his success, Varo imagines being a genie, which is granted. Afterwards, Oda attempts to upgrade Varo, and he sees a memory chest.

After opening the chest, everyone emerges safely from the machine, finds a set of Gearsman armor sitting in a chair next to them, and Varo goes to execute Crispin.
Afterwards, they realize they need Meriel’s memories of being a gearsman to open the door, wearing the suit isn’t enough.

They strap Meriel into the machine and enter her mind, where everyone is in a shapeless white cube.

Everyone sees their worst fears, Verinen sees himself as the Derpakiin, slaying villagers. Varo sees his sensei and his friends from ninja school turned into vampires, Nef sees a book burning, Oda sees a fancy dinner party ruined by Coop, and Leo sees himself swimming, then he’s falling.

Verinen calms down and focuses on controlling his emotions, and is free. Varo decisively attacks his former master, and is free. Leo tries to imagine several flying devices, fails a few times but ultimately succeeds, and Oda imagines the coop clones falling into a pit down to hell. When the team wakes up, everyone is holding a tape recorder with a piece of the pass phrase to open the doors to the basement to save Coop.

Verse 31, Gaia (needs a bit of editing)
the mansion not on the hill

• Walking down the path a painful rain starts.
• The rain is tearing through the carts canvas roof, injuring any open flesh, weapons would dull.
• Nef identifies it as brickfall.
• A glint is noticed and the group hauls ass towards it.
• The running and puddles even hurt
• The glint seems to get farther as the team runs towards it.
• Knowledge geo says there are occasional rest stops
• Also notice when the group stops, the light waits.
• Group notices the light is heading towards a brighter light.
• Eventually we reach a fenced in mansion.
• An order of the lotus, highway guard opens the gate and holds it open for the group to enter.
• The group “parks” in a stable area.
• The lotus offers dry clothing.
• Lotus is able to clear off some of the brickfall from the armor.
• The mansion belonged to (alscott) haraduil, it used to be an asylum to help with rebalancing magic.
• Lore says a very difficult patient was treated with a “tech” . the tech made it worse, but then nothing was heard of it after.
• Lotus unlocks the door and leo takes the lead.
• Nef stays outside.
• The foyer is a bit dusty but nothing bad or good.
• Leo procedes to the next room to find a desk.
• The rest of the group procedes to the waiting room mentioned.
• The book on the desk has patient check in –outs and conditions with tallies.
• Schizophrenia is a big one. Few on anorexia, MP, weirdo things too.
• Group decideds “check on caravan “ is code for GTFO
• Very is sent to inform nef.
• In the waiting room a door opens and a man walks in and asks if he can help
• Group explains the issue
• Man says ok and asks for space
• Thanks, cool
• Coop…. fuck…”is there a phone”
• The doc takes interest in coop
• Oda likes this interest.
• Doc offers to lead coop to phione
• Everyone suggest thje caravan has an issue. And leaves back to nef n very.
• Varo detectsno evil int eh area,
• Coop is lead to the phone with varo. Varo checks it to clear it.
• Clear, coop start his call in private, varo waiting outside the door
• Coop grows quieter and silenter, and then plastic falling on the floor,
• Varo barges in after getting no reply.
• Vents and dust prints on the phone are left.
• Finding nothing but 4 numbers form the telephone varo heads back and recants the tale
• 1986
• He gets nef to come in, and group decided the doc must be found.
• Orderly enters and asks the group to go back to waiting room.
• Leo cant get an snwer out of the orderly and varo ducks out of sight and into the shaodws
• Through the mask the orderly eyes are bloodshot, he shoeves leo into the waiting room, upon shove leo tries to grapple, but goes right through.
• Everyone comes to arms
• And the orderly runs away.
• The doc comes back in and everyone says coop disappeared.
• The doc changes demeanor and says we must do as he says
• Varo poses maybe we play along
• Doc again changes demeanor, happily stating there is aproblem patient
• Suspected to have multiple personality.
• The doc wants to use a weird tech device on us to test.
• Demeanor change, he wont let the storm stop till we coop-erate LOL badumtsssss
• Oda starts to strike. Blade goes through the doc and he turns to mist.
• The ominus voice says he will never find him
• Find stairs and go up. Find 2 more orderlies.
• Varo has an idea, everyone goes half way back down the stairs.
• Casts disguise self as an orderly.
• He passes the orderlies, each asks “romeo?” inturn he replies romeo.
• Passing by fine, he enters a room with metal doors to find a lecture hall, with computers at fornt.
• Red wires run to a wall, and blue wires run to each seat, with a head gadget looking like a colander
• 9-10 seats
• Meanwhile with the others…. Leo and the others head down hall. The orderlies are blocking doors.
• Leo finds a bathroom, then a room with beds and a man face down with a colander on his head. The red wire runs to this room.
• Varo suggests we get into the brain machines and the ohly option is to join n “play the game”
• Nef finds that the entirty fo the orderlies is magical.
• Varo tries to detect chaos, nope. Evil=no, lawful = oh hell yeah, almost inquisitor level.
• Each orderly is a military phonetic…
• The guy with the red wire is human and unconscious.
• Covered in a lot of dust.
• As varo is looking at the guy and the doc pops into existence. The doc tells varo to go take a seat seeing through the disguise.
• Doc disappears and back to the comps to get them ready.
• Varo sits down and gets ready. Everyone but nef and very get in line.
• Very ends up joining.
• The doc yells welcome to hell and throws a switch.
• First searing pain and blackness like death. Then a light, then a white area with a grid.
• Doc says we need to find out what happened to the rest of them. And then says this system isn’t stable.
• A shovel spawns for everyone.
• Verinen tries to dig right in place and the shovel blinks 15.
• Oda tries to dig on the grid infront of and hits a mine.
• Leo and very dig a square toward towards the center. And the block says 5
• They do another 10…5…5…
• Top left produces a crate…. Memory? Yup
• Very hits a bomb, and varo takes over
• A green cross is found and it heals Verinen
• Ver hits a mine on the 3rd to last dig and wakes up in chair with no sanity. Nef is seens as a man to take Verinen back to the farm/camp and goes into a rage almost killing nef.
• On a second will save, regains a sainty
• Oda, leo and varo are left in the white existence.
• Verinen recants eveyhting to nef. Heals him a bit and they check the room with the red wire guy
• Leo tries to dig another hole, stack overflow and gets booted out.
• He uses the comp to tell the other 2 that fading gets you out.
• Nef reenters the room and tries to get varo and oda out but only gets varo pulled.
• Upon trying to get oda out a kobold is spawned, then given a chainsaw hand. It chases oda and then a few more are spawned right before oda is pulled out.
• Upon entering the hall and “light”ing leo’s scimitar, some men in straightjackets and cages on their heads
• One rams leo. And fighting ensues. The ones who survive the first round transform into spiders and batmen. The creature relating to
• After the fight, the bodies provide loot but also the metal cages and straight jackets.
• 600xp
• Leo finds the room that the men came from
• Finding more rooms, Meriel (a elf woman) is found behind a locked metal door. Label E for echo on her arm.
• As she tries to stand and leo helps, it seems a jetpack helps her up.
• She says the bathrooms are to be avoided.
• Chest in room has a syrum, looks like a injection/shot…300 gp … it looks likea diving helmet.
• Syrum is “hold person”
• The diving helmet is said to be related to a Gearsman and gives a HUD like readout
• Varo suggest we try it on. Leo is the guinea pig.
• Leo puts it on with Verinen ready to jab him with the hypogun
• Leo sees the opening of the asylum and then the arrival of mad max who likes to cut. He breaks out and killed everyone. A man names mr x gets in contact and says for every test subject max gets mr x will give mad max a new power. First up is a very strong illusion spell which is what the group was affected by until after getting out of the machine. Leo also sees where coop is kinda. The memory machine unlocks mind secrets, and thus to get coop we should get max and put him in the mind machine.
• Meriel says not to wear the helmet for long term.
• 300 xp learning the truth

Verse 30, Gaia
bloodbath at the tower and the monocle

• The group finishes looking around the room as Neff starts analyzing the badly-written-elf book comparing it to some elven poetry
• Verinen catches up and explains the jeggare and he were found, the bandits are holding him hostage conditional of THE treasure
• A room to the west from the entrance hall is opened and coop gets the party to loot 30 bottles fine wine. Another book of ill-written-elven is found and Neff gets to work on that.
• Turns out one book is a code-cipher and the other is info on caravans passing through, this book made by a lower nobility house. Also a lockbox that coop forms a deep romantic interest with
• A halfling with a bear comes wandering in from the north. Upon being noticed by Oda he tries to hide against a wall but in fail-vein.
• His name is Higgendorf with Stan Da’ Bear, he comes looking for supplies but is met with some suspicion. But joins in with the group anyways since the rest of the tower will have supplies, but needs to be cleared of bandits in the end.
• The group debates at –almost-length on how to proceed, coop with a crazy plan that involves first- claiming their own lock box is the treasure and then the second -rushing out on a bear. Leo suggesting a straightish approach with a twist (take the boss hostage)
• Everyone files up the stairs Leo telling coop to stay towards the back and keep the lock box hidden. At the top Leo announces the group needs a hand but the leader (caster turns out to be a kitsune) doesn’t give.
• Coop then leaves the lock box in the basement and goes upstairs with a plan
• He tries to first convince the woman to open something but upon failure, gives her a lapse in memory and then switches gears to say the other bandits are crazy.
• Fight ensues as she orders their deaths. Oda swiftly slays a good number of bandits.
• The newcomer buckles into a saddle on the bear and starts spider-bear-scouting to find the second sister-boss.
• Xp=1210
• The remaining 5 bandits surrender and are asked for a map and where the merchant is held. Leo stabs a guy for being racist. After some bumbling around they give a map. Oda gives em a stern final chance to turn straight then they run away.
• Neff gets the locker keys from the kitsune sisters. And of all things finds an inquisitors monocle.
• It gets passed around, it doesn’t like Oda’s sword, and it doesn’t like Leo for stabbing the racist bandit. Varo and coop decided to let coop use it.
• A horse and cart is heard outside, opening the bookcase-door to find Jeggare.

Verse 29, Gaia
I'm in Your Base...

Coop goes to the Wandering Star tavern, and gets some breakfast. He leaves and the bar patrons are confident that Coop will return.

Oda and the others prepare for the journey out to Cirax. He gets a covered wagon from the stables and prepares it with the help of a stable girl. It is filled with supplies such as rations, ammo and horse feed.

Oda and Nef meet up with a merchant named Jeggare from Chunyong. Coop strikes a deal with him to borrow items and supplies. In return, the Oda, Coop and Varo agree to return the items or trade Jeggare other treasures they find.

The Cirax Caravan (the party on Gaia) makes their way out of Naraya after helping the sultan with his rodent problem. They escort Jeggare with the covered cart to the south west. They head towards the last known location of the Green Tree Bandits with the intent of taking them out, since they’re going that way anyways.

The party gets a fair ways away, and Coop does a campfire sing a long (singing Rhianna’s ‘Umbrella’) and Nef finds some erotic dwarven poetry. He translates some of the words for Coop to make into lyrics.
The caravan goes to sleep and Coop is awoken to the sounds of zombies approaching. These zombies are covered in tar and can be lit on fire. The zombies attack the party and everyone manages to fend them off. Varo mentions these zombies are common for him and they get the tar on them from natural tar pits.


The merchant Jeggare awakens the next morning and Oda tries to tell him that zombies attacked in the night. Coop convinces the merchant that there were no zombies and Oda is a quack.

The party travels along a semi smooth road called Merchants Way. There appears to be a tower to the south called the Tower of Lupascu where an insane hermit wizard lived and never came or went. It has been abandoned for 150 years.

Oda tells Coop that if a wizard did live there, he wouldn’t want to hear his music. Coop and friends change their minds and decide to make their way to the old wizard’s tower.

Bandits surround the party and Coop talks his way out of an attack. He bluffs and says that only the legendary Coop can find a rare, expensive magical artifact called a Planar Portal Key and that Coop wishes to find it and give it to the bandits.

The bandits listen to Coop and lead the party to the basement. But should the party not return the artifact, they will be killed. In the basement Coop finds a barricade of heavy things and clears it out of the way. A door is behind it, and Coop and Oda hear some sort of growling creature behind the door. Coop latches the door. Nef finds some ancient water texts in the bookcases.

Varo and Leomaris, who took out the guards at the entrance, enter the basement. Coop finds a strange text book with some scrolls inside but can’t determine the book’s purpose or origin. The party continues through the basement, leaving the door with the beast behind it alone.

The party eventually finds the other side of the beast’s room, where a portcullis separates them from the beast. The beast has a cranial bald head with white milky eyes. Coop attempts to tame it by throwing a trail ration at him and trying to get “Tina” to eat the food. The beast is not amused, sticks its 10-foot tongue through the portcullis and a battle ensues.

Oda, Nef and Leo move around to the barricaded door and attempt to attack from the other side, while Coop continues taunting the beast. At one point Coop tries to glue the beast’s tongue to the portcullis, but it doesn’t work. The others get to work wailing away at the beast while it attempts to choke them with its tongue and cloud their minds with its mind-blanking aura. Eventually, it falls to the onslaught of Oda and Nef.

320XP for beast, aka mage eater

260XP for circumventing bandits outside.

After the fight, the party realizes that there are levers on the wall. One says portcullis, which controls the portcullis near where Coop as, another says interior and the last one, exterior. Flipping interior reveals two doors on the inside of the beast’s room opening, showing a treasure chest. The chest doesn’t have dust on it, which seems odd, if it was abandoned for 150 years.

Verse 28, Gaia

• Group kills a rat swarm
• Finds a alchemy set making mage opium
• After store room door leads deeper into the basement, Oda continues on.
• Coop tries to lead the group. But Oda insists the sultan entrusted HIM with the key
• Oda tries the key in the door but no luck.
• Following the hall north then west, coop just notices a trip wire
• Oda: obv the bandits have laid traps
• Find a jammed door, the key proves no good.
• Coop calls for some muscle and Verinen steps forward. Takes a couple measley hits.
• Oda steps up and takes a good whack.
• Verinen steps up again and this time rages.
• Fuck this door.
• Group finds a wine cellar. Some casks have scratch marks as if just moved.
• Investigating the moved cask they trace it back
• Theres a door to the east of the entry door. Sweet smoke wafts from it. It’s the smoke form the opium
• Group crosses through and take fort saves, room has a hookah in the center. Coop n Oda are confused.
• Can hear goblins behind a curtain talking about the opium.
• Coop shouts cuz he’s messed up and alerts the goblins.
• 2 goblins and a bigger buff goblin come out to attack. As they are defeated a 4th goblin mutant come sout and starts casting
• Verinen rages and double crits with claws.
• Loots some stuff, room is just a smoke room, leave.
• Coop notices something about the moved barrels and casts shards something on it, the wine spills out
• With it lighter it can be moved out o fhte way to reveal a trap door
• Coop opens it to find a revolting stench and running water
• Coop tries a crazy plan to use spark tons of times but Varo just casts light on a shard of wood and coop takes it before climbing down.
• Casting flares to lighten up and create pockets of fresh air.
• Doesn’t see much other than flowing sewage.
• Leomaris takes a sample of the opium.
• Coop follows door to the south find a crossbow trap, coop janks it up trying to take it but puts it back.
• Head back to report in
• There is a bit of tension with the opium and class/species differences. But the manservant concludes with Oda.
• The group decides not to leave immediately and Oda is given a platinum token for inn fare.
• The group has suspicions about the bar they had visited and might a well take up the higher end accommodations.
• Coop starts organizing a concert to get info and rumors.
• Leomaris tries to hype coop up but meh.
• The crowd of a little less than 30 is slow to warm.
• Coop plays damn good and gets good amount of money
• Meanwhile Oda has found and made the reservations at a fancy inn.
• Back to coop: at the end of the concert, Leomaris and coop start to collect info.
• Bandits keep hitting caravans and cause problems with em, uncanny knowledge on caravan workings.
• The plan is get hired with the caravan , hide in the cargo and ambush the bandits.
• Rumors on the tavern are, new in town but no one remembers when it opened. Fairly popular, gaijin and irregulars are the regulars there. Barkeep and waitress are popular too.
• Getting back to the hotel, oda is in the private tavern.
• Leomaris overhears the staff say shit.
• Coop cant sleep at night and heads to the infirmary tent. Coop has to convince the guard to let him in since the medical tent is within the sultans castle walls.
• Let him in n finds thorn being taken care of and gives him a note.
• Walking away, coop hears the paper crumple and turns to see thorn waking and smiling.

xp, 650

Verse 27, Eria
lose a gm point travis....

• Khor fills in the guys about trying to heal the populace with headaches, seems to be an “immune” disease.
• Reigniting the torch must have something to do with it, may also totally solve it
• Khor: haste in checking the warehouse
• Khor: we have our coupling, we should go down, and the warehouse can wait.
• Group: do we take the Brigh npcs? Nah, but we bring em to the water’s edge
• Enter the Brigh temple, everyone says hi. Yorim is in surgery in a chest cavity n lots of sick people…
• Nvm, cast it here.
• Wait why is jorim dirty hands deep in a guy’s chest?
• Khor almost barfs into the patient.
• At the pond, dive!
• Go back through the cave, follow south path, blah blah to the science deck…
• We notice NO plant matter left.
• Everyone but Beagan and Val rush to elevator. They hear chainsaw noises. Cir gets the other 2.
• Khor sees the chainsaw start cutting through the repair bay room’s glaucite doors.
• Val shouts for the coupling, getting it he yells for everyone to get in and knocks the old out.
• Fumbles putting in the new trying to use leather as insulated glove. Drops it but not broken.
• The mechapygmy steps into the hall and makes it way towards elevator
• Val gets the correct one in. as the mechapygmy starts cutting into the elevator door.
• Tries to press docking, error noise. Hits the red warning panel. Elevator reboots. As it comes back up Khor yells “try the top one”
• Val hits top panel, engineering. The elevator shoots upwards and the chainsaw hand is severed.
• 240xp for fixing the elevator n taking off the chainsaw arm.
• On the long and bad music filled ride up Cirwahs n Val start working on the hand to salvage and learn
• Engineering floor
• The elevator arrives and Khor opens the door. Thylacine are in the room, Khor starts the attack and Beagan joins in.
• Everyone is ballin’… ratdogs dropping like f-bombs.
• Once all the Thylacine are killed the room is looked over. 4 doors line the east wall. A hall the south is collapsed and one to the north is not
• Xp 160
• The north most door is double
• Then single
• Double and then another single
• From the north double’ a foul smell n humming are perceived by Khala.
• Khala hears hort-hort-hort
• Sneakily Khor says to step away n be quiet. We all settle on the southern small door. It leads to a curved hall a room with conveyor belts a machine putting out some mechapygmie parts.
• Val can’t make out any other controls
• Cir tries to steal a chainsaw chain but a bot notices and sets off an alarm
• Tate takes the first shot but misses. The bots advance and louden (?) the alarm. Khala tries to bite, Khor tries to swing with hammer. Nope nope. Beagan tosses a shock bomb INTO the manufacturing machine output. Everything shuts down… OP dayuuumm
• Xp 240
• We enter the room to the southwest. As Val is walking in a Gearsman rushes him messing up his CNS. Khor retaliates. The Gearsman is downed quickly.
• Lots of good loot
• Machine on south has a bunch of half built crap hobbled together
• James shoots open the face plate, after the yellow fluid drains, half a Khonnir face is there. Val bags it
• leaving the room we hear horting from the northish. All prep an ambush. Beagan n Tate brace behind the main conveyer. Khor uses an enlarge person on himself from Beagan. Khala gets ready and Val sets up sniping in the other room via the conveyer window.
• Floods of rat folk/scrappers come “trying” to flood in. enlarged Khor is an effective wall. Val is prepping a grapple bolt. Stuff goes as planned, but the battle rages long…going strong at wave 2 Val gets the hook hooked on another fanatic, Beagan n Tate are debuffing like bosses….
• Eventually a gargoyle with scrap plating armor steps in. a bunch of rats spill in lead by a fanatic…
• Fighting rages. And the team becomes injured. Khor and Khala start clearing a path to the North West door but not all follow. Through some good maneuvers Beagan and Tate clear out the rest.
• The gargoyle is starting to be a problem. Cirwahs is blinded still.
As the fight rages ok a chasm of fight our flight starts to set in.
With must exiting.

  • cirwahs, cornered, starts bend overcome by Laurent internal chaos letting him strike the gargoyle and start running from his Looney corner of the room
  • as health dwindles the group fills out. Cir stealths into the gearsman room. The gargoyle follows

Val last to exit the room to the north west hall gives his cure light to Tate so there’s a chance to save cir.

As the group heals and piles back in cir starts screaming as he is found.

The group manages to down the gargoyle finally.

• impatiently Val swipes his white card to that door at the north-north. Finding the navigation room. Stepping in there is stuff… uh… it’s the navigation room

A cobbled together shrine to helion.

A shot comes from what is the reactor room to Tate. Val and Tate prepare to fire back. Val tries to stop Tate from using a laser on a r"oom of reactions".

His shot hits a target but not the assailant.

Entering the room standing on a catwalk is mayenda, an android …over looking the reactor core.

As the fight starts, Val suppresses his urge to investigate. And bull rushes the target. Throwing her into the reactor.

She dies, reactor goes into over load.

The team comes together with their skill set to deactivate to melt down and “re ignite the torch”

• Gargoyle Xp: 840
Meyanda Xp: 760

Verse 26, Eria
Recruiting and Rescuing

Khor and Val investigate the drone and the tables in the room to the north of where team 6 finds khonnir. Bryta and Silas investigate Khonnir, who has strange fluid leaking from two wounds behind his ears. Cirwahs and Val observe the machinery working on repairing a damaged corruptor drone, Cirwahs asks the party to help stop it. They try to pull the drone off the table, but aren’t strong enough. Beagan throws a bomb at the robot and does some additional damage, with no change. Khor smashes it with his hammer. Arms reach out of the other bed and try to grab Valaistra. Valaistra reads a computer panel, and sees a variety of knobs and controls that seem to control the machinery nearby. He plays with speed, severity, and procedure, and figures out how to manipulate the machinery repairing the robot. He reverses the process to dismantle the robot. Val and Cirwahs conspire to try to dismantle both robots on the repair tables. Khor refuses to help, Tate does as well. Cirwahs and Valaistra aren’t strong enough to move the medical drone at first, but eventually get it on the repair table and use the machinery to disassemble it. Cirwahs gains a “chaos point”, and gets a purple mist that’s described as “Visualize a broccoli fart”

Cirwahs uses a dead vegepygmie to distract the robot arms, and Cirwahs collects several iron alloy shards from the sliced up robot on the repair table. The arms pick up the dead vegepygmie and leave Cirwahs alone long enough for him to escape.

Valaistra translates a console, and finds an interesting symbol on the console. Khor makes a duplicate of the strange symbol in his diary. Panel says

Deck 4 engineering dim blue
Deck 3 science Bright
Deck 2 crew dim blue
Deck 1 dock dim blue
elevator offline contact maintenance Red

Khor records the translation of the strange writings. They examine Khonnir, who’s body is covered in metal, and the holes in the back of his neck have started to sprout additional wires.

They examine the elevator room from before with the androffan writing, and find a broken coupling that looks like it powers the elevator.

Search a break room to the north of the bathrooms, and find 120 goo tubes in every flavor imaginable. Valaistra eats two, the first one is fine and the second one sickens him. They continue exploring, and find a smashed laboratory, filled with broken glass vials. There are two boilborn, blobs of what looks like blood rolling around the room. Tate bulls-eyes one with his musket, and team 6 beats the other one down slowly before Khor smashes it with his weapons. 160XP

After killing the boils, Val finds notes about a scientist named Atlas (he says Middlefinger) and something about DNA splicing to upgrade the androffan crew members. He seems to think it involves grafting. Beagan searches several test tubes, and finds part of Khonnir’s face in a test tube. Khor tells Valaistra he won’t let him take the face out of the ship, Valaistra agrees. Valaistra becomes chaotic evil for keeping the partial face.

They find a cerebral fungi, which floats in a tank. It seems to be a simpleminded creature, but valaistra is fascinated with it. Khor and Beagan want to kill the fungi, Valaistra does not. After an argument, Khor tells Valaistra to leave the fungus behind and return Khonnir to the surface. Khor goes to get Khonnir ready for transport, and Val returns to talk to the fungus again. The fungus asks Valaistra for red food, Valaistra feeds them a test tube of blood. They ask if he has more, he says no, and they attack.

Beagan throws bombs at them, and they move up and hit him and Cirwahs with their tendrils. Their tendrils daze, and they manage to daze both Cirwahs and Beagan. Khor and Khala move up and attack the fungi, while Tate fires his musket, and eventually they defeat the fungus, but not before Valaistra gets infested with spores, and the fungus attempts to put something in Beagan’s ear, but they fail. Once they die, Valaistra goes back to Bryta and Silas and gets healed.

120XP for rescuing Khonnir from the stasis pod.

Valaistra finds 3 unfired time worn flare guns in a metal case in the room with the cerebral fungus, as well as a computer and some notes. The notes are in androffan again, and indicate that there are other worlds besides Terra out in the world. Khor rushes everyone along out of the caves. They meet Fortune with the ETC, and she says she will put two rounds in a revolver and shoot at somebody. Khor volunteers because of his foresight, but the bullets aren’t in the chamber.

They proceed forward to the biolock, which sprays a mist on Khor, Valaistra, and Khonnir. The biolock removes a mass of nanites from Khonnir’s ear and removes metal plates from his body. They proceed forward when they hear gunshots behind them.

They run back, and find Fortune, with 2 dead grunts, and Silas/Bryta out in the desert vista. Khor, Valaistra, and Khala rush forward, and Fortune tells Valaistra to drop his weapon. Khor diffuses the situation Valaistra lowers his weapon before Fortune lowers hers.

Fortune sits down in the sand, and tells the story of her previous life, and the real history of Khonnir. Khonnir used to go by many names, he used to be Pauldris Grey, an ETC sergeant. He used to be friends with Fortune, but the ETC started to change from it’s original vision set out by Hammerlock.

Hammerlock wanted to strengthen Eria, and to make it a place of safe haven for people of every race and gender, where they could empower themselves with technology. After the Erian Conflict, he started to restrict technology. Later, Hammerlock mysteriously Vanished, and Streiser took his place as the leader of the ETC. After a few years, Khonnir left. Fortune stuck around, but started to drift away from the ETC until just recently when she executed the grunts.

There is someone known as The Chairman, no one knows what he or she looks like.

Fortune killed her grunts because she was emotional. She slides her gun to Valaistra, and tells him to kill her. Val gives it to Khor, who looks at it and hands it back. She closes her eyes and whispers something to herself. Valaistra pulls out his flare gun instead of using hers, and shoots it at Fortune. It malfunctions and works better than expected, but the flare diverts away from Fortune at the last minute. Fortune says it’s her curse to not die, she says she lost track of her age, but she thinks she’s 158.

Fortune says she will join Team 6 in opposing the ETC, if they agree to put all their efforts towards it. Khor agrees, and they recruit her to the cause. She didn’t expect to see Khonnir, which caused her to fully defect.

They return to the surface, and Valaistra goes ahead to warn Dolga. Khonnir, Khor, and Valaistra tell the council about the nanites that infected Khonnir and the robots under the mountain. Sandville appears, Khonnir tells him about the horrors under the mountain. Sandville asks Khor to take him down under the lake, Khor says they’ll talk later and he turns to leave. He grabs Khor and tries to intimidate him in an ETC accent. Fortune draws her weapon and reveals Sandville as an ETC spy, and Bill the guard comes up and arrests Sandville.

Fortune reveals that the medicine Sandville was selling is a nanite based solution, and that it’s calming the emotions of the people. Khor, Valaistra, and Beagan discuss making a cure.

They take Khonnir to his house, where they tell Val about the nanite infection and rescuing Khonnir from the stasis chamber.

320XP for saving Khonnir


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