Grand Council

Purpose: The Grand Council was formed by the surviving races as a means to facilitate cooperation and to decide on matters that affect the entire community while leaving autonomy to the individual races. The Council was founded by and is made up of representatives from the Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Half-Orcs.

Current Representatives:
*Human: Wolfwig the Grave
*Dwarf: Thorgron Stonegrip
*Elf: Eleneval Thora’adin
*Half-orc: Grothnar Vall

Location: The Council resides in the Bastion of Life, a tower on the third level of Snow Melt.

Controversy: The restriction of minor races from Council representation and decisions lead to an underlying resentment towards races that do have representatives and influence of law. There has, however, been talk of presenting the Gnomes a seat on the Council in thanks for their technological contributions to the war effort against the Macabra. Tenac Fithor is the front-runner for Council candidacy.

Grand Council

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