New Mage's Guild

The New Mage’s Guild was created in response to the Macabra threat shortly after their raid on Sugar Bush, a military outpost on the Southern Frontier.

3rd floor of Snow Melt, Mage Guild Hall.

In the Days of Sun, Therinad had a thriving Mage’s Guild (now known as the Old Mage’s Guild), with thousands of members and a wealth of knowledge contained in the Library of Kings. There were no factions; nobody was singled out based on skill-level, school of magic or otherwise. They were all just mages, who united under the Mage Code: a promise to uphold the virtues Knowledge, Community and Self-Preservation.

When the ice age hit, the Mage’s Guild was unable to repel the frost. The ice overtook their Guild Hall, their library and ultimately the guild members. Only fragments of knowledge survived with the few who escaped the icy death. The Mage’s Guild was disbanded and no effort was made to rebuild it, claiming that establishing a new one was a lower priority.

Generations later, during the raid on Sugar Bush, intelligence was relayed that the Macabra had developed a fire elemental super-weapon to be used on any Alliance camps. This scare gave rise to a Grand Council debate to discuss how to combat this new magic. From the meeting, a new institution was formed, The New Mage’s Guild, and a base was constructed on the 3rd floor of Snow Melt.


The Mage’s Guild is made up of six sub-factions. Each faction is marked by the color of robe that they wear. The pseudo-castes were create on the go as the users were grouped by jobs that best used their applied magic skills. While contradicting the Old Mage Guild, this system was necessary and has worked to reestablish the Guild.

Brown Robe: Those with basic or limited magic ability. Wielding only basic concepts, they transport magical equipment, fuel the Central Heater with coal and fire and run errands in town among other almost normal tasks that do not require magic to accomplish. For those just entering the magic-touched world, this rank is a icon of the difference between magic and non magic.

Blue Robe: Researchers and academics. Generally handle magical research, potion &scroll crafting and experimental magic. Effectively working-students they are naturally in charge of curating what knowledge base was left over and documenting the new progress. While advanced blues might know powerful magic, it’s application is limited.
-theoretical practice

Red Robe: Those able to cast the staples of magic and proficiently under stress, these are Battle Mages. While capable soldiers, they are taught to be peacekeepers. Thus tasked with protecting the people of Therinad and countering evil doers. Often work with Paladins as consultants or partners.
-search & rescue

Green Robe: Skilled enough to handle more intricate magic, they are the Healers. Charged with dispelling evil magics, magical accidents and even curing the sick, etc. Many green robes are clerics and held in high regard for the help they provide.
-Field medic

Black Robe: Masters of rare magical arts. These pioneers are specialists. Often times sent on critical missions with orders straight from the council and treated by others as if having sovereignty and carte blanch. One example are the even rarer Necromancers that can easily use the undead to do menial tasks that are beneath brown robes. These are especially few in number as dark magic is disliked by the general populous.
-field representative

White Robe: The highest ranking order populated by the wisest and most powerful. The few who are disciplined enough and able to masters Teleportation magic. Teleportation is generally banned on Therinad unless explicitly overseen by a white robe. These are the regulators, the police of the mage’s guild along side the red robes.
-guidance counselor

New Mage's Guild

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