• Adice Manka

    Adice Manka

    An old female gnome shopkeeper of the Gnome Snow Melt Bazaar. She never forgets a face or debts owed to her. She is Tenac's mother.
  • Areo


    The shady, mysterious dealer of rare, unobtainable items.
  • Athene Haradul

    Athene Haradul

    Former Queen of Dinah, sealed away in a statue until evil returned
  • Bel Amn

    Bel Amn

    A young farm girl from Videl, found in Nighmare's Arena.
  • Bob the Guard

    Bob the Guard

    The ever ready, never eager guard of the Snow Melt mines.
  • Captain Hargin

    Captain Hargin

    The captain of the guard at Sugar Bush. He is very eager to accept new-comers to fight off the Macabra.
  • Coal-bold Archer

    Coal-bold Archer

    Just as sneaky as their soldier counterparts, these creatures attack from afar, using poison and fire arrows.
  • Coal-bold Ripper

    Coal-bold Ripper

    coal-bolds that have chainsaws for hands
  • Coal-bold Soldier

    Coal-bold Soldier

    Tricky, underground kobolds that digest coal to stay warm.
  • Colonel STREISSER

    Colonel STREISSER

    A villainous military officer from the Eria Technology Corporation
  • Commander Ont

    Commander Ont

    The commander in charge of the defense of the Sugar Bush outpost.
  • Cooper Lee

    Cooper Lee

    The cockney, punk rock singer and guitarist of the band "My Alchemical Romance". He travels with his drummer, Thorne, to discover new inspiration for their upcoming album.
  • Director Gerimia Lupa

    Director Gerimia Lupa

    The hoyty-toyty director of the arts in Astor, Lupa prides herself on bringing wonderful performances to the public.
  • Dr. Salvatore Wolf

    Dr. Salvatore Wolf

    A doctor and refugee from Snowmelt
  • Eleneval Thora'adin

    Eleneval Thora'adin

    Elder Elven Wizard and Council Representative
  • Farmer Meyer

    Farmer Meyer

    A slow, dim-witted farmer with a strange knack to see powerful entities in his dreams.
  • Fortune


    An ETC Officer and subordinate of Streiser
  • Forudo Meril

    Forudo Meril

    Foreign actor from Cecil. Very impressed with himself.
  • Frogar Vall

    Frogar Vall

    Grothnar's hot-headed brother and Leader of both the Arms and Exploration Guilds.
  • Garva Brimblerook

    Garva Brimblerook

    The slightly-inept, anti-authority ex-headmaster of the Expedition Academy.
  • General Wrogg (and Pico)

    General Wrogg (and Pico)

    The ruthless Macabran warlord... and his fluffy side-kick.
  • Girmok

  • Goblings


    Creatures of the past that were the combination of the unholy union of goblins and halflings. Most have been wiped out from their ex-savior, Nightmare Tomas.
  • Grand White Wizard

    Grand White Wizard

    The white robed master of the entire Mage's Guild. Nobody knows his real name.
  • Grothnar Vall

    Grothnar Vall

    The gruff, no-nonsense half-orc representative of the Grand Council.
  • Hammond Rev

    Hammond Rev

    The stocky, muscular half-orc green robe in the Mage's Guild.
  • Iron Inquisitor

    Iron Inquisitor

    A lithe, floating, cloaked figure who obsesses over keeping the law. It can read minds passively and is lethal in combat.
  • Jan Bot

    Jan Bot

    An android from the Nightmare Arena.
  • Jeggare


    A wealthy merchant who accompanies the Cyrax Caravan
  • Kash and Dog

    Kash and Dog

    An expert whip-fighter and troublemaker, and his dimwitted friend
  • Khan Dragonson

    Khan Dragonson

    The leader of the Attius, a barbarian tribe with the gift of foresight
  • Khonnir Baine

    Khonnir Baine

    A wizard and council member of Torch
  • King Gell Amfrid of Astor

    King Gell Amfrid of Astor

    The benevolent king of Astor
  • Krai Fahr

    Krai Fahr

    Busy yet apathetic assistant and sister to Snow Melt's Warden Scrob.
  • Lady Fera Callou

    Lady Fera Callou

    The beautiful, popular actress in Astor. Lives in the 8th ward at the penthouse apartment.
  • Loberia


    Stealthy wolves imbued with plant-like characteristics.
  • Lotus


    The smart-mouthed, thin member of The Storm.
  • Macabran Soldier

    Macabran Soldier

    Fast, strong and deadly. These ursine looking creatures hunt and kill many living things with their deadly tactics. Tend to have spiritual connection to nature.
  • Meleader


    The ruler and commander of the remaining Goblings.
  • Metoo


    The second-in-command and childhood friend to Meleader. A talented shaman by trade.
  • Murdock Verica

    Murdock Verica

    A tactical adviser to Tactician Ina and small time actor.
  • Nightmare Tomas

    Nightmare Tomas

    The quick-mouthed, crafty king of the bandits. Nobody knows why he is called "Nightmare".
  • Patches MaGoo

    Patches MaGoo

    A rich yet friendly merchant in Astor. Seems to own all the land.
  • Rini Aldacar

    Rini Aldacar

    Young, clutzy but talented head of the blue-robe (research) mages at the Mage's Guild.
  • Siddel Haradul

    Siddel Haradul

    The female twin. Wicked and malicious. Wields a magic staff and a flask of mysterious liquid.
  • Smith


    Agile bow hunter of Patches MaGoo's caravan guard.
  • Surgeon Claude L'evauxxx

    Surgeon Claude L'evauxxx

    A surgeon at Sugar Bush. Descendant of ex-captain Pierre L'evauxxx
  • Tactician Ina

    Tactician Ina

    The vigilant and strong of heart tactical adviser to the king of Astor.
  • Tarin Silverspring

    Tarin Silverspring

    Tall but slender half elf, with black hair and emerald green eyes.
  • Tenac Fithor

    Tenac Fithor

    A quirky gnome bard with a knack for crafting machines and playing a variety of instruments.
  • The Governor (a.k.a Artemis Haradul)

    The Governor (a.k.a Artemis Haradul)

    The former court white-robe and son to King Haradul. Cousin to The Twins.
  • The Hisser

    The Hisser

    A mysterious woman. Very little is known about her, outside of an old nursery rhyme.
  • The Rider

    The Rider

    A legendary Macabra who can train and ride Lobera.
  • Thorgron Stonegrip

    Thorgron Stonegrip

    The reserved yet quick to anger dwarven representative for the Grand Council. In charge of running internal legal hearings.
  • Val Baine

    Val Baine

    Khonnir's adopted daughter and an ally of Team 6
  • Varo


    Wu Fan Varo, a ninja from the Shadowlands
  • Vas


    The leather and gold clad flexible hand to hand martial artist in The Storm. He can only say his name. He appears to have large claws on his hands and a headband on his eyes.
  • Vorrix Alazar

    Vorrix Alazar
  • Walker


    The apparent leader and trench-coated marksman of The Storm. He rides a steam powered motorcycle.
  • Warden Scrob Fahr

    Warden Scrob Fahr

    The dutiful and stern warden of Snow Melt's prison. Brother to Krai Fahr.
  • Wolfwig the Grave

    Wolfwig the Grave

    The fair human representative on the Grand Council.
  • Zidane Haradul

    Zidane Haradul

    The male twin. Devilishly evil. Wields a large scythe of chaotic power.