The main continent of the adventure.

Current Era:

Climate: Ice Age, temperatures range from -130 to -180 Fahrenheit
Timeframe/ Age: Medieval, year 300 after Age of Snow
Geography: see map
Society: Scattered and isolated. Few major settlements.


Age of Snow begins:

•Ice Age climate begins with slow onset (longer winters, colder temperatures, etc)

•Four dwarven elder craftsman forge a weapon that will allow the dwarven society to be remembered for generations. Weapon is called Ice Breaker, Memories of Stone.

Inter-continental Exploration Period:

• Other continents detect elemental/ environmental change with ice age continent and send drones/ ships to investigate. They maintain caution and try to not fraternize with ice age continent initially. Gather data on issue.

Economic Collapse :

• Ruler of the mage continent, Markus, and the ruler of the tech continent, Nip-nip, both agree to not intervene on the underdeveloped ice age continent.

• Nip-Nip feels guilty after seeing tragic sights from his drones, and ventures out with a few of his friends to the ice age continent.

Citizen Panic:

• Remaining survivors work together to attempt to save society.

• Gnomes find inter-continental drone wreckage and are inspired to look towards undiscovered lands as refuge.

• Gnomes eagerly reverse engineer drones and advance their technological progression forward 100 years, unbeknownst to the other races.

Society Breaks Down:

• Former government is thrown out. Emergency council between some surviving races is formed. Council members made up of a human, a dwarf, an elf and a half orc.

• Unknown species (later known as Macabra) observes humans, civilization remains.

  • First Contact between survivors and Macabra: Night scouting party from each side meets on a road in the wild. The Macabra are deceitful carnivores. They are muscular bipedal cat-bear hybrids. Desperate survivors are looking for aid from anyone.
  • Survivors and Macabra are put under duress in the first contact as a stampede of bipedal buffalo threaten to run them over. Macabra leap into the trees and offer help to survivors. Survivors accept and are hoisted into the trees, barely avoiding the stampede below.
  • Macabra ask survivors to come back to their camp in very broken Common, and survivors agree.

Separatist Years:

• No contact between pockets of survivors. Society is nothing more than primal camps.

• Emmergence of Goblings brought forth by an unholy union of goblins and halflings due to the ice age.

• Originated from Stinkbomb clan and Hair Path clan.

Cohabitation Period:

• Species not normally known to each other are forced to cohabitate (ie. Extension events, unnatural cross breeding)

• The leader of the survivors and the Macabra meet in a neutral location to discuss what the humans can offer the Macabra and vice versa. Macabra, snapping their trap, reveal their true goals and slaughter the survivor leader, Regenar, and his guards.

Survivors’ initial Reaction to Macabra betrayal:

  • It is night at the last outpost before the Macabra keep, days since scheduled return. Pierre Delouise L’evauxxx, a sergeant, notes the former commander (leader that everyone respected that went to the summit) Regengar of KinPort, did not return.
  • Pierre rallies the troops around a campfire and delivers a manly war song to seek revenge for the beloved ex-commander. Troops respond with a huzzah, mount up and try to rally other troops in nearby encampments.

•A meeting between all the major survivor races begins to decide on their response to the death of Regenar. Grand Council of the Races is created, with a human, half-orc, elf and drawf representatives.

  • Orc champion Grothnar Vall, human champion, Wolfwig the Grave, and the dwarven champion, Thorgron Stonegrip, all cry for war.
  • The elven champion, Eleneval Thora’adin, is hesitant to throw all resources into battle,
    while the home- front starves. He requests some to stay behind and feed the women and children.
  • A gnome in the crowd, Tenac, states that he and the gnomes will create farming machines to help with feeding the population.
  • After several speeches from Wolfwig, Eleneval reluctantly votes yes to go to war.
  • Thorgron is the first to present his champion weapon: Icebreaker: Memories of Stone.

• Tenac leads the gnomes in engineering farming machines that increase food production for the homeland. Gnomes gain respect.

• A raid on human outpost, Sugar Bush, occurs from Macabra.

  • Details of battle: A group of survivor scouts in a basic wooden palisade-walled outpost with a tower, and small civilian population, are attacked by Macabra who are searching for prey.
  • Macabra raiders follow a scorched earth policy with a lust for flesh.
  • Human camp approached, fire set to south wall, north gate opened to release messenger.
  • Macabra encroached and invaded with expert tactics.
  • Fire in south wall licks gunpowder cache, which the energy from the blast creates a rogue fire elemental from the plane of fire.
  • Fire brigade attempts to put it out, but it scorches a few before it dies.
  • Macabra take several human carcasses back on a retreat with the horse.
  • Commander of fort survives.

• The Grand Council in Snow Melt, the survivors’ capitol city, meet to discuss the potential of Macabra using demon fire magic, alluding to the fire elemental in Sugar Bush.

• Council begins enlisting mages and clerics to counteract workings of Macabra.

• Reforms the mages guild that was disbanded after the catastrophe.

• A few years pass and the Expedition Guild begins training new initiates to help the council find a way to combat the Macabra.


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