Dr. Salvatore Wolf

A doctor and refugee from Snowmelt


A doctor from Snow Melt. Came to Kybel to escape Snow Melt’s destruction. Has 1 iron inquisitor eye.

Status: Deceased

Doctor ‘Wolfe was responsible for converting the citizens of Kybel to partially mechanical beings, and for building The Market, a virtual construct where the citizens of Kybel could interact without leaving their chairs. When the party first arrived in Kybel around dusk, the doctor hindered their efforts to find safety. Doctor Wolfe used a special set of sound and light dampening clothing to evade detection by the deadly Razorsnouts that attack Kybel nightly. Safe with his protective clothing, Doctor Wolfe hopped from roof to roof, putting out street lamps with his slingshot, leaving them vulnerable to Razorsnouts and possibly herding them deeper into town. Eventually the party escaped both Wolfe and the Razorsnouts by breaking into and barricading Wolfe’s home.

Wolfe returned later that night to intimidate the party into leaving, but ultimately left without incident.

Inside Wolfe’s laboratory, the party found diagrams for various cybernetic implants, as well as a woman, split in two, with cybernetic implants. The torso was alive and begging to be killed, and had a cybernetic eye and claw attached. After it was dispatched, the expedition from Snowmelt went down into the basement to find her lower half, mutilated with technology installed in the groin area. The party collected a cybernetic eye and some plans from Wolfe’s laboratory before exploring the town.

Wolfe ultimately met his demise the next evening. Wolfe called his cybernetic people from Kybel to attack the party. The party fled the army of cyborgs, but not before rendering Wolfe unconscious and dragging him out of town. Once he made it to the oasis, Wolfe revealed he was from Snowmelt, and the party discovered that one of his eyes had an inquisitors spike through it. Wolfe revealed he traveled from Snowmelt with a companion (Later revealed to be Garva Brimblerook). Wolfe admitted to converting the town to cyborgs (In a remarkably short time, only a few weeks), but he denied culpability for the mutilated lower half of the girl in his laboratory. Ultimately, his life ended when his occular implant self destructed.


Dr. Salvatore Wolf

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