Eria Technology Corporation

The Eria Technology Corporation is an organization known for it’s cruelty and barbarity with regards to acquiring technology. They collect and horde the fantastic technological devices found in Eria, and they are absolutely ruthless in the lengths and means that they will go to for the acquisition of technological devices. The Eria Technology Corporation (or ETC for short) has kept Torch under it’s thumb for years, exacting a tax in exchange for not establishing a permanent presence in Torch.

The people of Torch have grown suspicious of the ETC in recent years, and many suspect the ETC of having a hand in the extinguishing of the purple flame that rises out of the hill at the center of Torch.

Colonel Streiser of the ETC was responsible for the burning of the inn belonging to Val Baine, as well as shaking down residents for minor technology, such as silver disks.

The ETC considers Androids such as FeXYlp670-4SV as property and slaves. While FeXY was a member of Team 6, keeping him out of the clutches of the ETC was one of their top priorities.

Eria Technology Corporation

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