Garva Brimblerook

The slightly-inept, anti-authority ex-headmaster of the Expedition Academy.


Garva is the former head of the Snow-Melt Expedition Guild. He last pupils were the Alchemist Aednoth, Bram, Theydrin, Tarin, and Felior. Upon their graduation from Guild Training Garva gave them a mission to investigate the disappearance of Snow-Melt’s vital coal miners. It was later revealed that this was done without the Council’s permission. As punishment Garva was sent with the group to investigate a newly discovered town in the wilderness.

During this mission Garva proved himself fairly useful in the wilderness, through identification of Lobera and paths to take, although his decision to have the group return to Snow-melt via an old riverbed proved to be a downfall for him. The Rider, a leader among the Macabra, hunted the group down and stole the magic waterclock, leading Theydrin to become suspicious of him once Garva refused to hunt the Rider down and elected to return to Snow-Melt instead. Upon the groups return to Snow-Melt Theydrin accused Garva of being a Macabran spy and attempted to have him arrested.

Weeks later Garva reappeared in the desert to the west of the mountains as a semi-turned Iron Inquisitor after having escaped from Frogar Val’s takeover of Snow-Melt. He had been picked up by a local gang known as the Storm and directed to one of two cities who were in the middle of a cold war. He reached an agreement with the king that if he killed a major official in the other city he would be given an army to retake Snow-Melt from Frogar. He was stopped by a group that included Theydrin and Bram. after getting into an argument with his two former pupils Garva left to continue his mission to find aid for Snow-Melt


Garva Brimblerook

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