Nature's New Order

Verse 25, Eria
Trial of Kash & Dog. Finding Khonnir

Kash and Dog—Kash dog assassination

Returning to Beagan’s, Val finds a rat to dissect and carry in as a biology experiment. Meanwhile Cir melts back into the shadows to hide the cane sword and shiv in some brush and foliage.
Val enters and studies the rat and after plays dice with Khor. Mid game Cir returns, replies with “just serving my master as

The reply

• Brigh guy shows up, sees dead people, and calls town guard.
• Town guards realize their deaths would be bad for the town
• Town guard decides to cover it up
Smith walks in HOLY FUCK ITS KASH AND DOG, and spills the damn beans
• TG: that didn’t work
• Calls in Silas,
• S: ETC didn’t like them much because they were leading resistance
• Tg: well we will have to call in STREISSER, anything else
• GirlVal: I think I know who, somebody who really likes my tavern!
• TG: who?!
• GV: ANYONE! They tried to blame team 6 but it couldn’t be them!
• TG: team six huh… didn’t they get mad when KnD were getting noticed…wasn’t there drama shit within the team?
• TG: ok no proof but the suspects at ETC, /someone/, team 6
• Tg: WAIT THE GUARD WAS THERE, and didn’t like the rebellion, and didn’t like KnD, you guys could have hired someone
• S: after a health diagnostic, the louder on was killed with a clean cut we haven’t seen, fast…too professional, unusual weapon. The larger was a little messier, punctures to neck, struggled. My guess is 2 guys at least
• Dolga will go with some TG to bring STREISSER, other get team 6

• Above is day 2, day 3 team 6 is summoned for court order.
• Enter court. Council is sitting in a line, Streisser is there.
• Dolga: asks for confession, VERY reduced punishment
• Silence
• Dolga goes into back room, comes out with bald floating double spike iron inquisitor
• Capt. Khatar gets questions for alibis first
• CK was in quarters reading, guards out patrolling, produces logs for the night
• CK: we are not fans of the movement but wouldn’t do this.
• D looks at beast and it does nothing.
• Next is t6
• D: tall ones and short one, you did not like their jazz.

• Khor: charlatans and fools, didn’t deserve death
• D:what about you short one, they were sick
• Val: yeah we went, they seemed good, went on
Cir: there’s some who wanted them dead, not here. [explains they were at gun pint of 2 ETC grunts and fortune]
• D: looks at inq, it doesn’t move. Council seems puzzled
• Counsel: Streisser, seems we are at odds.
• S: I didn’t give an order
• Inq: glares
• S: mad stuff
• Stuff?
• Guard barges in! the towns people are really worked up
• D: CK can you deal with it?
• CK: sure?
• Guard, S is increasing taxes 50 to 75% and more patrols.
• No more blame on T6
• Khor: there is a saying among our people, the more [ETC] tightens their grip, the more cities will fall through
• D: adjourned and closed
• D: pulls team 6 aside, “it seems imperative to find Khonnir, the way I figure it, Khonnir is a neutral party, he was gone during the whole issue, find him should be able to retrieve him.

• Khor pulls map out, and shows how far we’ve gotten and compares time, we should be able to do it.
• C: tries to compare map of torch to the dungeon maps made.
• Khor says to cir: if we do find Khonnir, assuming he’s alive, prbs is. He could cast the spell too.
• Val suggests the getting a priest to go with us is best plan since its comprehensive
• D: fine idea, convince the priestess
• Group, great who’s most charismatic. Haha
Jorim n Silas is tending wounded.
• Val requests blessing to convince priestess. Gets blessing.
• Khor gets 50xp for healing
• Khor to Val, I heard convo, perhaps we should stop distracting these guys.
• Bean checks for structural weaknesses, there is a reason. Church well-constructed, would take several bombs.
• Beagan tells Jorim this is a good place for refugees
• Val to Khor, yes lets seek the priestess
• Silas adjusts blindfold, plays violin
• Tune we don’t recognize
Cir asks about dog n Kash bodies.
• Jorim: preserving till council says bury it
• Val: yes let’s make haste to the priestess
• Go to lake
• Original priestess is there.
• Khor approaches, about to say something, looks at Tate… says good to see you’re feeling better, we have odd request.
• What’s that?
• We need you to venture into the cave
• Uh no
• Why? Can we persuade otherwise? This is vital, we could find Khonnir
• Do you know why you guys are team 6, of the 5 before you only 1 came back and then they even disappeared
• V: but we’ve gone in n back numerous times
• But I am not as strong
• C: contraire, jorim says you’re the strongest and we have his blessing
• If jorim says ok, I have faith, ok
• V: sure why not?
• K shakes head, “these place is no place for a blind man”
• Silas was once a great fighter in the grand continent.
• K: I’m not sure it’s a good idea.
• C: how would we get back up when we find Khonnir?
• K: didn’t we purchase air bladders, or potion
• B: no it seems not.
• V: we can cope, just don’t be so headstrong
• K: very well
• V: I’ll get him while you guys get ready.
• Val ties to Silas
• Cir tie to Bryta
• Priestess casts on 8, for 6hrs
• We take the dive
• Everyone travels control and Val explain sights to Silas.
• SnB: sense evil been purged
• Val: Hetuath?
• Them: many souls trapped for a long ass time
• Exit to hall way, and go down parallel tunnel, no traps
• Cir uses brown card to open door on right, huge, back track
• Go into northerner room, marking like a serial killer has been in there
• Snb gasp! My god what is this unholy place
• Recognize markings as god of Zyphus
• Writing on walls, Silas does comprehend languages, reads: the shadow in the sand…no no that’s a mistake…. the poison on the plant… the final father the dagger in the back.
• It seems it’s a prayer, mixture of awe adoration, frustration and anger for Zyphus.
• God of accidental dead and tragedy, unholy evil god. Worshipers of Zyphus are takers of life.
• Cir looks for tool to find tool used to scratching to GLAUCITE wall
• Khor and Beagan explores room, perc leads to heal, marking were made by claws or teeth
Val: was Hetuath yelling at us form the control?
Khor says yes
• Silas and Bryta says, lets bury him
• Khor n Val, yes
• Decide on eh path to stay away from rock things
• Khor n Tate respectfully carry Hetuath off
• Bryta does most the digging, Silas does a little prayer
• Back to curved hallway south indefinite and north blocked by collapse
• Proceed past eastern most part….
• Find a stubby hall ways and then a circular room, 2 black pillars door with dried blood leading through it to north and black leather sofas with mold on it to the south.
• Up some steps is table opposed to a desk with a console blinking lights. Across east of room is double doors. Behind desk is doors, janitor’s closet.
• 1st attempt black card on supply chest, Androffan : 2 attempts left
• Check console, busted
• Check draws, fond 1 with secret back contain journal
• Last entry: studies on Kasath going well, tomorrow we study terra, this race looks lucrative discovery, seem to know more, smarter biology. Describing mind flayers….
• Head east more and short hall with door east n south.
• South door. Hall with door south and east
• South more
• Room filled with mold and fungus. Some worktables with chairs around them are disturbed.
• Immobile Weedwhip sits in the middle of the room
• Khor and Khala jump in.
• Khala flanks
• They down it.
• Noise brings in 5 veggipigmies, ratty fangs, and bloody eyes with Grothnar like claws.
• Swarm in on Khor n Khala, Beagan tosses bomb in targeted to hit 4 of them.
• 2 drop. Tate tries to fire on the farthest but miss fires. Gun breaks. Val checks knowledge on these finds mold on bodies blah blah. Cirwahs does stuff. Khor casts resist fire and tells Beagan to bomb away. Beagan does. Cirwahs stabs plant matter but does naught. We win from running away.
• XP 180
• Beagan and Khor follow them into the next room, Beagan surprises them with a bomb, win
• Xp90
• After the fight Val can read a plaque saying “xenobiology”. Other than the room with the final veggies, called the green house… are 4 small rooms each with a dead member of the Brigh expedition team. Val leads them away knowing the guys will loot the bodies but then Khor comes and asks permission to take the hammers anyways.
• Bryta, sure but use them in the name of Brigh and help me bury them.
• The door from the greenhouse just leads back to the set of hallways.
• North of greenhouse, there is another closet sized room. Open the door to find 2 more veggies and Vrilledt, a larger leader type. Tate tries to intimidate them, Vrilledt replies he’s in a weak position and tries to deal that he will be nice if they can escort him to the west. Val tried to go with it. And as he’s yelling to Khor to douse the greenhouse Beagan had tossed a critical bomb and killed the 3…
• Xp
• Khor saying to go back to the blood door pauses as Val decide to look at what looks to be a dead end. Suspiciously Cirwahs and Khor check around to find humming from the south of them… east of the green house. We enter what is the med room. 4 beds, 2 terminals and Khonnir in a fluid filled tube at the end of the room.
• Val finds the release lever. Panicking Khonnir falls from broken legs screaming about bugs in his head. As Khor and Val try to arrest him Silas knocks him out but via healing powers says Khonnir is dead.
• We find a drawer with techy stuff and Khonnir’s equipment. Tate rests on a bed prompting a set of bot arms to grab his legs
• 2 robots barge in from a north door. Medbot and corrupt collector. Fight ensues
• Khor strikes collector, Val steps back and ready xbow. Cir strikes medbot, Tate is able to shoot the arms point blank and get free. The med bot injects anesthetic into Cirwahs. The collector grabs Khala announcing collect in Androffan. Fighting continues, Val instead of fighting moves Khonnir over and tells him to stay still n calm. Finds 2 injection sites oozing some stuff. Vials some for study later. The corrupted collector with Khala dash back north out of the door and into a room on the east. Khor dashes after and has to open to the door with a key. Khala attempts to break out of the collectors grip… it dies. Beagan’s bomb burns through the repairing medbot to kill it.
• XP 300

Downtime After Chapter 24
Rebuilding Reputations

Khor spends 3 days helping treat victims of the Strange Migraines affecting people around town. While helping, he gathers and logs information on symptoms and onset. He earns 4 Influence and 2 Magic. In the evening, he works on 3 projects:
Making a copy of the map for the caverns below the Weeping Pond
Teaching Khala a retaliatory bite attack
Scribing the discoveries of Team 6 below the Weeping Pond and the happenings around Torch

Beagan spends a day brewing as many cure light wounds potions as he can, another day researching and transcribing new formulae, and one day accompanying Khor as he heals the sick. He earns 4 influence from his parents shop, and 1 from helping the sick.

James Tate assists Khor with gathering information on the Strange Migraines and earns 3 Influence

12 Influence
2 Magic

Verse 24, Eria
Dog and Kash Die Halfway Through


Team 6 has just escaped the Desert Vista, making a mad dash past Kasatha through a door far to the east. They enter a small room and close the door behind them. In the room is a small projector and a circular door to the north. It’s currently sealed. There is sand trailing in leading through the door to the north. Party looks for switches and find none, then see the button that closed the door. They hear scratching outside, and decide to check the door again. The door has a slot, which Beagan inserts a brown keycard into. The door opens, and the party proceeds north, and see a wire hanging from the ceiling, which is sparking. Room is filled with machinery covered with hoses and nozzle, and is brightly light with lights from the ceiling. Valaistra notices the machines are malfunctioning, and see some electricity in them. The walls start to hum, and zap team 6. Beagan inserts a keycard into the door to the north, which opens and the party leaves immediately. Khala was knocked out, and Khor heals her before the party proceeds. In the next hallway, Beagan finds a door to the north, which he opens with his card. Inside, they find a table and a console, and Valaistra reveals his knowledge of Androffan. They find out that the Desert Vista is a habitat dome for the Kasatha, and that the table can create a hologram of the Desert Vista. Party earns 120XP.

Beagan wants to exterminate the Kasatha, Khor says he won’t commit genocide for no reason. Party sees a gold panel flashing on the computer terminal, which reads reset. Valaistra reads the console and finds a wide variety of environmental controls for the Desert Vista, Valaistra and Beagan consider using the console to destroy the Kasatha. Party sees a window, and tries to find a way to open it. Valaistra reads that the system is low on power, and Beagan decides to push the reset button on the side of the console. The lights go out, then they come back on. The window opens, and the party sees Dog and Kash, on their knees, begging for mercy from 2 ETC grunts and a woman, with her gun drawn. The woman wears a long coat and has long braids. Team 6 identifies that the woman is a high ranking ETC officer, but possibly subordinate to Streiser. When the power comes back on, the sun comes out in the dome. The dead Kasatha are destroyed, and the ETC are surprised by the sudden sunlight. The party tries to hide and turn a dial near the window labeled input/output. Valaistra turns the dial to the left, and he hears a click. There’s a fuzzy noise, and team six hears Kash pleading for his life in front of the ETC woman.

The party uses the loudspeaker to talk to the ETC woman and the grunts, and Khor tells introduces himself with his full name and title, She threatens to come find them. Khor tells the ETC that his friends will unleash the monsters of the desert on the ETC unless she releases kash and dog. The ETC reluctantly leaves, and Kash and Dog want to find the party. 145XP

Beagan contemplates leaving Dog and Kash behind, Valaistra considers using the environmental controls as well. The party hears a booming voice from the other side of the northern wall, saying the following:

You of the tribe who moved us will perish. this will be your end.
Zyphus will have your soul!
My power is eternal!
How dare you enter my ancestral home?!

Valaistra wiggles the day and night switch and proclaims himself God to Dog and Kash. The voice says “the only true God is Zyphus”. If you will not ocme to me, then I will come to you. A giant 4 armed skeleton comes through the door after being provoked by Valaistra, and attacks the party.

Khor attacks the beast, Hetuath with his swords and Khala tries to bite, both miss. Hetuath hits Khor and reduces him to 0 HP. Beagan throws a bomb that does almost no damage, Tate shoots him, which does almost no damage. The party learns that Hetuath is susceptible to slashing, and Cirwahs offers Khor is glaucite shiv. Khor uses the shiv on Hetuath and finds out that glaucite does extra damage to Hetuath. Hetuath is almost dead, and Dog and Kash rush in and finish him off.

Hetuath’s last words:
I fear not death, my life, my entire existence is eternal as granted by Zyphus.

The party collects a cloak of resistance, 2 javelins, 2 masterwork shortswords. Khor takes the shortswords, Kash takes the cloak, which Cirwahs attempts to resist but Kash ultimately wins the fight. Cirwahs attempts to follow Kash and Dog to kill them during the exit, but they spot him. The party surfaces, and KD fakes downing. Khor goes to help them, and they mock him. Kash goes and brags to the priestess, and Khor tells her that Team 6 saved KD, not the other way around. She decides there’s more to the store than both are saying.

While surfacing, Beagan swims far away from everyone else.

The priestess sends Team 6 to the temple of Brigh. All the clerics wear white. They go to meet Jorim, and see him with a blind man who’s lighting candles. Valaistra introduces the party, asks for healing for Khor. Valaistra is a disciple of Brigh. Khor and Khala get healed by Jorim, as does Cirwahs.

Kash and Dog head to town hall to go see Dolga. Cirwahs, James, and Beagan follow. They tell about the desert vista, the skeleton, the ETC, Fortune (the ETC officer from before), Kash claims to have killed Fortune and the ETC grunts. Cirwahs challenges him, and Kash insists he killed Fortune. Dolga believes Kash, and asks Kash to help fight off the ETC. Kash says he will, but he must find Khonnir first. Dolga agrees, and sends Kash back to the Weeping Pond. Kash asks for a bigger discount, Dolga resists at first, but Kash attempts to persuade Dolga. They agree on 30% off any store in Torch for adventuring supplies.

Kash asks to see Val, everyone goes down to see Val. Kash tells Val that Team 6 burned down her Inn as a distraction to the ETC. Val believes Kash, and asks Cirwahs why he burned down the Inn. As the Team 6 tries to convince her of the truth, Val continues to believe Kash, while Cirwahs plots their murder. Kash invites Val to his quarters, Tate punches Kash, and they charge out to the street to fight [[:james-Tate | Tate ]] . Dog starts clapping his hands to draw a cloud, and Kash pulls his whip and makes a circle in the sand, then dances and makes flourishes.

Cirwahs tells Kash that he challenges Tate to a duel, they argue, and decide that it was indeed a duel. Kash and Dog talk, and Kash goes to retrieve a gun from his backpack. It has a wide mouth, and came from the caves under the mountain. Kash mentions something to Dog about a horse, Cirwahs hides and follows Dog as he leaves from the dueling arena. Dog heads to the stables and gets a horse, and starts to bring it back. Cirwahs attempts to intervene by throwing a dagger at the horse. Dog controls the horse and brings it back to the duel.

Kash offers his gun to Tate , Tate starts marching for the duel. Tate shoots at Kash and misses, Kash shoots a net at Tate and traps him. Kash ties his rope to the back of the horse and drags Tate through the town. Khor saves Tate from the net.

Khor and Valaistra share their adventures in the black cave, Jorim believes their version of events. Khor lets them know Kash and Dog are charletains, he believes. Jorim tells Valaistra about the headaches that the priestess received, Miranda (friend of Garrett) received headaches right after the Torch went out, medicine showed up on 12th day, second headache 2 days ago.

Kash and Dog try to get Val back to their place, she rejects. Cirwahs tells Dog and Kash he will buy them a drink, Dog And Kash try to flatter Cirwahs. They go to the bar, Dog and Kash get migraines, and decide to go back to the temple of Brigh. Dog and Kash’s pain gets worse, and Cirwahs helps them get to the temple. They go to Jorim, who invites Dog and Kash in. Silas comes over, puts his hand on Dog and Kash, orders silence. Silas says Dog and Kash are having visions, says they’re getting visions from a man and a woman, similar looking, with a scythe. Silas offers medicine, but he doesn’t know if it will work. Cirwahs takes Dog and Kash home, priest promises to send someone tomorrow to check them out. Cure for headaches appeared in market square 12 days ago.

Team 6 arrives at Dog and Kash’s house, Cirwahs offers to stay and protect Dog and Kash, Valaistra asks if they will suffer, Cirwahs says they wont. Beagan plans to buy a pill at market. Cirwahs goes inside with Dog and Kash, Valaistra holds Beagan back. Khor and Beagan leave, Cirwahs and Valaistra watch Dog and Kash in their home.

Khor and Cirwahs discuss their paths, and Cirwahs tells Valaistra that Dog and Kash brought trouble to his town, and Valaistra said that they are in the way of his investigation. After a brief discussion, Valaistra ceremoniously coup Dog and Kash in their beds. Cirwahs coups Kash,Valaistra does Dog. Kash dies, Dog does not. Valaistra dodges Dog’s punch, Cirwahs moves to finish him off, Valaistra holds him down while Cirwahs stabs him with the glaucite shank in the neck, finishing him off. Cirwahs cleans his blades on Kash’s clothes, and Cirwahs and Valaistra leave Dog and Kash’s house, and head to beagan’s house. Cirwahs vanishes into the shadows, Valaistra sneaks home, silent as a ghost’s shadow.

Cirwahs hides Valaistra and his weapons in the bushes behind the ETC garrison, and return to beagan’s house. Valaistra and Cirwahs exchange cipher rings. Cirwahs chastises Valaistra for not killing Dog cleanly, then head to bed at beagan’s. +1 HP for Cirwahs

Khor and Beagan are awake and drinking when Valaistra comes home. Beagan crashes from the coffee and beer after bouncing around the house for a long time. Khor is sober, and greets Cirwahs when he returns home. Khor suspects Cirwahs was up to no good, and Cirwahs goes to bed.

Khor invites Valiastra to drink with him, and Valaistra offers to play dice

Cirwahs has a dream about the twins, the brother and sister with a scythe. He believes them to be agents of death, they confront him about killing their servant, and he says he was serving his masters will. The twins say he should become their servant, Cirwahs agrees to be their servant as long as they follow his code.

The party sees Cirwahs wake up from his nightmare, Khor is suspicious. Khor talks to Valaistra and shares his concern with Valaistra, and senses Valistra knows more about Cirwahs than he’s sharing. Everyone goes to bed, then they wake up and go to the market to investigate Ampyra, the cure for the strange headaches in town.

beagan, Khor, Valaistra to go market, and talk to Sanvil about Ampyra. Beagan emphasizes his hangover, but Sanvil doesn’t offer the headache cure Valaistra and Beagan ask about the price for the cure, Valaistra flashes the flyer for the black cave discount. Tate and Valaistra buy 2 headache pills. Cirwahs brings e-pick to Sanvil, who identifies it for 15GP. Valaistra tries to include Beagan in his investigation of the pill. Sanvil explains the operation of the e-pick, which is to open electronic doors and locks. E-pick does not require technologist, and grants +1 bonus to disable device.

Valaistra asks how Sanvil learned about tech, they agree to meet later, although Sanvil is reluctant. Sanvil talks about the cure and the headaches, Valaistra requests Sanvil make sure the church has plenty of cure available.

Sanvil identifies the grippers, but charges 30 to identify. Tate convinces him to give a discount. Sanvil writes down an inventory and tucks it away. 200xp

Verse 23, Eria
Breaching the Wall


Kash and Dog have just dove down below the Weeping Pond. Team 6 greets Valaistra, and goes to meet the priestess who grants waterbreathing to adventurers exploring the Weeping Pond. This priestess is different, and reports the previous priestess has a migraine. Team 6 suspects this priestess may be affiliated with the Eria Technology Corporation. Team 6 gets 8 hours of waterbreathing and dives down. Diving timer is red instead of green. Team 6returns to the Glaucite walls down in the cave, and return to the breach where Khonnir may have gone previously. Valaistra uses his deductive powers to search the breach, and he finds a piece of cloth, probably from Kash.. Cirwahs asks Sef, leader of the Skulks, and finds out that Kash and Dog came by recently, investigated the Skulk hole, and then proceeded through the walls. Tried using the brown keycards on the door to the north with no success, heard clicking and chainsaw noises from Coal-Bolds. Ran south, went through breach, entered metal hallway filled with junk, found partially open door on the other side.

Team 6 went through the door, found a repair bot which attacked the Team 6, and repaired itself during battle. Cirwahs used a Glaucite shank to penetrate the repair bot’s hull, and Beagan inserted a bomb to destroy the robot. 120XP

Go through to next chamber, which contains a chest, a charging station,
Chest contains:
Masterwork Artisan Tools
Gun with wide nose and small crank

Khor makes a map of the interior of the metal hallways and rooms in his journal, apart from his main map of the caverns. Erases his chalkboard and starts work on floor 2

Go through the next door to a hallway with a room up ahead. To the north are metal cages containing skeletal remains of creatures with quills and a snout.

Khor and Beagan find a toolbox with non-ergonomic tools and a wide-mouthed gun. Later they find a black e-pick, a pair of grippers, and 2 small batteries, Team 6 unlocks Technology feats

Open small room with hoses pointed in, two doors one on each side, go through to a starlit desert vista with a broken projector. As Cirwahs moves by, a creature with tentacles leaps out and entangles Cirwahs, Beagan, and Khor and starts draining blood from their legs. Khor musters his strength and breaks free, Team 6fights the beast, Khala kills it with a bite. The beast is a Young Ghelarn. 120XP

Across the desert, Team 6sees two sets of tracks, one to the north and one to the east. Khor casts a spell and sees an image of Kash walking north across the desert making the footprints. Khor suggests following Kash and Dog, Cirwahs favors following Khonnir, presumed to be the creator of the footprints to the east.
Cirwahs collects tentacles and carapace from the dead Ghelarn. Ghelarn are tentacle monsters from extreme climates that can hibernate for thousands of years.
Beagan climbs a cliff and heads south through the desert, while the rest of Team 6follow the footprints to the south towards a light. They are assailed by Kasatha Skeletons, four-armed monsters that attack with claws. Khala kills the first one that shows up, while Beagan, who ran ahead, destroys the next one with a bomb. Khor senses that more skeletons are on their way, and shouts at everyone to hustle across. As they charge across the sands, they’re surrounded by skeletons until Beagan arrives on a nearby cliff, and takes out the nearest skeleton with a well placed bomb. Khala is blinded, but fells another with a bite, while Beagan bombs another two. Tate drops to the ground and takes aim at a possessed skeleton that seems to be the leader, and takes it out with a well-placed shot. A possessed skeleton tries to kill Khala, but due to freak accident, he killed himself while attacking. Khor encourages everyone to flee through an opening in the skeletons, and Tate takes out a skeleton while he and Valaistra flee. Skeletons close in on Valaistra and Tate while Khor, Cirwahs, and Beagan press ahead. Khor directs Beagan to lobs bombs forward, and Beagan’s fire blasts a path through the enemies, granting Khor and Khala safe passage. While fleeing, Khor and Cirwahs lose sight of Valaistra and Tate, who had fallen behind and become trapped by skeletons. Tate pulls out his laser pistol and fires it at a skeleton, vaporizing it. Khala takes out another with her bite, while Tate vaporizes another with his laser pistol. Beagan took out the next possessed with his bomb, and Cirwahs retrieved a torch, wielding it like a club. As James and Valaistra flee, the creature possessing the skeleton tried to inhabit two bodies, but ended up killing himself twice. Team 6continued to flee while the possessor got closer and closer, and Cirwahs located an illusionary rock with a passage behind it leading out of the desert. 660XP

12 Skeletons
5 Possessed

You of the tribe who moved us, this will be your end
You’ll never leave alive, Zyphus will claim your soul
You will never defeat me, zyphys will have you

Verse 19, Therinad
A Red Dragon's Nightmare
  • we find our heroes waking up from resting in Temple of the Ancients after waking they go back to deal with the red dragon.
  • Bram approaches and tries to communicate to heal the dragon
  • dragon replies by breathing fire.
  • everyone but Theydrin, Padfoot, nest Bel were not caught in flame.
  • Von drops on the spot. Bel pulls back into doorway, Theydrin inflicts.
  • Farin buffs and drops the dragon.
  • Behind dragon is a room with loot. loot has Teleportation Tuner.
  • Von dons the tuner
  • party harvests dragon parts.
  • go back to room with Teleportation Circle
  • to test the tuner Von and smith step into the portal holding hands. as their teleporting Von lets go of smiths hand. Von appears on the “correct” other side, smith isn’t.
  • Von teleports back and group daisy-chains back through to destination.
  • in the destination room, there are 3 sarcophagi with the Haradul royal crest. 7 statutes, ones the hisser, each statue is a diff element. analogous to 7 The Ancients.
  • see a stair set leading down with a magically locked door.
  • fucking hot (temp)
  • see a portal to a plane of fire and flame, an equivalent to teh ice one.
  • Nightmare Tomas appears and declares that after talking to his master that the group needs ot be put down.
  • transforms into his demon form, sprouts demonic wings, horns, teeth, red eyes and extra set of arm, gets ripped. screeeeeee
  • fight him while he flies around, holy-good aligned hurts him extra, fire heals him, he baths in others and his own fire. hard to see him and target due to erratic n fast movement.
  • raises wall of fire
  • nest turns into fire elemental
  • eventually kill him, von counter spell, farin super-crits.
  • when he dies his demons eat him and drag his carcass down…
  • party finds they cant close portal due to lack of key.
  • nest finds Golden Cat in the corner
  • return to farmer, Patches meets us there, trade cat for debt.
  • farmer follows through with windmill prop, we discover he is a of questionable use oracle too. able to get 3 bobble heads, von, hisser, zidane.
  • return to king, engineers need to go get the mill, ship will be ready in a week. mean time can go investigate cold war.
    *last note, if your looking for things to do: wererat in the sewers n streets at night. dun-dun-dunnnnnn felior
Verse 18, Therinad
Temple Of The Ancients
  • Patches MaGoo wakes and agrees to clearing the Farmer’s debt if the group retrieves a Golden Cat from the Temple of the Ancients. he also sends along one of his caravan guards Smith.
  • Felior, suspecting the temple has copious treasure, he leaves to start a thieves guild to more thoroughly loot the site than the group would.
  • The Hisser shows up mysterious as always, and freezes everyone not in the group, in time. She declares our heros as one set of the Chosen Ones to defeat the amassing evil over snowmelt and Bel is prophesised as the unifier, vaguely
  • we arrive at great pyramid and come to a tightly spiraled staircase, similar to above the Old Capitol. We needed to ring the bell to get down the stairs properly.
  • notice its hot inside
  • head in more, wandering pass, door that has a face on it. a plaque next to it, written in Dihgnaran "the password is “”/wikis/banana/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>banana" .
  • the door spoke when addressed and the face was animated
  • the party then tried to say “banana” to open the door
  • the door finally opened when the door itself said “banana”
  • beyond the door were a set of tracks along the floor, with a giant marble that weighed a ton.
  • the marble was to be pushed along the track onto a pressure plate next to the door.
  • there were mummies that came out of inconspicuous sarcophagi.
  • in the proceeding room there was another set of tracks and another marble.
  • the heros encounter a locked room, the door was broken down since no rogue was available.
  • group finds a large octahedron crystal, red, that seemed to glow hot.
  • after above discovery, team goes into a room of mirrors. next the door they went through a pedestal had a socket for the octahedron.
  • Bram rushes across the room an a shadow clone of Bram emerges from a mirror he passed too close to.
  • The Abyssal Counterpart was dark skinned with red eyes, horns and fangs.
  • the party attacked and killed it.
  • at that point it was understood to avoid the mirrors.
  • the octahedron was then put in the pedastal and it emit red beam of light.
  • team then arranged mirrors to reflect the beam into a red spherical gem on the other side of the room.
  • Bel ran in front of another mirror and an abyssal counterpart to her emerged too and was killed.
  • the beam and gem triggers the next door.
  • on teh other side is Areo looking for treasure.
  • he’s made a campsite.
  • he speaks to the group of garva and wolf escaping, everyone else has atleast 1 eye spike, not optional anymore. white robe sold out the party’s location to unknown in echange for snowmelts well being. frogar gave him 2 spikes. tough SOB with 2 spikes. tells of the storm and they’re true employer’s goal wants Astor and cecil occupied.
  • after talking they trade for goods with Areo.
  • he also agrees to let he party stay in the room to rest if they give him an hour privacy to account with his treasure.
  • after meeting with areo, the group discovers a room with a immense bottomless pit.
  • by dusting suspected invisible ground with sand it is confirmed that there are spots that appear to be invisible floors.
  • they find plaques with writing, seemingly nonsense, jumbled words but in actuality is a cipher on how to navigate the chasm.
  • the cipher uses the first letter of certain words to indicate the cardinal directions (NESW), then later found “J” for jump.
  • they navigate the pit and cross the room to find 2 doors, one led to just loot. the other lead down a long hallway.
  • along the hallway were rune like depictions of fire.
  • in the room at the end of the hall is a circle of white runes on the floor.
  • Content Not Found: Theydrin uses oracle powers to deduce that it is a “Teleportation Circle” designed to teleport user from A to B but requires some form of tuner to reach the specific intended destination, otherwise it will transport to an uncertain place and time. also finds out the TC are only able to be made white robes.
  • there is chalk writing on the floor in chalk that says “clarity”.
  • beyond that room we find a sleeping injured juvinlie red dragon.
  • they f-no and go back to the area with areo.
  • tell him about he dragon and he says f-no and bounces.
  • rest up.
Verse 17, Therinad
I Want to Be Your Canary (Curtain Call) {The Musical Episode}
  • Von and Theydrin regroup with the rest of the party
  • Party splits into groups and scout the stage, Murdoch & Fera, clothing
  • Bram and Farin claim to work in theater, wear clothes to break them in. Despite their best efforts, they successfully infiltrate the area under the stage
  • Bram and Farin go to the basement, where they find Murdoch’s clothes are made at Roarbach’s Laundry
  • They consider going to Roarbach’s, but decide against it since they may be involved in the plot.
  • Bram and Farin discover the gunpowder is attached to the exterior, but could be washed off
  • Bram and Farin go to the town laundry and tries to remove most of the gunpowder
  • Bram and Farin demonstrate their social ineptitude with the women of the town by asking inappropriate questions regarding doing laundry.
  • Bram and Farin successfully remove almost all the gunpowder, and return the costume to the stage
  • Meanwhile, Nest and Felior investigate the stage, and find buildings overlooking the stage.
  • Notice large gem on top of stage, and that it may be part of the magical suppression
  • Felior searches below the trapdoor and offers to hide below stage for trouble
  • Party Attempt to remove gem, but are stopped by Lupa and stage hands
  • Party suspects stage is rigged with something to kill Murdoch
  • “Big Surprise” is a big red button backstage that sets off fireworks
  • Stage will be occupied all night working on fireworks
  • Von and Theydrin go to talk to Ina about Fera, who redirects them to Murdoch
  • Find Murdoch partying, make small talk, get directions to Fera
  • Visit Fera in her very posh apartment, find out that she donated the gem to the production and that Fera is from Cecil, she chases the party out
  • Return to bunk, go to sleep
  • Wake up in time for the bear festial, party takes defensive positions In preparation for the assassination
  • Play starts, “Farudo” seems a bit shorter and wider than normal, and he can’t lift the princess which he could before.
  • The play is a story about Fera being forced to mary Murdoch to unite two kingdoms, but she has fallen in love with Farudo, the assassin who steals her away. Farudo is captured, he begs for Fera’s hand. King tells Farudo to fight Murdoch. Farudo’s last song is much worse than during rehearsal. Murdoch is supposed to win and kill Farudo, but instead Farudo pulls Murdoch down with him, which is unscripted.
  • Von, Theydrin, Felior rush downstage and see “Farudo” below stage holding a knife to Murdoch’s throat, threatens to kill Murdoch. Party arrives, discovers that “Farudo” is actually Garva
  • Garva now has one inquisitor spike
  • Theydrin argues with Garva, who reveals Farudo is in Fera’s apartment.
  • Nest uses wild shape to fly to Fera’s apartment and retrieve Farudo
  • On the way back, she turns into a Roc, and the town shoots at her
  • Farudo returns, finishes his song, play ends on a strange note
  • Talk to Garva, who reveals he was trying to kill Murdoch in exchange for The Storm helping him build an army to retake Snowmelt
  • Garva and wolfe got out, wolfe wanted to seek help from Eria
  • Garva picked up by the storm and brought to cecil and given job to eliminate murdock in order to help him raise an army to fight snow melt
  • Garva states this about snowmelt history after party leaves:
  • Frogar stepped up security
  • Rini who saw the bracer, sent grothnar to get help from bloodbath
  • Rini lost contact
  • The rider showed up, asked for battery, mage guild gave party coords instead to spare snowmelt
  • Frothnar stepped up security again this time turning civs into inquisitors
  • Garva lost contact with wolfe as he set off to find help in another part of Therinad
  • Garva asks party to come with him, party argues in favor of continuing to seek allies to retake Snowmelt, Garva mentions there’s almost no survivors
  • Garva shows off his new powers granted by the spike in his eye
  • Garva and Wolfe both had one eye spike, which grants new powers but reduces humanity
  • Party returns to the king and tells them Murdoch has been saved, King agrees to make airship for the party
  • King send party to get a windmill blade to make a propeller for the airship
  • Party goes to the farm, where they meet Patches Magoo threatening to foreclose on Farmer Meyer if he doesn’t pay his debt
  • Party knocks out Patches
  • Farmer Meyer is incredibly slow speaking and supernaturally calm
  • Meyer agrees to give party a windmill blade in exchange for wiping out his debt with Patches.
  • Meyer has a collection of bobble-heads of all the powerful people in Therinad, including the party, the twins, the rider, etc
Verse 16, Therinad
The Sea of Sand
  • Stayed the night in the oasis, took turns keeping light due to Razorsnout
  • Headed west towards Videl, encountered sea of sand
  • Bram jumped in and tried to swim, was unable to cross sea of sand
  • Tried burrowing, air bladders, etc
  • Met “The Storm”, a trio of steampunk bikers, which is unknown in the area
  • Walker – Trenchcoat, party leader?
  • Vas – Construct Ninja
  • Lotus – man in the shadows, whispers to Walker a lot
  • Discussed crossing the sea with the Storm, who said crossing the sea was impossible
  • They directed the party to their employer to the north, the King of Astor
  • Astor is in a cold war with Cecil to the south
  • Party arrives in Astor, a middle-eastern themed castle-town
  • A prosperous town
  • Concerned with art, culture
  • Party goes to a tavern, discover Astor has a currency based on gem shards
  • Receive money
  • Theydrin talks to dancer, finds out king is kind
  • Bram purchases food and drink
  • Theydrin sings for money and pays for lodging and food
  • Felior steals Patches Magoo’s purse in the money
  • Bram was in a bad mood, and urged everyone to return to Snowmelt
  • Theydrin and Von go to see the king of Astor
  • King of Astor is speaking with Tactician Ina regarding the cold war with Cecil
  • Ina wants to strike Cecil quickly
  • King doesn’t want to appear aggressive due to threat of war
  • King requests party prevent assassination of Tactician Murdoch, a professional tactician and amateur thespian
  • King warns the plot will be between current time and the play (in 2 days), happening at Astor’s yearly bear festival
  • Von and Theydrin negotiated a deal to prevent the assassination in exchange for the King building an airship
  • Ina gives Von and Theydrin jobs as stage hands as a cover
  • Ina warns Von and Theydrin that they must not alert anyone, including Murdock, to the plot of the assassination, as they don’t want to arouse a sense of fear in Astor.
  • Von and Theydrin go to speak with Gerimia Lupa, the director of the play
  • The play is “I want to be your canary”
  • She’s very pretentious and OCD regarding the play
  • She instructs Von and Theydrin in operating trap doors, lights, curtains, etc
  • Alluded to a big surprise (Later revealed to be fireworks)
  • Von and Theydrin attend dress rehearsal, rehearse with Forudo, steal script to play
  • Forudo is from Cecil, he plays an assassin, wears a mask the whole time
  • Meet an attendant and king, minor characters
  • Murdoch plays the male lead, a prince betrothed to Fera
  • Lady Fera Callou plays the female lead, a princess
  • At the end, Murdoch and Forudo fight, Forudo falls through a trap door below stage
  • Von and Theydrin discover that illusion, mind affecting, divination spells are blocked on stage
  • Von and Theydrin go to the bar, Theydrin detects thoughts and doesn’t find anything suspicious with the actors
  • Felior follows Murdoch home and makes sure he gets home safe
  • Discover relationship between Murdoch and Fera, see Lotus in Murdoch’s house hiding in the bathroom watching Murdoch and Fera
  • Return to stage and go downstage
  • Find costume rack, Von tastes Murdoch’s clothes
  • Clothes are coated with gunpowder
  • Von and Theydrin scrapes some off and set it on fire, causing explosion
  • Guard arrives in response to bang, but he is dismissed
  • Von and Theydrin go to find Tactician Ina
Verse 15, Therinad
Kybel: A town of horrors
  • Upon reaching the stretching sand wasteland, the party quickly discovers that the sand is magical and prolonged exposure to the sand storms dulls and destroys metal. The party quickly covers up their metal gear.
  • The party finds the nearest civilization to the opening of the dungeon, a small town called Kybel.
  • The party approaches and the citizens start boarding themselves up into their homes, as the sun is setting.
  • One of them shouts at the party “Get into the light!” They’re coming!". the party jumps underneath a street lamp just as the sun sets. As soon as the sun goes down, thousands of black birds with sharp beaks (Razor snout as they are called) errupt forth and start swarming over the town. They seem to be repelled by the light.
  • The party tries to get into the houses, but the residents seem afraid, even firing weapons at the party to keep them back.
  • Then a shadow moves on the rooftops, leaping from building to building. A ninja of sorts that the birds couldn’t see. He started shooting out the street lamps, removing light from the street.
  • The party darted from lamp post to lamp post, ducking away from swarms of birds that chased them. Nest occasionally shot a flare up at the ninja, illuminating him and making the birds chase him for a time.
  • They finally made it to the south of the town, an abandoned house seemed unlocked. They entered, barred the windows and doors and set in for the night.
  • The party noticed the basement in the house and they went down. The basement had body parts in jars equipped with cybernetics and pages of notes. Clearly the lab of a mad man. They decided to stay upstairs and lock the door.
  • During the night, the ninja appeared at the door and barked at party to let them in to his house. They refused and he cursed and left.
  • The next morning, the party could hear a raspy voice coming from the basement saying “Kill….me….” They open the door and see half a girl, the top half, with one arm that had long talon like finer nails that she used to climb the stairs. Her face was scarred, and she had one cybernetic plate over where one eye should be. She left a trail of blood as she raked half her body up the stairs.
  • Nest planted his blade into her spine, and her cybernetic eye-light faded. The party investigated the basement once more. They found that the girl crawled out from a sheet on a table. The bottom half of her had her nether regions outfitted with cybernetics and mutilated pieces.
  • The party also found a coat and boots. According to notes, the coat reflected sound and light waves, preventing the razor snout (which they found to be mechanical entities created by the doctor to protect Kybel). The boots allowed the wearer to hover for a brief moment, allowing the ninja to jump better from building to building. They also find that every technology piece has an ETC on it, which Theydrin finds to mean “Erian Technology Corps”, and that Tenac’s red armor was “Tenac Fithor — Never Forget Eria”.
  • The party ascended the stairs and went outside. They decided to investigate the other houses. Upon entering the houses, the party found that all of the residence were half cybernetic half elves and humans that had the one arm and talon hand. They were all sitting in a rocking chair and their spines were tethered to the backs with wires. The residents were pleasant, claiming that their doctor in the town would always meet them at the market (a fictional place in the resident’s minds, like the Matrix). The residents believed they resided in this Market.
  • Toward the back of the room were two boys, and they looked normal. They claimed that they were hiding from Salvatore Wolf (the ninja/ doctor) because when they came to the town, he took in their sister because she was ill. The boys were looking for her since. Nest informs the boys that her sister was in ruin and she needed to die. The boys understood and left Kybel.
  • Upon leaving the house, the doctor/ ninja, known as Salvatore Wolf came on the loud speaker. He said that his new guests needed to take their medicine and they needed to be good neighbors and help them take it. Suddenly, all the house doors swing open as the residents crawl on the ground with their talon hands towards the party.
  • The party heads south and Wolf appears on the roof of his house. Von Nocen knocks him off with a lightning bolt and the party grabs him and climbs over the town wall.
  • The party reaches an oasis outside the town and they interrogate Wolf. Wolf claims that he only wanted to make the organics feel better and escape the burden of organic life. He claims that the technology he found from the crashed android from ETC is the way to human and half elf salvation. The party notices that he has one cybernetic eye and one iron inquisitor spiked eye.
  • Theydrin mentions that what he did to the lower half of the girl was evil. Wolf claims that he only touched the top of her and does not remember doing anything to the bottom. And he only fixed the top of her because she was ill. Then Wolf’s cyber eye starts beeping and his head blows up, purple mist escaping from his head.
Verse 14, Therinad
  • The chapter opens with the party running from Sugar Bush, archers firing at them from the wall.
  • An arrow catches Vorrix in the calf and he falls. Theydrin turns back to grab him, claiming to never leave a man behind, and helps him up. The party escapes and makes it into the treeline.
  • The party travels about an hour away and makes camp. Vorrix is injured but is bandaged up by Bram. The party settles in for the night.
  • During the night, a swarm of small black birds are spotted flying overhead lead by a larger bird.
  • The next morning, the party discovers Vorrix is missing but a trail of blood is leading away from the camp to the west. The party follows it for about 30 min, but the blood fades into what looks like horse tracks. They discern that Vorrix was picked up by a passing traveler.
  • At that moment, the party is greeted by a druid named Nest along with her companion, Padfoot, a large mountain cat. Nest is from a mountain settlement run entirely by children, called Pebbleton. He was kicked out when he got too old and went to live in Sugar Bush. When he discovered that Sugar Bush was overrun with evil doppelgangers, he left and has been roaming the lands since.
  • Nest agrees to go with the party just as another character comes into view. A stout, burly dwarf named Farin approaches the party. His home town was over run and has been wandering since that event. He agrees to go with the party as well.
  • Felior mentions that the party’s items that they placed on order are still back in Sugar Bush. The party heads back in that direction but is dismayed to see the entire outpost covered in several Commander Onts and Captain Hargrins.
  • Nest claims that she can get the party’s gear back without problem, and with that, she changes into a bird, flies over the wall, lands, grabs the gear, and flies back over the wall.
  • Grateful, the party takes their gear. Everyone then heads west as The Hisser said.
  • Farin tells the party that it is dangerous to go through the mountain pass as the Rocs and Razorsnout live in that area. HE explains that Razorsnout are tiny black birds with jagged beaks that swarm and rip flesh open from unsuspecting prey.
  • Nest puts forth that the party might be able to cross the mountains by going through Pebbleton and that he knows the area pretty well.
  • The party heads to a cave in the mountain that Nest says leads to Pebbleton.
  • Upon entering, Nest notes that there is a large boulder blocking the entrance, which can only mean bad things.
  • The party eventually lifts the boulder away with much effort and inside they find a large cavern of tree house type structures and several dead children laying on the ground.
  • The party splits up: Bram and Von Nocen begin to bury the children and Bel, Theydrin, Farin, Felior and Nest go upstairs in the tree house to the leader’s den.
  • The group upstairs finds a revolver in the desk drawer and a journal. The journal details that the children who lived here sent a group out to gather food, but a large boulder fell in front of the door preventing their return. The children inside were too weak to move it, so they starved.
  • The group downstairs were in the middle of burying the children when they heard the sound of clicking in the walls. Coal-bolds. They decide to keep quiet and sneak back up stairs to the other group.
  • Once the party groups up again, the fierce sound of chainsaws echo throughout the cavern. The Coal-bolds brought siege weapons. Nest shouts to the party “Get to the back door! We’re leaving!”
  • Everyone bolts for the chainlink fence door in the back. The door is unfortunately locked, so Felior quickly gets to work.
  • The roar of the chainsaws are getting louder and louder as does the clicking.
  • Felior cracks the lock and gets the door open just as a Coal-bold emerges from the ceiling. This Coal-bold was different though. This one had chainsaws on its hands and sharp jagged spikes protruding from its body.
  • The party rushes through the door and Von seals it with acid just as the Coal-bolds approach them. The party descends a large staircase into a dungeon.
  • The dungeon was frozen solid with temperatures below anything they had ever experienced before. The party ventured forth into the dungeon, slayed some oozes, and various critters and another pack of were rats. They also encountered a bear trap, in the most literal sense (a bear tied up with ropes and suspended from the ceiling fell onto the party.)
  • At the end of the dungeon, the party found a staircase down, which required Theydrin ringing the bell all the way down the stairs again to straighten them out.
  • The stairs down end up at a room with a sand floor and a few fallen marble pillars. The party discovered that if any of them stepped on the sand directly, bony hands would reach up out of the sand and try to drag them down. These hands belonged to one large being under the sand, called an Ochu.
  • Theydrin drinks a fly potion to float across the room and gets to a statue of Tethys, the goddess of equal trade. The inscription on the statue tells Theydrin to drop something valuable into the bottomless well at her feat and she will give a blessing. Theydrin drops in the bell, and the goddess lights up and speaks to him.
  • The goddess tempts Theydrin by asking if he dropped all sorts of treasures into the well, all of which Theydrin declines. Theydrin asks for safe passage to the west for him and his friends and is given a crystal lotus flower, freezing to the touch.
  • Felior tries to cross the room but falls in and is almost pulled under. After much frantic planning and struggling to get Felior out, Felior escapes and the party crosses the room by making a bridge. They all exit into the next room.
  • The next room contains a big stargate type portal to the plane of ice. Everything around the portal is frozen solid. Theydrin puts the crystal lotus into the portal and it turns and closes it. Then everything begins to warm up.
  • The party decides to take a rest in that room since everything seems to be safe now.
  • During the night, the Twins appear and command Theydrin to reopen the portal and stay out of their way. Theydrin says he will comply, but not before Nest mouths off to Siddel, the sister. Siddel strikes him with lethal lightning, but he survives. Zidane, the brother, flips a coin, claiming to play with chaos and decides to not kill them all and instead leave.
  • The party awakens, reopens the portal and ascends the stairs to the other side of the mountains.
  • As they arrive at the top, a large desert expands before them. Everything is hot and humid and the sun blazes down upon them. They were in for a long journey westward.



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