Snow Melt


About 1000 (20% human, 10% gnome, 20% elf (of which less than 1/5 are full elf, the rest are half-elves or drow) , 20% half-orc, 5% halfling, 20% dwarf, 5% other various)

Therinad, Northwestern coastline. 4400 ft underground.

Climate and structure:

Between -30 and 0 degrees Fahrenheit, when heated by coal. Up to -100 Fahrenheit when left unheated.


Snow Melt consists of six levels (in order from surface level down):

  • Farms: Partially topside with some other farms immediately below.
  • Military/ Security: Level of horizontal walls, gates and outposts used to keep intruders out. Barracks and security stations scattered about with a militia rally area towards the center of the level.
  • Shops/Commercial: Divided into sections by race. Everything from bazaars to department stores located in different pockets of the level.
  • Research and Development: Home of the New Mage’s Guild, Arms Guild and the Expedition Guild.
  • Bastion of Life/Residential: The largest level. Bastion of Life is a tower that sits in the center of the level where all Grand Council meetings are held.
  • Mines: Where materials are harvested. A few guard posts are positioned there to keep out anything that might come out of the mines, but mostly for miner safety.

A magic-infused elevator runs the height of the city, making stops at each floor.

Recent History
The trial of Theydrin Durjss’Axle for crimes against Snow Melt opened some festering wounds in the society of Snow Melt. After his oration at the trial against the council of Snow Melt as corrupt, exclusionary, and not representative of the will of Snow Melt, Theydrin and the rest of the Snow Melt Expedition set out for The Library of Kings on a journey that would take them away from Snow Melt for quite some time. In their absence, the resulting internal power struggle allowed Frogar Vall to seize control. Reports indicate the transition was gradual, but got very bad, very fast. Frogar had been converting people to Iron Inquisitors, but with the power struggle he increased the rate of conversion significantly.

Areo, Grothnar Vall, Garva Brimblerook, and Dr. Salvatore Wolf were all able to escape Snow Melt and look for help, and Rini Aldacar is still within, mounting a resistance of the few remaining non-converted people in Snow Melt.

Most of those who have escaped Snow Melt seem to be searching for technology and manpower to retake Snow Melt from Frogar. Garva, and Dr. Wolf went west and eventually ended up in Astor and Kybel respectively. Grothnar has gone to Bloodbath Gulch, and Areo encountered the party within the Temple of the Ancients.

Reports indicate Frogar Vall has succeeded in converting almost the entire population of Snow Melt to Copper Inquisitors or Iron Inquisitors in his quest to maintain order in Snow Melt.

Snow Melt

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