Nature's New Order

coops revenge

• Some back fill
• The team decides to go for the catacombs and to reach them without wandering and wasting time they start at the white chapel
• Sera enters first and to her surprise coop greets her
• She double takes to also see a mechanoskeleton and ghouls.
• Coop says the team and the monsters duke it out and coop will “talk “ with the winner out back the church
• The ghouls have gone down regularly but he skeleton provides a difficult fight.
• Coop flees as the minions go down. Nef and very dim-door to the balcony
• Varo finds thorn waiting outside church who gives oda a mithril vial
• Oda cant convince thorn to lead them to coop and be the test dummy for any traps
• Thorn tries to fool them to look over their shoulders, varo doesnt fall for it.
• Sera and hyun round outside the church and start climbing up to a window coop would be near
• Hyun reaches the bell of the bell tower and sees a bit of purple mist, nef and very
• Coop gets away by spilling out some purple mist and shadow step
• A secret door is found around the corner and sera finds a map, the catacombs stretch to haven
• The group tracks coop into the sewers and are met by a wights some ghouls skeleton and the necromancer apprentice.
• The group squashes the scout party but finds a horde of zombies the coop flees to…
• Xp:12800

Verse somthing +1, eria

• The group meets to decide if they should approach scrap wall via the underground tunnel or by land. Each with its own problems.
• Fortune informs us her contact, hammerlock, in scrap wall has gone dark after working with the steel eagles.
• Hammerlock had reported ETC bigwigs had been seen.
• Based off of hammerlocks relation with the steel hawks, normal land route is chosen.
• The team approaches the gate near the steel hawks
• There are 2 strangers that the team starts to ask for info but kyhm lightning manifests the shit out of them but when tate can he gets them to surrender.
• The guy scoops up the lady and says he needs to get her to a doc and he will walkj n talk.
• He offers no real answers as we approach the smilers territory
• Getting to the territory we are met by 3 more goons but in a maneuver we get the first guy to turn on the others
• The guy doesn’t really, we kill him and continue to Fight the other 3
• Tate, khym went down but are healed up after the fight.
• Seeing to how much fighting there was, the group elects to loot n scoot to the steel hawks
• The alchemist fled during battle deeper into smilers territory
• Getting to the bar just outside steel hawk turf it seems pretty lively, it’s the magical bar
• The group meet up with fortune and khonnir, the main issue is syrup or hammerlock first… nd if syrup is going to be an ally or not….
• Reaching steel hawk territory a few guards wearing glaucite armor
• The guards give us space as we enter
• As we wander in a man on a parapet yells down to us identifying us…”james ? beagan? Weve heard of you.. what do you want?:
• The plan is to sneak with a small team and try for syrup. With tate doing cover fire
• Getting past the redtooths, tate spiderclimbs and cats graces up the scrapwall and starts peering into smiler territory.
• Cirwahs pre-scouts as the rest of the strike team sneaks along
• The team approaches the smilers hq. cirwahs confirms syrup is there.
• From the info beagan identifies they drugs but the collar on syrup is unidentified
• The plan is to blow a drug den to draw the people out of the hq yurt, then tate will cuase sniping chaos. Cir and val will grab syrup and then everoyone runs away… maybe blowing up an extra drug den
• Beagan gets ready to set the still off but khym tries to scorching ray it but fails. They kill off the guard next ro it

“I forgot it was gonna explode”

• Ikhym forgets its gonna explode and beagan goes down
• Khym hasd died
• Tate starts his job of firing shot to confuse and stall.
• Cir and val go in, half way in when one of the cronies goes to the door.
• Cir goes and knocks out giggles, val shots the other guy.
• Cir and val kill the crony
• There is no key on giggles and no way to quickly remove the collar on sura
• Val tells cir to kill giggles since there wont be time to coerce him and they start dragging sura out
• On the way out, tate is spotted when trying to make his way south. A mob fire at him and he is killed
• The group makes it back and get to work on sura’s collar
• Khonnir warns it will be very risky to try to pick the collar so cirwahs is told to go check the entire yurt for the key
• He is able to retrieve it but nothing of tate.
• They free sura and fill her in, she seems cooperative.

1100+ 3300xp

uhhh... what verse?

-Move forward into first room
-Keys get propelled back from portal when attempting to close
-Ideas about damaging energy lines not good. Decide to keep going ahead
-Gimboz throws rock at ice portal, it passes through, The pebble flies out covered in ice
-Go through middle southern door. Looks to follow lines as well, We turn around and go to leftmost southern door.
-We find stairs off of the leftmost room, We decide to go through.
-At bottom of the stairs is a giant portal with 8 inactive chaos umbra at the far side of the room.
-portal lines come into portal on one side and a thick pink line comes out the other side.
-We come up the stairs and go south into a room with a black and a green portal. We stay only for a moment and go to the eastern wall/door
-Something stops nest from earthgliding through the wall.
-Room on the other side of the door is stuffed full of chaos mist. (Determined that the walls are just chaos infused to protect from scrying)
-We open the door to the main portal room and engage the inquisitors within
-3200 xp from finishing the inquisitors.
-Room with “Chaos/pink” Portal has garva on a rack and the great white wizard within.
-Farin immediately charges, grothnar pushes farin
-Grothnar is mind controlled by wizard
-White wizard is defeated. 7300 xp
-Garva is charmed and untied from the rack.
-Turns out garva volunteered to become a inquisitor.
-Theydrin fails to convince garva that he is being manipulated, We are forced to kill him.
-When Garva wakes he gets true sight cast on him and it messes with the inquisitor quid pro quo
-The storm show up with a spike, we try diplomacy but von insults them and we are forced to beat them up
-None of the storm die, but we get them to walk away. 11000 xp
-In the room below the previous room, there are the cat bear people things.
-They agree to leave with us after telling anwsering theydrin’s questions.
-Time seems to pass slower inside ironmine than on the outside
-The twins stop us on our way out of the white wizard room.

19000xp, 3300xp, 6000xp.

Verse 42, Therinad
Into Ironmine

Approach Ironmine, big stone head. 3 sets of footprints, older than a week
nest scouts the mountain, finds a trail of gold coins leading up the mountain with 6 sets of footprints

go around to the back side, find a trail of coins leading to a false wall, step through jello wall into big open space, see a duplicate theydrin and bel to the left, old theydrin to the right, running to different points of light

the paths are connected, the destinies are split

Nest follows, theydrin leans out to the rest and waves for them to follow before taking off, everyone comes through and sees alternative versions of themselves running through the portal towards a light.

After touching the light, the party arrives in a pit of body parts. moving forward, Athene sees a hole in the ground like an ant hill, hear clicking, mobbed by skull-bolds who are dispatched.

Follow scent of burning bodies east to face 3 Bodaks. slay them, 6 inflict potions 1500gp

Head south, Theydrin coordinates sneak attack on group of 3 driders and retriever. 3740 xp, scroll of reverse gravity, scroll of greater invisibility

Find portal to plane of shadow, horribly corrupted, leaking purple smoke, with a large chest of loot next to it.

20000 gp
mw breastplate
mw comp shortbow +2
mw lance
darkwood lute
3k gp
acrobat slippers
+1 champion chainmail
+3 dragonhide plate
glowing glove
mithril heavy shield +2
oil of mage armor
oil of remove curse
3x potion of cat’s grace
5 pto cure moderate
5 potion hide from uindead
1 levitate potion
protection from good potion
2 potions undetectable alignment
1 ring of jumping
1 ring of sustenance
scroll of invisibility sphere
scroll of owls wisdom
wand of alarm
wand of align weapon
wand of heroism
wand of enlarge person
wand of remove blindness/deafness
wand of resist energy
wand of scorching ray

Head north, find 2 iron inquisitors and 1 ally inquisitor near a ladder, they have high spell resistance and are constructs, alloy inquisitor steals Farin’s axe, Grothnar helps him retreive it, removing spikes finally slays inquisitors

circlet of persuasion
elixir of tumbling
necklace of fireballs x3
50000 gp

Go down ladder after inquisitors, end up in cage surrounded by chaos smoke, Zidane and Siddel come out and say the players are heretics, Athene tries to pick lock and fails, Zidane says players have been here 122 times previously, but they won’t be back the 123rd time. (confirming Josh’s time loop theory). Farin throws beer in Zidane’s face, Siddel creates a Genie and instructs it to torture Farin. I am Lord Zidane Haradul and Lady Siddel Haradul, we are the same person from different timelines, this is the most problematic timeline, the party is left to rot in a cage for 48 hours.

The wererats show up for revenge on Osmond, but they see Theydrin, and since he was merciful, they give the party a laser torch which Theydrin uses to cut the party free. Theydrin recruits the were-rats.

Verse 41, Therinad

• Hisser tells everyone that Bloodbath gulch is gonna be scary and that they don’t like magic. she also says she has a friend at the sundered door tavern who can help them.
• Eitan the Climber climbs down the airship anchor and sees Sugar Bush has a giant metal robot in it and totally engulfed with birds and dopelgangers
• The crew tries out the turbo and they overshoot the gulch.
• The crew lands and they walk to the sundered door tavern. They meet areo who uses his magic chest to give the crew a pair of transmagic earrings. The barkeep tells the crew to be careful and if they want to use the tavern for a base they owe him one favor.
• The party walks up to bloodbath’s gates and the orcs just let them in. Everyone seems way too friendly.
• Party goes to main palace to meet the war king mordinth al’ caesar. The war king says everything around here is fine, contrary to popular belief.
• Grothnar bursts in demanding to know what is going on and why everyone is acting like pansies. Mordinth, claiming to not be a war king, but rather an advisor, tells Grothnar to chill out in a jail cell. The party then goes to see him in said cell.
• Grothnar recants bloodbath’s history and orc flu
• Half orc don’t die from orc-flu
• Theydrin tries to strikes a deal with Grothnar, but Grothnar says they must fight in the arena.
• Gimboze convinces mordinth to let grothnar out
• Going into the fight theydrin von and nest scheme to covertly buff and debuff.
• Nest as a humming bird sit son theydrins shoulder and buffs and heals theydrin.
• Von, via the earrings, lets theydrin give himself mage armor and gets ready to sickening-enervate…
• The 2 trade punches and before the final stage of the show a helicopter with striesser and the cowboy hat storm member
• Von launches lightning at them but they had a deflection device like fortune
• They mock the people and then drops a droppod and leave.
• The pod releases 3 gearsmen and a veggiepygmie (not the same)
• The theydrin and grothnar call a draw and the team starts to pond on the new enemies
• Gimboze finds mordinth has disappears
• As the team wins that fight mordinth reappears angry and reavealss he is evil as he drops his hood. And he fire blasts the team
• the group rallies the towns people back to their raging ways and they pounce on mordinth and his 2 guards.
• Von chokes out mordinth after the other 2 guards
• The team takes mordinth alive to interrogate him
• We find mordinth was the culprit behind grothnars parents murder
• He explains he can cast calm person on the village except the voll family line
• 8000xp

Verse 40, Therinad

• Theydrin and the crew step onto the airship, theydrin calls the crew and appoints von captain.
• Homerd complains to tactician ina but deals with it
• Ina introduces the cleric we hired
• Theydrin von an Homerd meet the crew, including big jimbo, one eye steve.
• Nest becomes a parrot and sits on von’s shoulder heckling Homerd
• Homerd shows von around to the engine core
• They get the ship in the air and one eyed steve is told to set course for bloodbath gulch
• As they approach the mountain border a cloud of razorsnout appear as night falls. Is lead by a white roc that big jimbo is able to shoot down.
• The birds start to form a ship of their own as we hear “defilers” by some inquisitors.
• The airship fight begins and nest and von punch holes in the ship knocking out razorsnout.
• The enemy launches a cannon ball of razor snout that disperses at the last moment to deploy an iron inquisitor on our deck, Farin and nest concentrated on him.
• Von started to steer the ship away as the enemy sent over ropes that couldn’t be cut traditionally.
• The inquisitors were defeated by having them fall since there are specific ways to kill them

Verse 39, Eria

• The 2 cultist are defeated, then the cyborg house. The brain fluid drinker runs off to the south. Instead of chasing the group decides, let’s get everyone to real safety then come back. While figuring out what trips to take, khala notices the drinker is near again and so khym and the first team go up and then the second group immediately after.
• The logistics of getting everyone to safety leads to everyone staying in the panic room while the crew cleans the last floor.
• Khym searches the cyborg body and finds a keycard,
• Khala sniffs out the drinker and we proceed to slay it after a drawn out battle where she dodges everything
• The specimen collar says specimen Charlie
• The group proceeds down to the final floor.
• The group finds a room with some monitoring consoles with breeding pools and hybridizations.
• We activate the security uplink.
• Rounding the corner beagan finds a trail of bood leading to a room with breeding pool tanks and a huge pile of brainless carcasses that sickens everyone.
• A console is another monitor, val cuts holes in the tanks and pours in toxic chemicals.
• Beagan then notices a head looking around a corner and the group follows it to find a new door is open with hess egging beagan to come in.
• Beagan does and finds a giant flayer!
• Khym steps up and says hess is in trouble for corruption, as he says it, beagan tosses a arc grenade at the computer console.
• Hess is killed quickly but then the giant flayer starts to awaken
• Tate is able to hit it with the sonic pistol after they realize it’s a cybernetic flayer
• The crew keeps at it with the best they have….but the flayer gets tate in its grasps and is about to kill him by eating his brain
• But khym steps in to cast ray of enfeeblement but misses and then cir steps in and cuts off a tentacle and the flayer bleeds out.
• Beagan kicks the carcass and finds a mass of wriggling tentacles, suspected to e a control unit.
• Doors open up and a room with specimen tanks is found. The creatures inside look like incubating mindflayers, we destroy them
• The group then finds a room where hess was performing is cyborg implants.
• Tucked in the back of a cabinet is the lightning manifest. And cirwahs explains what a manifest is.
• Hess had implanted himself with tech and thus got in contact with hellion. And that hess needs to understand why the androffans.
• Burkle found that a spike has frequency but not the same as hellion

Verse 38, Eria

• The team decides to secure the floor before moving onto the next floor
• The team is able to set up in a breaching formation, this time not involving Khym stepping forward..
• The door opens to reveal a clear hall.
• Walking down the hall, the door to receiving is found and a hall to the left, but ahead is a archway with large machinery beyond…
• Cirwahs starts to sneak into what is the manufacturing area…
• The creature is still able to spot him, the fight starts.
• Beagan locates the second one who is near the door, the rest of the team files in and starts dealing damage.
• Team bumbles and fumbles its way through this fight as Valaistra looks over the manufacturing controls.
• The first one goes down easy but the last one starts providing some messy resistance.
• After munching on Beagan Khor is able to wrench it off and hold it. And its finished off…
• The scientists open up the door and tally up that we have killed all the crabs. They tell cir how to do the security uplink for the cameras and the guys upstairs chime in.
• After some questioning from Val the scientist ask Khym for advisement. He says they should join the others.
• Khym and the scientists manage to explain the silver disks are depleted batteries and that batteries recharge the guns
• As Khym starts to lead the scientists up, Khor pulls him aside and says he had a vision of their 2 deaths.
• Khym gets everyone into a protective convoy and sends Cir to scout
• Cir gets up the shaft and gets nicked by a knife and feels him staving off some poison.
• The next crew , Khor, Khala, Tate, Val come up the elevator, Val gets the tiniest glimpse
• A mind flayer gets a surprise round on Cir!
• Khym sends the scientists back to research/panic room. And tells Beagan to go up the elevator and scorched earth the floor above
• Khala is able to get the flayer to let go of Cirwahs.
• Khym is (not) climbing up the air vent…clumsily
• Khors wisdom says to put his sword all the way through its head and so he does.
• Val studies it… the skin is black instead of purple…they should have a cone head, but this one was more normal person shaped. Exceptionally stealthy. He also has a bandolier with masterwork daggers covered in shadow essence. He also has a metal collar with a serial number on it
• Cirwahs asks Val what he makes of the collar, and Val tells Khym get a scientist.
• Khym escorts the scients up to the break room and they say it is a specimen tag as suspected.
• They talk of a contingency plan for sealing the bottom floor.
• Cir lets themin on hellion and they say Dr fred is the expert on hellion
• The scientists give a rundown of what to expect the floor below, subject bravo, hostile and non-hostile floura.
• Cir asks for a knock out formula and passes it onto val to work on.
• 1 breath of life and 3 knockout guns are made and the team heads down to the final floor
• 3 consoles are there in the first room, 1 for floura, 1 for animals and a security
• Cirwahs checks what the number of the collar correlates to on the consoles

Insert missing bit

• -Cirwahs enters a room called “Maximum Security: Hazardous Species”. The room reveals several empty cages with ripped fronts, as if something broke out. A dead reptilian creature lays on the floor with long incisors for teeth. Val discovers that it is a Sephilon Gorger. Cirwasz tries to pry a fang off to use as a dagger but doesn’t manage to get it free.
• The party leaves and goes into a new room. This has some flora, namely, some cerebric fungi. They start asking stupid questions
• Cirwahs and val try to contact these brain-creatures and they seem nice and converse with valaistra, the seem benevolent and ask to be sent free
• Beagan starts towards the hostile floura room.
• They follow the corrido to the last door before the room,
• Khym says the plan is to call for dr fred and then if no answer beagan torches the room
• The door opens and a giant rustling weed is noticeable but no answer to the name
• Khor identifies the weed as assassin vine, khym says hes got a plan
• Everyone holds to see what this tactical plan might be…. He charges in and distracts the plant for us all to run through…
• We kill the plant and continue down the hall to a room, khym preps his gun and enters.
• He is met by 2 commandos and a man with an cyborg eye.
• Khym lowers his guard and the talk to diffuse the situation, they state dr burkle is requested on floor 3.
• Khor notices they have a necklace with a symbol of the hellion scrapwall cultists
• Khym convinces them that the dr will be in a closet or something up on b2 and we will look in the showers and mess hall
• The commando turns to the guy with the red eye, both the eye and some tattoos on the glow. And the commando shakes khyms hand…
• Khor plays doctor and finds theres a bit of grey foam and a tiny symbol of the cult
• The commands and cyborg leave and the group goes on to the mess hall’s hall and a faint faint blood trail is found.
• getting to the mess hall khym calls for fred with no result
• Val and khala notice a table of wilting/rotting food and it shows signs of where fred would have gone next.
• Val also finds burkles journal
• Fred, getting to the showers calls for fred again. But the showers are all on and too loud. Khym goes to turn them off and finds one stall with a fleck of blood
• Khala traces it to a grate someone COULD fit in, pulling the grate we find burkle
• She steps out asking to check an injury, khor finds punctures from the cerebral fluid drinkers
• Val offers the hypo gun but profusely denies it and she says why is in her notes. She leads us back to the rec room
• The card table has secret buttons inside the drink holders and the table flips over and there’s a comms system
• A voice speaks and is speaking heresy and stuff about bowing down to the iron god
• Burkle goes on to explain the carrier wave and val says we need to reclaim the gun.
• Khym asks about the mark and she says if it happened recently there is hope but we need to get to her lab
• Getting to the lab they find its trashed wth blood and bodies everywhere, khor and tate conclude it’s the work of the gorgers
• Burkle goes behind a computer console and gets out a hypogun with gold flecked nanites she had programmed herself, untested, it seems to help khym
• She asks if anyone else has used the hypoguns and val asks if it could act as an inoculation and then volunteers but loses his sense of smell
• Val returns to the brain thingies and make sure it’s an ok idea with burkle.
• Burkle pulls out the special gun from behind a tank and hands it to khym. Suddenly a thunk signals the elevator showing movement.
• The team sets up to combat whoever was on the elevator
• Khym peaks in and sees its the same people as before, he poses the options of talk his way though or fight,
• Khym steps out and says she shimmied down a vent and is on the floor below.
• The commando says fool shes right there and points to a monitor
• And khym tries to bluff his way through but calls the codeword apricot.
• 2170xp

Verse 37, Eria
solid khym

• A day’s travel form torch the crew comes to an ETC stockpile, info form fortune.
• There may be an inside man and the deal is to keep killing to a minimum
• Fortune says to make the move a little past sunset
• The group huddles behind a rock and we see a door cocked open
• Cirwahs and beagan approach stealthily to eval the compound.
• Cirwahs and come back to report there is a guard and a door to enter via
• There is a curious androffan type machine
• Trying to keep the death to a minimum, we decide to kill the person, almost, then stabilize them.
• Cirwahs approaches to backstab him
• While someone (tj) sees some squid headed people come up from an elevator in the facility.
• Roll init
• Khym, sees these creatures in ETC lab coats and realizes his plan is going south but not lost.
• Khym flips over a table and gets his gun out and some yelling starts….khym realizes these squid heads are the folklore’s mind flayers and yell stand your ground!
• Tate tries to sneak into positon and khor/khala follow suite
• The lights cut and red emergency light activates as Cirwahs ducks behind the wall directly in front of the door
• Khym blasts a guy who aggressively approaches him and takes him out.
• Everyone keeps sneaking and advancing
• The guards inside unload at a yet to identified person
• With the team still advancing, the guards finish off the targets in the building and ask khym for orders
• Suspicious the squid face isn’t down for good, khym puts 2 slugs point blank into it, the face crab detaches and hovers like a flying spaghetti monster with a brain controlling toothed mouth
• With their cover blown, the other head crab flies off
• Group still lurking along
• A crab bites khym
• The other crab floats out the door smelling beagans mind and makes an attempt.
• Cirwahs stabs the crab that came out
• Khym is able to wrangle free
• Val heads towards the androffan machine
• The guards split up, couple blast at the head crab
• The other 2 go to help their disliked boss, khym
• They kill the crabs off but also discover the others
• Cirwahs is left to determine the path of the rest of the encounter. He states “it appears you require our assistance”
• Khym is called over and Val makes his theatrical debut and says they are the contracted help
• Val investigates the head crab, a possessor… like baby mind flays, ET, mouth swallows head whole and attach to brain, feed while mind control you and can use their abilities n skill
• Val investigates the machine
• Val then investigates the machine, similar to the assembly machine like on the destiny. Seems nonfunctional. Much more delicate looking, tools are meant for something small
• The others follow khym into the building, Val after looking at the machine comes into the room
• The group looks down the skylights and sees no movement
• One skylight looks into the bathroom and also there’s a change in building material which is odd
• Khym says 2 will go down at a time

The party finally comes out of their hiding place.
Khym says he will take everyone down stairs but only if they agree that the mission objectives are: Priority 1: save the civilians. Priority 2: Get the gear the team need. The party agrees and they all go down stairs.
They get to the basement and Khym says “you all have until I make sure this floor is clear to search through crates, then we’re continuing on.”
Beagan finds many jars in a crate. Val finds a jar of plants.
Khym finds a ventilation shaft. Cirwahs gets the vent open and Khym goes inside. He uses his cloak and lights a piece on fire and sees a drop off which he tumbles down. And he finds a room that is lit.
Meanwhile, Beagan finds a panic room. The room is locked and they can’t get the touch pad to let them in. The people inside contact them and say they won’t come out without Khyms say so.
Beagan, while searching boxes finds: Plants, Scrap metal, Needles, Boots and jars of liquid of every primary color.
Khym enters a room at the end of the air duct and finds a bunch of metal and wood crates. The metal crates have fresh hypo guns. Cirwahs follows Kyhm and he searches the wood crates. They contain some sort of strange armor they’ve never seen.
The rest of the party goes back upstairs and gets a keycard and takes the elevator down to Cirwahs and Khym.

• Some armor is found but it’s extremely heavy and robust
• Khala and khor determine the blood is elven and human
• Cirwahs open ns the door after khym says he may have to maintain cover
• Roll init
• 3 head crabbed scientists greet the group both ready for each other
• One host is killed off quickly but the crab jumps to khym
• The group makes attempts to get the crab off, Val finds a hypo gun that will fix the damage khym is taking
• Enlarged khor is able to rip the crab off
• Cirwahs jumps to hit it but it doesn’t die
• The crab is able to wiggle free from khor but dies as he does it
• And one remained.
• The group doesn’t sense any more on the far side of the door so they go back to the crates on hand.
• The bunk beds end up being just fancy tech beds
• Beagan find s door to the south that’s an armory, armor a is already picked over but beagan finds an arc grenade and a flashlight
• Cir searches the scientists bodies and finds notes on what’s going on, dr Hess, is the guy who seems to be leading the “improving” and cyber tech. the machine is a nanite maker and its working great short of not enough raw material. Dr Hess ha started working on mind related experiments.
• Getting ready to go into another room, khym decides to get some kind of head protection by going to the room with the civilians but runs into a shady hooded fellow.
• Khym yells out “hey” and the man runs off into the shadows, but khym tries to chase after but loses him.
• Khym continues up the ram to the room with civilians and knocks on the door
• He levels with the civilians and tells them they need to leave. They refuse
• He procures head gear for the team but needs 2 trips.
• The team decides to go through the research door but it’s locked.
• Cirwahs can’t pick the lock but it prompts some to ask what’s going on from the other side
• Khym says he is a friend of dr Fred, the guy replies that there’s and issue, dr Fred is trapped on floor 2 and the creatures are trying to get in to this room from the manufacturing door.
• They slide a b2 keycard under the door and say they will open up after we clear the head crabs

Verse 36, Gaia

• Mental phone call
• Pico the mini macabre saved form the cage
• Pico’s family is trying to save the book of all magic’s
• The cloister is all haraduil ancestors they all live below snowmelt
• Rini, artemis and the hisser converse with the 3 groups, about, the robots and hellion, zydane, sidel,
• The hisser explains the prophecy of 3 enemies raising, the twins, the most powerful, …
• Upon hearing a description of the twins, Cirwahs starts to speak up of their contacting him.
• Hisser continues describing: hellion, thinks himself an iron god, a rogue AI from the original fleet. Mr x wants to summon a time dragon.
• Mr x is a lich and as such thinks to be able to control the dragon
• The groups think the haraduils need to be delayed most since they are the end of all
• Areo says hellions true plans is to destroy terra since it imprisoned him from time even before haraduil.
• Maybe we can get lich to fight hellion
• the barrier stopping the enemies form getting the book will only stay up for 40 days , more warriors or light will extend this time.
• Rini offers a few super special items, a ring of invisibility and stealth, 5-6 seeds that can stop time, dagger (flashing green with a bit of purple with a pic of a snake, sharper than anything else with snake venom), can be thrown and is returning and lastly a purple orb, a shadow “manifest” only those with the right affinity (spending hero point) and it will grant its powers, there is 1 for each ancient. It levels with the user. Short but incredibly dense power bursts.
• Cirwahs opts not to take anything due to his compromised state
• Find resources, foundational artifacts etc
• nef and theydrin talk about the grand library and it’s lost key
• a raven will be sent to give out
• with no more questions the meeting is adjourned. Remember that enemies can be friends. And remember to find manifests

• upon entering town, the goup comes to learn cyrax is under siege

• nef looks into what ruins and structure might be south of cyrax and thus the source or base of the lurking evil

• passing through varo and jeggare head to the merchants while nef and oda head to the tavern

• oda calls his family to inquire about the statues.

• Nef goes to the reading corner

• Varo and jeggare go with tao to shop. The shop is filled with weapons and firearms.

• Tao seems a competent engineer and inventor showing varo an interesting blueprint for a gun emplacement. Varo commissions one and tells tao to call both varo and theydrin/von. Cost is a hurdle so varo leaves it to jeggare to resolve

• Back to oda: speaking with his father, someone they know should have intel on the statues of the ancients, uncle herbert should know.

• Oda calls weirdo uncle Herbert, who says he sighted one in the crypt of narcae. Yellowish-gold

• Oda iflls in varo, while nef finds out there has been undead like creatures wandering around at night

• With not much more than these 2 tips, the group goes to investigate the crypts/graveyard.

• Arriving, they spot a man sitting up against a tree. Hyun and varo go to talk to him.

• They shake him but he doesn’t wake. He has shallow breath but is alive.

• Sera checks him over, he seems ok but in a coma

• A child walks into the graveyard, reading through the graves. His eyes are noticeably bight and icey blue.

• Varo studies the child in prep to track him and hten goes to investigate the coma man.

• Varo finds sunglasses, some money and more importantly, the keys to the crypt.

• The child find s shovel and starts digging at an unmarks grave, no tombstone even.

• Hyun confronts the child, who says he is digging a new grave for his brother.

• The child is names amos and the grave is for his brother benson.

• Sera gets an odd feeling and and points to the kid and the man and motions as if theres some connection but cant pin point it.

• Varo feels this is a setup.

• We send the kid along and tell him we shall bury tomorrow and then go into the crypt.

• Rounding the first corner we find the statue of the warrior of air.

• It reacts to oda and oda touches it. The metal falls away and a etheralish hologram appears and addesses oda

• Hisser’s name is Mandragora

• The hologram of the warrior of the air says there is a problem, a man has been tampering with the warriors restign place. Her manifest has been taken by “The Suit”.

• She says he comes back every now and then and harasses the tomb area, scuffing, kicking dirt, and he changes appearance, sometimes a man, an old woman…

• Varo asks if the taunts might reveal info…and thus mentions therinad (aka dignara) and his previously ebing in sugarbush none the less.

• The warrior spirit knows of “arty’s” book

• Oda says the barrier needs reinforcements from the ancients

• Aerial is her name.

• The group accepts the quest.

• Upon exiting we notice theres now a kid in the grave we just dug, and it’s the one we just talkedto. The grave is partially filled and the man is missing.

• Hyun checks for a scent along with varo’s studying

• It seems as if the kid walked in started to bury himself and killed himself.

• Sera hyun and oda eventually spot that a crow is showing up as magic and evil.

• Oda hit it with lightning bolt but the presence transfers to a different bird and the flock flies away.

• Varo disguises himself as a townsfolk and reenters town. The group follows

• Varo and oda decide to investigate the dojos. They start at the metal dojo

• The sensei says they are welcome to the dojo if they pass a test, defeat the weakest student.

• The student is a scrawny child, 11 but has a constant force field.

• Oda shocks the kid to death and gets him kicked out.

• During the fight hercule left and the dojo is empty.

• Varo very and hyun leave cuz its shady.

• Varo tracks some steps back to the graveyard and hercule is in a grave, and the man is back. Sit on his previous rope bindings

• Varo barely notices there is a little bit of dirt under his nails and its fresh, and thers a secret compartment in his coat chest.

• Varo goes to reach and feels something metal, enclosed metal cylinder

• Size of an “axe” can…along the outside is magical runes, they describe the astral plane and souls

• Varo steaks out the window above in the mausoleum while the others hide inside to monitor the guy.

• At night the man awakes, franticly looks for something then giving up he goe back to laying under the tree and puts his hat back over his face.

• The crew comes out and tries to rouse him but no response.

• Varo unfolds the man’s arms and puts his hands in his lap, and puts his device in his hands.

• The plan is to track him…

• Around 330am wakes back up, he stands and dusts himself off.

• Holding the device over his head he pushes the button and orbs of light leave the object and into the bodies, they rise and march west down the street.

• The man takes his clipboard and checks them off

• Once the zombies are away he fishes out a yellow ball and heads into the crypt

• He runs into hyun and after talking a few min takes possession of him. Varo comes down and passes the others a secret message but not hyun.

• Very grapples hyun, the suit goes back to his old body and uses the manifest to turn into an angelic bird creature.

• The group is able to maim him, and get a few answers out of him… he’s harvesting souls for Mr. x in cyrax….

• Oda gets the manifest back and goes back over to the air statue and the ancient recharges the manifest for Oda’s use.

• Aeriel is able to reinforce the barrier for another 10 days. T-49d

• Also gives fleet feat & +1 initiative & +1 adamantine longsword w/ double cut


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